Business Licenses — December 2015



Knutzen Consulting Engineers PLLC, 3602 W. 36th Ave., Kennewick.

Ray’s Barbershop, 3330 W. Court St. Ste. G.

Super Auto Wash, 620 N. 20th Ave.

Chiquitine’s Day Care, 8316 Quadra Dr.

Humberto I. Mendez, 5025 Road 68 #F.

Wolfpack Fitness LLC, 6413 Burden Blvd.

Higley’s Lawn Care & Maintenance LLC, 1941 W. 32nd Ave., Kennewick.

Columbia Basin Garage Doors LLC, 6308 W. Yellowstone Ave., Kennewick.

Lawrence Enterprises, 8613 W. Richardson Road.

Finer Side Construction LLC, 602 Smith Ave., Richland.

Titus Construction Company LLC, 3709 W. 22nd Ave., Kennewick.

Evco Sounds & Electronics Inc., 3511 E. Trent Ave., Spokane.

K Designers, 14105 NE Airport Way, Portland, Ore.

G&T Construction, 425 S. Olson St., Kennewick.

RDM Trucking, 5904 Westminster Lane.

Grace Macduff, 6605 Burden Blvd. #E.

Inland Waterproofing Services LLC, 116 W. Clayton Ave., Couer d’ Alene, Id.

Vision Enterprises, 209411 E. Terril Road, Kennewick.

R&S Services, 803 S. Olympia St. #K2.

AT&T Authorized Retailer, 5325 Road 68.

EM3, Inc., 12404 NE 153rd St. #300, Brush Prairie.

Two Chicks Baking Co., 110 S. Fourth Ave.

H&H Engineering Construction Inc., 212 Industrial Dr., Stockton, Calif.

Steam Connections, 1936 N. 19th Ave.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp., 9711 E. Knox Ave., Ste. 1, Spokane.

Van Lanen Carpentry, 1417 W. Fourth Pl., Kennewick.

Pickering Firm Inc., 6775 Lenox Center Ct., Memphis, Tenn.

ACI Northwest Inc., 6600 N. Government Way, Couer d’ Alene, Id.

Sky Glass Services LLC, 609 W. Lewis St.

Brown Bear Construction, 1606 S. Jefferson Pl., Kennewick.

Las Lupitas, 1410 E. Lewis St.

La Pierre Enterprises Inc., 2748 Lapierre Canyon Dr., Kennewick.


Taxes ‘R’ USS, 4711 Mallard Ct.

S&R Mobile Homes LLC, 216104 E. SR 397, Kennewick.

The Schneider Corporation, 1609 S. Penn Pl., Kennewick.

CW Brock Construction, 310 Greentree Ct. Apt. 6, Richland.

Esthetics By Kenzie, 5399 W. Van Giesen St.

The Edith Experience, 4033 W. Van Giesen St. Ste. D.

Mullins Enterprises LLC, 1416 W. Ainsworth St., Pasco.

Correct Equipment Inc., 14576 NE 95th St., Redmond.

Fast Construction, 522 S. Anderson St., Kennewick.

Tropical Dew LLC, 131 S. Hugo Ave.



Kerry C. Lawrence, Attorney, 334 Columbia Point Dr., Unit. 102., 1617 Gala Way.

Hundal Engineering Company, 336 Adair Dr.

MPN, 1952 Thayer Dr.

Wastren Advantage Inc., 2225 Laboratory.

Canberra Industries Inc., 343 Wellsian Way.

Kellogg Consultants LLC, 618 Lago Vista Dr.

Wilikinia April Vasquez, 705 Gage Blvd., Ste. 102.

Conner Counseling and Consulting LLC, 400 Columbia Point Dr. Ste. 201-B.

Memory Care & Health Associates, 3538 Waterford St.

Savage Stone Holding LLC, 2750 Salk Ave.

Patti Williams CPA PLLC, 1516 Hains Ave.

LHL Services LLC, 515 Lee Blvd.

Crazy J Trading LLC, 300 Jadwin Ave.

Ferguson Counseling Services, 660 George Washington Way Ste. D.

Compass Community Marketing LLC, 211 Adams St.

GTS Interior Supply, 1 Cullum Ave.

Worley Studios, 211 Jadwin Ave.

Stay Gold, 1615 Columbia Park Trail.

Arya Designs, 1446 Agnes St.

Rosy’s 50s Diner, 404 Bradley Blvd., Ste. 106.

Lilies of the Field, 2555 Duportail St., Apt. C220.

