Top Properties — February 2016


Description: 2,592-sq.-ft, single-family home, 2520 Road 52, Pasco. Price: $386,000. Buyer: Richard & Susan W. Rallens. Seller: Dennis K. and Sherre L. Leatham.

Description: 8-acres of undeveloped land in the Freys Addition. Price: $527,500. Buyer: Pasco School District No. 1. Seller: Shriners Hospital.

Description: 2,249-sq.-ft., single-family home, 12303 Willow Creek Dr., Pasco. Price: $379,000. Buyer: Sandra I. Brown. Seller: Alderbrook Investments, Inc.

Description: 4,000 plus sq.-ft., single-family home, 9400 Selph Landing Road, Pasco. Price: $925,000. Buyer: Peter J. and Julie A. Taggares IV. Seller: Nancy J. Thurston.

Description: 2.454-sq.-ft., single-family home, 8600 W. Richardson Road, Pasco. Price: $419,000. Buyer: Derek W. and Elise N. Ellingsen. Seller: Paul and Sara L. Little.

Description: 2,937-sq.-ft., single-family home, 11815 Waters Edge Dr., Pasco. Price: $398,900. Buyer: David J. Lords. Seller: Albert M. Derr.

Description: 2,450-sq.-ft., single-family home, 7103 Maxim Ct., Pasco. Price: $359,800. Buyer: David C. and Tracy A. Hale. Seller: P & R Construction LLC.

Description: 3,747-sq.-ft., single-family home, 12203 Ladd Ct., Pasco. Price: $447, 203. Buyer: Clay and Linsey Allen. Seller: Riverwood Homes, Inc.



Description: 6,940-sq.-ft., commercial building and .3 acres of commercial land, 711 S. Auburn St. Kennewick. Price: $480,000. Buyer: Christopher Kontogianis. Seller: David Fisher.

Description: .2 acres of residential land, 1341 Jade Ave., West Richland. Price: $363,700. Buyer: Sean and Denna Davis. Seller: New Tradition Homes, Inc.

Description: 2,576-sq.-ft., single-family home, 2742 Katie Road, Kennewick. Price: $365,500. Buyer: Thomas V. Kraft, Seller: Redford and Josephine McDougall.

Description: 3,774-sq.-ft., single-family home, 111303 Harrington PR NE, West Richland. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Rosemary A. Ford. Seller: Sam R. and Linda S. Sorensen.

Description: 3,140-sq.-ft., single-family home, 2689 Allison Way Richland. Price: $353,300. Buyer: Bryan R. and Ashley B. McLemore. Seller: Maureen Fahey.

Description: 3,169-sq.-ft., single-family home, in Reata West, Benton County. Price: $454,000. Buyer: Enif and Dana Michael. Seller: Gale Rew Construction, Inc.

Description: 7,940-sq.-ft., commercial property, 11 E. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Oscar Perez. Seller: Joyce M. Meyers.

Description: 2,952-sq.-ft., single-family home, 11222 Grandview Lane, Kennewick. Price: $361,100. Buyer: Larry J. and Harper W. Tripp. Seller: Timothy and Sara Jenkins.

Description: 3,121-sq.-ft., single-family home, 9703 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Ron J. and Trish G. Jablonski. Seller: Chad T. and Mildred J. Darcy.

Description: 2,657-sq.-ft., single-family home, 16212 Fairview Loop, Kennewick. Price: 469,700. Buyer: Christopher and Ruth Franz. Seller: Gale Rew Construction, Inc.

Description: .3-acres of residential property, in the Whispering Winds subdivision, Kennewick. Price: $428,864. Buyer: Terry and Tiffany Parrish. Seller: Landmark Homes of Washington.

Description: .3-acres of residential property, 5021 Hershey Lane, West Richland. Price: $352,000. Buyer: Blake and Jillian Chamberlain. Seller: Varsity Development LLC.

Description: 1,526-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1160 Foxtrot Lane, Richland. Price: $365,000. Buyer: Andrew and Diana Thome. Seller: Douglas and Anast McKinley Jr.

Description: 4,135-sq.-ft., single-family home, 3701 W. 48th Ave., Kennewick. Price: $420,000. Buyer: Glen and Susan Fillafer. Seller: Patrick and Catherine McKenna.

Description: .3-acres of residential property, 1703 W. 51st Ave., Kennewick. Price: $365,000. Buyer: Bali and Neera Singh. Seller: Gary and Michelle Chalfant.

Description: 4,228-sq.-ft., single-family home, 344 W. Riverwood St., Richland. Price: $455,000. Buyer: Joshua and Jennifer Randall. Seller: The Chau Trust.

Description: 3,453-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1255 Brentwood, Richland. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Daniel C. Frey. Seller: Vedamurthy G. Reddy Trustees.

Description: Price: $508,300. Buyer: Thomas and Mary Quick. Seller: Solferino Homes, Inc. 2,509-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1616 Sorrento Lane, Richland.

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