McCurley Chevrolet Pasco showroom to get makeover


The landmark quilted dome of the McCurley Integrity Chevrolet showroom in Pasco will disappear this spring, when the facility is remodeled. This architect’s rendering shows what the new showroom will look like. Artist’s rendering contributed by Architect Terence Thornhill.

The landmark quilted glass dome of the McCurley Chevrolet showroom in Pasco will disappear by fall.

Bill McCurley, owner of McCurley Chevrolet, is planning to remodel the facility, which was built in 1980, according to Franklin County tax records.

McCurley said everything at the site accept for the parts and service department will be torn down and rebuilt this summer.  The new two-story showroom will be approximately three times the size of the current facility and be more in line with national dealer specifications and better tie into the Chevrolet image.

“I hate to lose the dome,” said McCurley. “It’s been a landmark — a Pasco icon for years.”

However, the dome was a specially-designed solar roof that was very modern at the time the building was constructed. But as the domed-shaped solar panels have aged, they have become brittle.

“They need to be replaced, but they can’t be,” McCurley explained.

In addition, the domed, rounded portion of the building can’t be expanded or added on to because of its unusual shape, he said.

Architect Terence Thornhill of Pasco is designing the new facility and construction is expected to begin in the spring.

McCurley said in early spring the dome will be torn down and construction will begin on new facility, which will be about 17,000 sq. feet and positioned further east than the current facility.

The new facility will have more customer parking, three service lanes, an expanded customer lounge, a television room, a children’s area and a refreshment bar for guests.

“It will be very large and very inviting,” McCurley said.

McCurley said the dealership will remain open during the construction phase.

The sales office will be temporarily moved to the former Mercedes showroom, just north of the facility between the dome and the fleet building. And the dealership’s accounting staff has been moved off-site in preparation.

McCurley opened the Chevrolet dealership at 1325 N. Autoplex Way in Pasco in 1981. Over the years, he has built that single Chevrolet dealership into McCurley Integrity Dealerships, representing seven franchises.

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