Business Licenses — March 2016


Savador Mendez Lemus, 1003 N. Beech Ave.

Ryan Mallory, 8807 Oliver Dr.

Ronx Photography, 4421 W. Octave St.

Maria Trinidad Madrigal, 1529 E. Ella St.

Alisha Haggerty, 610 Maryhill Lane.

Bey Properties II LLC, 811 Ninth Ave.

Karina Valencia Lopez, 712 W. Clark St.

Ana M. De Centeno Lopez, 936 W. Opal St.

Maria B. Sanchez, 305 N. 22nd Ave.

Manheim Remarketing Inc., 6600 Burden Blvd.

Gerardo Cruz, 1731 W. Brown St.

Vicki & Darwin Westlund, 8303 Camano Dr.

Silver Bear Properties, 4412 Valencia Dr.

Richard & Jennifer Olson, 5308 Mariner Lane.

7 Stars Roofing LLC, 712 W. Park St.

Between The Buns, 3902 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.

Maria E. Rangel, 1331 N. 22nd Ave.

Juan M. Garcia, 1416 N. 15th Ave.

Martin Romero, 916 W. Bonneville St., 3314 Turquoise Ct.

Meraz Construction, 519 Bagley Dr., Sunnyside.

Manuel Cossio, 1719 W. Hopkins St.

Dill Pixel LLC, 6303 Burden Blvd. #A.

Aaron Potts, 302 W. Margaret St.

Danell Naef, 4116 Duroc Lane.

Araceli Olmos, 7716 Estevan Dr.

Micheal W. Mills, 8504 Desoto Dr.

Doug Tompkins, 1902 N. Seventh Ave. B.

BDP Properties, 6311 Burden Blvd.

Maria Sanchez, 8521 W. Richardson Road.

Munden’s Rising Son Adventures, 6307 Robinson Dr.

Lux Drywall & Repair, 727 N. 12th Ave., Walla Walla.

Jeanie Roueche, 110 Camargo Lane.

Jackie Lee & Stanley Yan, 1615 N. 13th Ave.

Pastor Colato, 409 N. Sycamore Ave.

Leah Fisk, 3812 Hayden Lane.

U Pull It Auto Parts Inc., 802 S. Oregon Ave.

Google North America, 1600 Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA.

V & D Northwest Construction, 1817 S. 18th St., Union Gap.

Gilbert & T Jean Tomlinson Revocable Living Trust, 6003 Klickitat Lane.

BT & Sons Construction Inc., 9020 W. Skagit Ave., Kennewick.

Ahl Good Raingutter & Pressure Washing, 205 W. 34th Ave., Kennewick.

King Kuts Barbershop, 923 W. Court St. Ste. A.

Atelier Custom Design, 1218 S. Lincoln St., Kennewick.

RT’s Specialties, 8912 W. Skagit Ave., Kennewick.

Perfection Cleaning, 2313 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick.

Norman & Debbie Bell, 8711 Queensbury Dr., Pasco.

Tektonics Corp, 306 W. Moore St., Walla Walla.

Pedro & Martha Soto, 1302 W. Irving St.

Moises Dominguez, 1727 N. 16th Ave.

High Desert Dental Studio, 6311 Exeter Lane.

Tillman’s Janitorial, 1 Daffodil Ct.

Crystal Clear Window Cleaning, 5307 Tarragona Ct.

Iselas Janitorial & Maintenance, 1740 N. 21st Ave.

Ivan’s Pole Building Construction LLC, 2417 W. 19th Ave., #7, Kennewick.

Bestworth-Rommel Inc., 19818 74th Ave. NE, Arlington, WA.

Serenity Accounting LLC, 13719 E. Ruppert Road, Benton City.

LPZ Design and Construction, 909 E. Harding Dr., Spokane.

Cliff Thorn Construction, 1552 Georgia Ave., Richland.

Pina’s Roofing, 411 N. Palouse St., Walla Walla.

