Business Licenses — April 2016


Tenor Building LLC, 217 W. Clark St.

Almas Daycare, 917 W. Brown St.

Abel Cervantes & Nancy Cruz, 1719 W. Octave St.

Juanitos Foods LLC, 1620 W. Clark St.

Guardian Security Systems Inc. 1743 First Ave. S., Seattle.

TCM, 4800 N. Channel Ave., Portland, Ore.

Annette Andaya, 5003 Kennedy Way.

Annette Andaya, 4919 Kennedy Way.

Annette Andaya, 16420 Ponderosa Lane, Riverside, Ca.

Paul H. Keister, 1021 Road 52.

Esmeralda Jaimes, 6012 Riverhawk Lane.

Karlas Cleaning Services LLC, 2517 W. Marie St.

Fred & Edie Olberding, 6307 Bayview Lane.

Great Clips, 5024 Road 68 E.

Accurate Plumbing Design LLC, 1963 Saint St. #76, Richland.

Garcias Rock, 3520 W. Margaret St.

Elizabeth Romero, 220 W. Sylvester St.

Dina Camacho, 421 S. 22nd Ave.

Jaime Barajas Bustos, 1505 S. Road 40 E. SP 409.

Botany Unlimited Design Systems, 2505 N. Commercial.

Nolan’s Collision LLC, 1125 E. Columbia St.

Divas Cosmetology and Barbering Academy, 319 W. Lewis St. #A.

Wright Surgical Arts LLC, 5908 Bedford St.

Sunrise Dental of Pasco, 624 N. 12th Ave.

Homes by Nick, 10217 Willow Way.

North Country Concrete Inc. 8220 W. Gage Blvd., #116, Kennewick.

LCR Construction LLC, 1128 Columbia Park Trail, Richland.

J’S Testing, 504 Barth Ave., Richland.

Columbia Basin Plumbing, 1843 W. 25th Ct., Kennewick.

Won-Door Corp., 1865 S. 3480 W. Salt Lake City, Utah.

A&R Solar Corp., 2444 First Ave. S. Seattle.

Silverbow Roofing, Inc. 3718 W. 15th Ave., Kennewick.

Chinook Construction Inc., 2840 Clark Ct., West Richland.

Affinity Lync LLC, 1827 W. Yakima St.

J&L Care Cleaning Services, 5501 W. Hildebrand Blvd., Kennewick.

Maria Selene Aispuro, 1601 E. Lewis St. #B.

Switch Communications Inc., 100 California St. Ste. E, San Francisco, Ca.

Angeles Construction, 721 S. Eighth St. Sunnyside.

L&L Enterprises, 1717 S. Everett Pl., Kennewick.

Big River Sign Co., 4205 Stafford Dr.

Corey & Tami Bitton, 409 S. 23rd Ave.

Edward E. Harris Trust, 407 Santa Fe Lane.

R Homes LLC, 8407 Packard Dr.

11 Rios, 231 Cedar Ave., Sunnyside.

Raul Ramirez, 303 E. Pennie Lane.

Manheim Remarketing Inc., DBA Manheim SE Franklin County, 6600 Burden Blvd.

Furious Bumping, 925 N. Elm Ave. #24.

Columbia River Concrete LLC, 5401 Santa Fe Lane.

Americool Heating & Air Conditioning, 6713 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.

Bulmaro Chavez, 716 W. Henry St.

TCA Architecture Planning Inc., 6211 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle.

Mackey Consultants, 3212 Sorento Ct.

N C Cleaning Services, 360 James St., West Richland.

Trade-Marx Sign & Display Corp., 818 S. Dakota St., Seattle.

Sparkling Homes, 1934 W. Jay St.

Daniel & Melinda Dennis, 3803 Meadow View Ct.

Gold Electric LLC, 1308 V St. NW, Auburn.

Insul Homes, 1110 N. 22nd Ave., Yakima.

Smith McDaniel Inc., 851 Bombing Range Road, West Richland.

V Medical Billing and Coding LLC, 3905 Riverward Ct.

Angel Auto Glass & Window Tinting LLC, 919 W. Klamath Ave., Kennewick.

Tait Environmental Services Inc. 701 N. Parkcenter Dr. Santa Ana, Calif.

