Euphoria Salon finding new life along Swift Boulevard in Richland

Five years ago when Melissa LaBeaf was looking for a place to open her hair salon, she had trouble finding exactly what she was looking for.

She wanted a space that wasn’t too big, but also wasn’t too small and she wanted to be sure she opened up shop in Richland. So she ended up opening Euphoria Salon and Spa in a small shopping complex on Gage Boulevard in Richland.

But with her lease renewal coming up, LaBeaf knew it was time to take another look around. And to find her new location she didn’t need to look too far.

In late summer, her father and stepmother – Rob and Jayne Steelman, had purchased a property on the corner of Swift Boulevard and Wright Avenue in the heart of Richland. LaBeaf said it wasn’t until she told them she was thinking about moving the business, that she decided to look at the corner space, which proved to be a perfect spot.

The new salon is roomier and lined with large windows. It also has a private parking lot with plenty of space. It is also a stand-along building, which appealed to LaBeaf.

LaBeaf opened Euphoria Salon and Spa at 1001 Wright Ave. in Richland in late October.

She said prepping the new space didn’t take long. She just refreshed it with a little paint and installed some custom cabinetry and the salon was ready to go.

LaBeaf said the new salon is about 2,000 sq. feet, which is about 500 sq. feet larger than her previous location and it also offers room to expand. There’s about 1,700 sq. feet that isn’t currently being used in the building, and LaBeaf is considering options for that space.

“My first thought is a coffee and wine bar,” LaBeaf said. “In this industry, a client walks in with a coffee everyday.”

But first things first, she’s concentrating on growing the salon.

The added space has allowed her to offer a few new services, like sugar waxing and eyelash extensions. She also plans to start offering facials and body wraps. The salon already has a place dedicated to these services.

In addition, she’s having custom pedicure stations built and once those are installed she will add that service to her menu offerings.

Euphoria has five stylists and two estheticians working at the salon and she has room for up to six more stylists.

And since moving, the location has been steadily busy.

The new location has great visibility, she said, and is easy to get to, being just a few blocks off of the Bypass Highway. She feels like she’s in the middle of a neighborhood and is building a following in the area.

As for what the future holds for LaBeaf and Euphoria Salon, she’s hoping that one day it won’t be her father who holds the deed to the property, but instead she’ll be owner.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own building and I told my dad that I want to buy this from him some day,” LaBeaf said.

No matter what happens LaBeaf said she plans to stay in Richland.

LaBeaf wants her clients to know that even though the salon has moved, she isn’t going anywhere. Richland is where she grew up and where she plans to continue to grow her business.

“I’m really happy to be here,” LaBeaf said. “We’re not going anywhere. We’re grounded here in the Tri-Cities.”

Euphoria Salon and Spa is at 1001 Wright Ave. in Richland. Call the salon at 509-735-4100 or visit the salon’s website at The salon is open by appointment Monday through Saturday.

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