Yacht Club installs new boat slips at Clover Island



By Veronica Sandate Craker

The Clover Island Yacht Club is adding 30 new boat slips at their marina that will be available to rent or own.

Drivers entering Clover Island may have noticed many upgrades in the past few years, but the most recent of makeover is happening at the island’s Yacht Club.

“The Port has been the main mover on the island,” said Steve Sigler, Yacht Club commodore. “They did the lighthouse and the landscaping and art on the island and they’ve encouraged the private enterprises on the island to help contribute. And, as of this time, the Yacht Club is the most major private contributor to improving.”

Sigler said he estimates the club has spent almost $500,000 on upgrades.

The Yacht Club has been working on upgrades for more than a decade. One of the bigger projects involved replacing the covered moorage and boat slips. But because they are privately owned, the Yacht Club members have had to work together to make the changes happen.

“When the Port (of Kennewick) started their refurbishing of the entire island they encouraged us to as much as we could,” Sigler said. “Of course we’ve been thinking about replacing the covered moorage for many years now, but it’s always been such a huge undertaking.”

Sigler said initial estimates showed the project would cost up to $300,000 — a steep price that members weren’t prepared to cover. That’s when Dan Bunn, the club’s vice commodore, suggested the club sell the slips like condos.

“So we looked into actually selling the slips to individual members,” Sigler said. “We put a proposal together and we submitted it to the members and they agreed that it was a good idea.”

North American Marine Industries won the bid to install the new slips and started construction in September.

The Yacht Club sold the slips for $19,000 each, just enough to cover the construction costs, Sigler said.

“So we weren’t making a huge profit, but by the time we sold the slips, we had enough money to replace the covered moorage,” Sigler said.

The upgrades to the Yacht Club also include a new walkway and fuel dock. And the club also had enough money to setup a maintenance fund.

There are still a few slips available, but Sigler said he believes those will sell fast. For boaters who aren’t ready to buy a spot, there will be slips available to rent.

“As part of the new moorage, we will have eight uncovered or open slips that we’re going to rent out — that the club will actually own,” Sigler said.

Anyone who rents or buys the slips must become a Yacht Club Member. For information on becoming a member call 586-9656.




by By Veronica Sandate Craker
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

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