Tri-Cities Cleaning Services, 1999 W. Lewis St.

Big Bear Repair, 607 N. Oregon Ave.

Williams Construction Services LLC, 2814 S. Everett Pl., Kennewick.

Justin D. Campbell, 716 Road 34.

Alondra’s Fashion, 104 N. Fourth Ave.

Expert Window Tinting & Car Audio, 1212 N. Fourth Ave.

Mobile Oil Change Services, 1924 Road 32.

Vera’s Alterations, 4119 Minorca Lane.

Ricon Industrial Inc. 515 NW Saltzman Road, Ste. 815, Portland.

Nuclear Athletics, 2724 W. Sylvester St., Ste. B.

JoAnn Gibson, 1002 W. Park.

Josh & Amy Jarman, 5021 W. Margaret St.

Oscar Peralta, 1831 W. Hopkins St.

J & S Lawn Maintenance, 1609 Road 30.

Gesa Credit Union-Delta High School, 5801 Broadmoor Blvd.

Don Antonio Mexican Restaurant, 528 W. Clark St.

3D Fitness, 1707 Bolleana Ave.

Markus Kobold, 4516 Belgian Lane.

TiSport LLC, 2705 W. Sylvester St.

RN Trucking, 9611 Shetland Dr.

Blue Bridge Enterprises, 504 Road 37.

Joseph F. Torrey, 8103 Snoqualmie Dr.

Penske Truck Leasing Co. LP, 2675 Morgantown Road, Reading, PA.

City Lube, 301 W. Lewis St.

Advance Construction LLC, 5512 Buchanan Lane.

Empower & Motivate LLC, 6205 Robert Wayne Dr.

Quality First Construction, 216904 E. Bowles Road, Kennewick.

Car Doctor Auto Repair, 205 S. Fourth Ave., #B.

Kenmore Team Property Management LLC, 8927 W. Tucannon Ave. Ste. 201B.

Sommers Rock Masonry, 2532 Dell Ave.

Mid-Valley Restaurant Equipment Service, 516 N. Main, Milton-Freewater, OR.

Pecas Cleaning Services, 1811 W. Hopkins St.

Quality Medical Billing, 6110 Westport Lane.

Baker Backflow Testing LLC, 1120 S. Morain St., Kennewick.



Tri-Cities Laboratory LLC, 1979 Snyder St.

Reliance Medical Clinics PLLC, 1446 Spaulding Park, Ste. 201.

Ojeda Business Ventures, 609 The Parkway.

TriCities Clinical Services, 2630 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

IO LLC, 94 Van Giesen St.

Independent Tank Integrity Verification Specialists LLC, 2010 Logston Blvd.

Tricities Women’s Health, 2630 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Forefront Holding Group LLC, 710 George Washington Way.

Gram Northwest LLC, 706 Cottonwood Loop.

Integrated Global Staffing LLC, 710 George Washington Way, Ste. A.

Gameplan Civil LLC, 706 Cottonwood Loop.

E&L Consultants Inc., 1761 George Washington Way.

Smart Business Management Inc., 2153 Stevens Dr. #10.

KS Tax & Accounting Services, 2348 Hood Ave., Apt. 5.

Midstate Anesthesia LLC, 1869 Mahan Ave.

Tracy M. Warden, M.D., 523 Shaw St.

Pacific Historical, Archaeological and Curation Services, 1613 Hains Ave.

Chrystal Groff Consulting, 1512 Sanford Ave.

Hole in the Ocean Inc., 815 George Washington Way.

Panda Holding LLC, 1999 Butler Loop.

Taco Time, 530 Swift Blvd.

AT&T Authorized Retailer # 2043, 2665 Queensgate Dr. St. E.

The Wet Palette LLC, 615 The Parkway.

Sagewood Custom Woodworking LLC, 1859 Sagewood Loop.

Gardner Craftworks, 242 Saint Ct.

Skinner Games, 2348 Hood Ave., Apt. 5.