SCT Properties LLC, 2348 Davison Ave.

Dylan Investments LLC, 1056 Allenwhite Dr.

Arlene Linda Welk, 74 Ridgecliff Dr.

AM Trucking, 346 Sanford Ave.

Puptown, 248 Williams Blvd.

White Bluffs Brewing, 2034 Logston Blvd.

Kathleen M. McCormack, 300 Columbia Point Dr., #E120.

Get Some Towing, 101 Casey Ave.

Vause Custom Floors, 1435 Riche Ct.

DDB LLC, 1505 Johnston Ave.

Integrity Pest Control, 403 Thayer Dr.

Alta Homes LLC, 2836 Troon Ct.

On the Mark Pro Home Inspections LLC, 428 Satus St.

Body Boutique Salon & Tanning, 480 Keene Road.

Delivery Dudes LLC, 902 Sanford Ave.

Katy Michaud, 507 Cherokee St.

Ranchland Homes LLC, 2204 Enterprise Dr.

Hair Rexque One., 480 Keene Road.

Currie Investigation & Support Services, 3562 Waterford St.

Dollars Away Trucking, 358 Cottonwood Dr.

Sage Corner Alliance, 680 Symons St.

The Coast, 1404 Marshall Ave.

Three Brothers Moving LLC, 1395 George Washington Way.

Cassie Meyer, 1311 Mansfield St.

Tri-City Cannabis Advocates, 100 Davenport St.

Professional Interpreter Services, 1466 Desert Springs Ave.

Kreadivone, 1962 Forest Ave.

Piper Barton Group, 400 Columbia Point Dr., Ste. 201.

3 Cities Cleaning Services, 62 Compton Lane.

Lavish Hair Designs, 1963 Sky Meadows Ave., Unit B. SBK Commercial Cleaning, 603 Knight St., Ste. 2.

Mid-Columbia Korean Church, 1124 Stevens Dr.



Absolute Engineering LLC, 7525 W. Deschutes Pl. STe. 2B.

Martinez Roofing & Construction Services, 224227 E. Access PR SE.

AKS Services, 5105 W. 32nd Ave.

ASW Engineering, 2402 W. 41st. Ave.

Americool Heating and A/C LLC, 6713 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. E.

Shield Safety Training, 2103 W. 36th Ave.

A Ruiz Construction, 116 E. Seventh Ave.

Birthwise, 20315 S. Clodfelter Road.

Blkhwk Productions, 5605 W. Metaline Ave., #9.

9th Avenue, 8879 W. Ninth Ave.

Burch & Smith LLC, 8905 W. Gage Blvd., Ste. 300.

Callow Counseling & Consulting LLC, 2628 W. Bruneau Pl.

Heavenly Touch Skincare, 3617 Plaza Way #H.

Infinite Cases, 2802 S. Edison Pl.

Mason Law, 7502 W. Deschutes Pl.

David Steven Allbritton, 913 S. Garfield St.

Diana Benjamson, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. 104.

Bridgewater Place Getaway, 9332 W. Sixth Pl.

Fieldstone Grandridge Independent and Assisted Living, 7255 W. Hood Pl. Unit 102.

Fuego Cantina, 3911 W. 27th Ave., Ste. 103.

Northwest Tribal Law Academy, 725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. J302.

Haines Investments LLC, 1919 Pittsburg St. Ste. C.

Hard Use Arms, 7509 W. Deschutes Ave.

North Point Construction, 406 N. Kansas St.

ABCs of Wellness, 1029 N. Kellogg St.

Ying Yang Therapy & Spa, 920 W. Canal Dr. #A.

Kammi Hayter, 8378 W. Grandridge Blvd., #110E.

College Cleaners, 3101 S. Gum St.

Karla’s Nail & Body Spa, 920 W. Canal Dr. #A.

Kestrel Home Inspection Services LLC, 909 S. Buntin St.

Phoenix Herbal and Art Studios, 3104 S. Rainier St.

Laurel Reagan LMP, 3400 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. 5.

LeaningH Bike, 3801 S. Zintel Way, #B220.

Max Medical Billing Solutions, 4426 W. 10th Ave.

A1 Premium Moving Services, 2305 W. First Ave.

McCort Enterprises LLC, 104 S. Gum St.

Michaela Thomas Esthetician, 19. S. Cascade St.

Holiday Massage and Spa, 1915 N. Steptoe St. #B.

