Top Properties — March 2016


Description: 17 parcels of undeveloped land, 8800 and 8900 blocks of Aldridge Court, Pasco. Price: $935,000. Buyer: Olin Homes LLC. Seller: Big Creek Land Co.

Description: 17 parcels of undeveloped land, 8800 and 8900 blocks of Bridger Court., Pasco. Price: $901,000. Buyer: New Tradition Homes, Inc. Seller: Big Creek Land Co.

Description: 2,759-sq.-ft., single-family home, 490 McDonald Dr., Pasco. Price: $403,000. Buyer: Mye H. Kropla. Seller: Leonid and Larisa Danylyuk.

Description: 2,610-sq.-ft., single-family home, 3203 Cavalier Ct., Pasco. Price: $389,736. Buyer: Edward F. and Susan K. Enloe. Seller: Hayden Homes LLC.

Description: 6,000-sq.-ft., warehouse, 4111 E. B St., Pasco. Price: $485,000. Buyer: The Schetky Family LLC. Seller: Timothy A. and Katrina L. Rowell.

Description: 2828-sq.-ft., single-family home, 7103 Sandy Ridge Road, Pasco. Price: $484,000. Buyer: Jeffrey T. Zaro. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction, Inc.

Description: 10,484-sq.-ft., commercial building, 220 N. 18th Ave., Pasco. Price: $365,000. Buyer: Bernardo S. Lopez. Seller: Sohal Development LLC.

Description: 3 acres of undeveloped land, 7430 Wrigley Dr., Pasco. Price: $1,073,300. Buyer: Et Pasco Plasma LLC. Seller: Kidwell Family LLC.

Description: 2,249-sq.-ft., single-family home, 12225 Willow Creek Dr., Pasco. Price: $359,000. Buyer: Frederico & Delia Chavez. Seller: Alderbrook Investments, Inc.

Description: 7.73 acres of undeveloped land, in Franklin County. Price: $1,616,200. Buyer: Broadmoor RV Leasing LLC. Seller: Tapteal II LLC.

Description: 3,329-sq.-ft., single-family home, 2011 Road 52, Pasco. Price: $490,000. Buyer: Harold R. and Michele A. Wentworth. Seller: Josef W. and Frederica L. Christ.



Description: 3,564-sq.-ft., single-family home, 660 Symons St., Richland. Price: $400,000. Buyer: Sage Corner Alliance LLC. Seller: James R. and Cynthia Dillman.

Description: .875 acres of undeveloped land, 7103 S. Janelle Lane, Kennewick. Price: $460,800. Buyer: Andres and Desiree Martinez. Seller: Pacific Coast Construction Group.

Description: 3,042-sq.-ft., single-family home, 28108 S. Country Meadow Lane, Kennewick. Price: $456,300. Buyer: Garrett L. Nicholas. Seller: Edward E. and Annette Wink.

Description: 2,316-sq.-ft., single-family home, 4810 S. Reed St., Kennewick. Price: $575,000. Buyer: Jason D. and Stacie I. Jones. Seller: Jason R. and Deanna J. Weber.

Description: 15 acres of undeveloped commercial land south of Wine Country Road in Benton County. Price: $1,500,000. Buyer: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. Seller: Theran W. and Laura J. Hodges.

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