Wright Artworks, 1416 Perkins Ave.

Flies by HT, 212 Armistead Ave.

Tri-City Tees & Screen Printing, 1834 Marshall Ave.

Rigel Property Management LLC, 94 Van Giesen St.

Nash Family LLC, 929 Aaron Dr.

Sculpting a New You, 480 Keene Road.

Hough Construction Inc. 1690 Brittlebush Lane.

Delta Loya Leaton, 1201 Montana Ave.

Peter Parker Productions, 513 Endress St.

Performance Carburator Service, 1316 Alameda Ct.

CWL (Care With Love), 1211 George Washington Way, #41.

Kietzman Painting LLC, 1206 Cottonwood Dr.

Move Remover, 326 Cullum Ave., #1970.

Country View Boarding Kennels LLC, 2711 Glen Road.

Vimonlad Bagley, 480 Keene Road.

Vision 20/20 Marketing, 1492 Meadow Hills Dr.

Lori Michelle French, 87 Keene Road.

Montes Auto Repair, 2575 Aileron Lane.

Heritage Connections, 1708 Castillo Ct.

Varela Legal PLLC, 750 Swift Blvd.

Advancement of Globally Appropriate Technology and Education, 2375 Carriage Ave.

N&N Carriers LLC, 1535 Ridgeview Ct.

Bonanza Drywall LLC, 20 Nuclear Lane.

Keene Cuts Hair Salon LLC, 116 Keene Road.

Glen Cove Press LLC, 456 Palm Dr.

JR’s Faithful Cleaning, 1900 Stevens Dr. #116.

Columbia Industrial Coatings LLC, 1212 Columbia Park Trail.

Bragg’s Cleaning Services, 3791 Butte Ct.

Andrea Staff Photography LLC, 451 Westcliff Blvd., Apt. F147.

Specialty Flooring Demolition LLC, 2606 Horseshoe Ct.

Garment Repair APP LLC, 1106 Harding St.

T.M. Irrigation and Handyman Service, 1472 Larkspur Dr.

Eloquently Simple, 3716 Chadwick St.

Zerorez of Tri-Cities, 1355 Dakota Ave.

Zvil studios, 1626 Naples Lane.

Kelley at Creations, 87 Keene Road.

KB Bail, 225 Wellsian Way.

Classy Lash by Jen, 750 Swift. Blvd., Ste. 14.

Healing Encounters Massage, 471 Williams Blvd. Ste. 1.

Raelen Photography, 3019 Duportail St. #158.

Lashing Out Beauty, 76 Wellsian Way.

Meg Deutsch MP, 647 Cedar Ave.

B4Salon, 1207 Aaron Dr.

Alpha Whiskey Media, 2109 Symons St.

Sakalaukus Interior Designs, 177 Rosemary St.

Heather Lorinda Sink, 480 Keene Road.

Jordan’s Barber Shop, 1177 Lee Blvd. #B.

11Exhale Yoga, 140 Gage Blvd., Ste. 104.

A-Sharp Guitar Instruction, 2159 Van Giesen St.

Kate Larsen Music, 1325 Marshall Ave.

Beartooth Aikido LLC, 1348 Jadwin Ave.



360 Automotive & Repair LLC, 6200 W. Clearwater Ave.

American Eagle Family, 3803 W. Sixth Ave., #A.

Bellachickdesigns, 9046 W. Deschutes Ave.

Vanity Hair Studio, 4415 W. Clearwater Ave. #10.

Dynamic Billing Solutions, 5414 W. Fourth Ave.

April’s Daycare, 820 N. Quillan St.

Bailee Lane Photography, 2001 S. Beech St.

Union Mart, 325 S. Union St.

Beamreaders Inc., 7117 W. Hood Pl. #110.

Beneath The Bar Apparel, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave., #A106.

Big River Drafting, Design & Consulting, 1209 S. Garfield St.

Brandie Frisby PLLC, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. K.

Fugio Designs, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave. #106.

