Conference call: What is your favorite high-tech device and how does it enhance your life/business?

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Computers and iPhones are lifelines for three business executives who need to be in touch with their office and the world at all times.

Deborah Barnard, Barnard Griffin Winery
Deborah Barnard,
Barnard Griffin Winery

Deborah Barnard who, with her husband Rob Griffin, recently returned from a three-and-a-half week trip to India, said she couldn’t have lived without her cell phone.

“With it, I can check email, get messages and just generally keep in touch with family, friends and business,” she said.

With their cell phones, Barnard and Griffin were able to keep in touch with their daughter, Megan Hughes, at the winery in Richland.

“And of course, we took all kinds of photos and videos and were able to update our Facebook page. We did all kinds of stuff with just our cell phones,” Barnard said.

Brian Thomas, Washington River Protection Solutions
Brian Thomas,
Washington River Protection Solutions

Brian Thomas, chief financial officer for Washington River Protection Services, said his most essential hi-tech device is the computer sitting on his desk.

“I’m a technological dinosaur and online social media simply takes up too much time,” he said. “But I do live on my desktop computer. I’m responsible for a lot of investments and need to keep current with the news.”

Though, when traveling, Thomas says he carries along an iPad and his iPod is never far from his grasp.

“I love my music too much to not have it with me,” he said.

Jane Foreman, executive assistant at TRIDEC, doesn’t leave home without her smart phone, even though she

Jane Foreman, TRIDEC
Jane Foreman,

admits she doesn’t fully know how to use all its bells and whistles.

“With it I’m able to keep in touch with work, family, the organizations I belong to, the world,” she said. “Anymore, they’re essential. I may be behind technologywise, so I’m not taking full advantage of it but my phone is my life.”

Loretto Hulse

Loretto Hulse

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