Patricia R. Fincher, 3311 W Clearwater Ave., Ste. D242.

D&R Insulation, 4602 W. Imnaha Ave.

River Run Sport Training, 741 N. Pittsburg St.

Geo Lawn Service, 318 N. Arthur St.

Sabrina Jean Jacobsen, 3121 W. Hood Ave., Apt. H 201.

Sage River Media, 226 W. 21st Ave., #F.

Smoke City for Less, 3600 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. C.

Sun Country Strip Mall LCC 5009 W. Clearwater.

The Split End, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. 108.

Columbia River Transport, 6108 Ryanick Road.

Mr. Berry Cars, 619 N. Tweedt St. #205.

The Big Pig, 305 S. Arthur St.

The Schneider Corporation, 1609 S. Penn Pl.

Dandelion Road, 116 N. Johnson St.

Bush Car Wash, 520 W. Columbia Dr.

Valle Bilingual Services, 3101 W. John Day Ave., Spt. A101.

Vasiliy Y Samolyuk, 613 S. Huntington Pl.

Villani Law Office PLLC, 1030 N. Center Parkway.

Vision Development Group LLC, 4023 W. Clearwater Ave.

Dutch Bros. Coffee, 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

TNW Specialties, 1823 W. 19th Ave.

Xana Oregon, 118 Vista Way.

V.I.B.E. Incorporated, 3710 W. Canyon Lakes Dr.

Famous Footwear, 6705 W. Canal Dr. #B.

Ceptec Polygraph Services LLC, 6216 W. Eighth Ave.

Creative Care & Trust Management GP, 7411 W. Clearwater Ave. #A.

Cupcakes Bakery & Deli LLC, 2625 W. Bruneau Pl. #H.

Marquez Motors, 206 W. Columbia Dr.

Seasons Massage, 1408 N. Louisiana St. #106.

First Response Consulting, 1020 S. Conway St.

The Buyers Agent of Tri-Cities, 8390 W. Gage Blvd., Ste. 204.

Dream Home Remodeling, 1508 W. 14th Ave. #B.

Fast Construction, 522 S. Anderson St.

Gabriel & Sons, 506 E. Eighth Ave.

Global Credit Union, 1410 W. 27th Ave.

Global Credit Union, 8836 W. Gage Blvd., #A202.

Professional Cleaning Services, 938 N. Oklahoma Pl.

Green Golf LLC, 2407 W. 40th Ave.

Highpockets Coffee Co. LLC, 207 N. Benton St.

Jays Lazy Glaze LLC, 2516 W. Grand Ronde Ave.

Jordon Alpacas LLC, 211003 E. 355 PR SE.

KNS Construction, 3620 W. Second Ave., Apt. H.

Ken’s Northwest Towing, 222 E. Bruneau Ave. #A.

Kevins Handyman, 1220 W. First Ave.

Trusting Him Publishing, 105 N. Mayfield St.

Mai House Seafood Grill and Bar, 3617 Plaza Way, Unit B&C.

A&A Specialized Detailing, 416 S. Grant St.

Visible Skin Care, 1029 N. Kellogg St.

Fatima Sativa, 7111 W. Fifth Pl.

Microdental Northwest, 1123 N. Grant Pl. #201.

Mirius, 99702 E. Kase Blvd.

Noodlepix Photography, 4207 W. 20th Ave.

PNW Paralegal Bootcamp LLC, 8904 W. Tucannon Ave.

Polola Properties, 8019 W. Quinault Ave. Ste. 102.

Prone to Balance LLC, 239206 E. Windigo PR SE.

R&S Services, 803 Olympia St. #K2.

Pack It Up Moving, 4711 W. Metaline Ave., Spt. G203.

J&L Care Cleaning Services, 5501 W. Hildebrand Blvd., Apt. F270.

West Coast Sound International, 507 N. Arthur St. Apt. F104.

International Bigfoot Conference, 3161 S. Edison Ct.

S&R Mobile Homes LLC, 216104 E. SR 397.

Sharon LS Nicholson, 221205 E. 403 PR SE.

Shawna M. Tietsort, 2417 W. Kennewick Ave.

Stephanie’s Janitorial LLC, 1921 S. Williams St.

The Caramel Plumeria LLC, 8024 W. Grandronde Ave.

Couple and Family Institute of Tri-Cities, 8125 W. Quinault Ave. #202.

The Dapper Way LLC, 27905 S. 932 PR SE.

Three Rivers Therapy, 408 S. Roosevelt St.

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