Cesar’s Daycare, 3320 W. Third Ave.

Colea, 1408 N. Louisiana St. Ste. 100.

Columbia Basin Plumbing, 1843 W. 25th Ct.

Benton County Jail, 7122 W. Okanogan Pl.

Taxes D & Notary, 803 S. Olympia St. K3.

Fire & Earth Homes LLC, 8428 W. Gage Blvd. Ste. E.

Flores Landscaping & Construction, 1704 W. Second Ave.

Peacock Photography Company, 607 S. Vancouver St.

Georgia Girard, 4309 W. 17th Pl. #105.

Sir Reginald’s Events, 622 N. Quillan St.

Hannah Bottino, 2300 W. 19th Ave.

Harbert Enterprises LLC, 5501 W. 20th Ave.

Hart Made Interiors, 91404 Calico Ct.

Interpreting, 900 E. Seventh Ave.

JRDS Services, 203 E. Second Ave.

Desert Winds Construction, 28906 S. 855 PRSE.

Kallie Hill, 2378 W. 15th Pl.

Orchard Daycare & Complete Bookkeeping Services, 2720 W. 45th Ave.

Action Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, 460 N. Arthur St. Apt. A108.

Mason’s Home Daycare, 325 S. Young Pl.

Legacy Mill & Cabinet, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave., #A101-301.

Lori Dixon, 4303 W. 27th Ave. Ste. G.

Sanchez Interpretations, 900 E. Seventh Ave.

Tri-City Lumber Co., 8600 W. Clearwater Ave.

MAL Express LLC, 601 N. Young St. Ste. B.

The Beauty Whisperer, 26102 E. Sunset Meadows Loop.

A Helping Hand, 5127 W. Seventh Ave.

Ogden Allen Tax Service, 2956 Canterbury Ct.

Thrivent Financial, 11257 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. 110.

The Squeaky Door, 318 W. Kennewick Ave.

MK Strategic Leadership Solutions, 3410 W. 42nd Pl.

Nance Consulting Services Inc., 204896 E. Bowles Road.

New York Nails & Spa, 128 S. Ely St.

Omnia Inc., 198860 E. 73rd Ave.

Oscar’s Trailer Repair, 5608 W. 10th Ave.

Patricia Ann Brazell, 117 S. Edison St.

Patricia Ramona Kuh, 310 N. Yelm St.

Raevon LLC, 16 S. Union St.

Farag Accounting Services, 8805 W. First Ave.

Robert Vaughan CPA LLC, 10121 W. Clearwater Ave. #109.

Sageland Center LLC, 11257 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. 120.

SS Appraisal Services, 6621 W. Sixth Ave.

Shawn Thompson Insurance Agency Inc., 7401 W. Hood Pl. Ste. 204.
Artfetti Cakes, 1360 N. Louisiana St. Ste. A.

Dyjital Inc., 1426 E. Third Ave., Ste. A130.

AT&T Authorized Retailer 2036, 4008 W. 27th Ave., Ste. 102.

Standing Firm Construction Co., 8713 W. Bruneau Ave.

Touchstone Jewelers, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. 116.

Sunset Construction Inc., 6918 W. 15th Ave.

TCHD LLC, 505 N. Fisher St.

The Center for Child & Family Counseling, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave., #K.

Thomas Burnett Construction LLC, 2001 W. 15th Ave.

Three Rivers Place, 1108 W. Fifth Ave.

1st Choice Distribution, 29 N. Newport St.

Mkultratrech, 701 N. Louisiana Pl.

TVH Mobility, 707 S. Yolo St.

Peruvian Inkas Art, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd. #445.

Vonnda, 105 N. McKinley St. Apt. 2.

Stillness in Motion Yoga, 8929 W. Canyon Pl.

Whitford DB LLC, 3 W. Columbia Dr.

Wiser Hay Co. Inc., 22307 Cottonwood Dr.

Sagecrest Elementary, 6411 W. 38th Ave.

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