Lighthouse Interpreting, 5404 Eisenhower Ct.

Moser Inc., 10437 W. Westbow Blvd., Spokane.

Vineyard Glows, 5421 W. Marie St.



Molecule Works Inc., 2447 Robertson Dr.

Mental Wellness Solutions, 602 Knight St. Ste. 1.

Linda Robb, 216 Center Blvd.

Poulson Counseling PLLC, 719 Jadwin Ave.,

Excitant Health, 1788 Meadow Hills Dr.

Jerry Marvel, 231 Hartwood St.

Gem-N-I Creations, 2336 Davison Ave.

Calico Closet Designs, 1404 Sunset St.

Sweet City Confections, 1977 Sheridan Pl.

Jazzymax, 2716 Eastwood Ave.

Red Level Games Inc., 710 GW Way, Ste. A.

Mattress Manufacturing Prices, 1910 Butler Loop.

Tacos El Mexicano, 72 Wellsian Way.

Wolfe’s Wood LLC, 88 Wellsian Way.

Simplified Celebrations, 303 Casey Ave.

Bombing Range Brewing Company, 2000 Logston Blvd. Ste. 126.

Bound Around Sports LLC, 1019 Wright Ave.

Taqueria La Sabrositas, 1335 Lee Blvd.

The Folded Pizza Pie, 421 Wellsian Way.

ET Estate Sales & Liquidation, 1341 GW Way Ste. F.

Grubbin’s, 509 Davenport St.

The Fam Vin, 1085 Sirron Ave.

Washington State University, 2710 Crimson Way.

Burnt Pumpkin Studios, 1451 Badger Mountain Loop.

Arlene Anderson Portrait Design, 451 Westcliffe Blvd., Apt. C320.

MPN, 1952 Thayer Dr.

Mooney’s Taxidermy, 481 Melissa St.

Beneficial In-Home Care Inc., 948 Stevens Dr. Ste. C.

Design Space Modular Buildings Inc., 2699 First St.

RM Construction & Interior Design Inc., 1440 Jadwin Ave. Ste. 2.

Clippity Dippity Cuts, 2165 Van Giesen St.

Vineyard Country Building & Design Inc., 142 Broadmoor St.

Salon Morpho, 513 Lee Blvd.

Life Flight Network LLC, 1909 Airport Way.

Residential Construction Specialists LLC, 1972 Marshall Ave.

Home Grown Productions, 733 Tanglewood Dr.

Morgan Does Beauty, 87 Keen Road.

Centuria SEO, 901 Cedar Ave.

11211 Sterling GC, 890 GW Way.

Gleneagle at Horn Rapids Association, 2848 Monarch Lane.

Better Business Bookkeeping, 2402 Tinkle St.

Kelly Larsen, 1027 Pattyton Lane.

Exit Gear LLC, 2405 Torbett St.

Breana Kay, 614 The Parkway.

Bench One Inc., 844 Tulip Lane.

Marine Services Unlimited LLC, 1790 Fowler St.

Nelson’s Framing Co., 777 McMurray St., Apt. 5.

Hawkes Construction, 1963 Saint St. #46.

LIV3 LLC, 719 Jadwin Ave., Ste. 26.

Super Legit Games LLC, 517 Berkshire St.

A1 Flooring LLC, 505 Wagon Ct.

All Geek LLC, 1761 GW Way.

Apogee Construction One LLC, 812 Abbot St.

Allbrite Windows, 175 Orchard Way.

Creative Property Solutions LLC, 405 Snyder St.

Platinum Consulting Inc., 4220 Cobblestone Ct.

Sure Built Structures, 2312 Hood Ave., Apt. C.

Lilofee Design, 433 Spengler St.

Tri-City Fence Works LLC, 1990 Saint St.

Harley Lawrence, 655 Riverstone Dr.

Raceway Production, 1013 Lethbridge Ave.

Carmen Zorich, 2457 Montgomery Ave.

Salvaged Hardwoods, 1165 Hills West Way.

John Frederick Studio & Gallery, 520 Meadows Dr. S.

A Stroke of Genius, 1670 Cactus Loop.

Thrive Fitness Adventures, 710 GW Way.

Aubrey Lynn Gray, 649 Lynnwood Loop.

Aubrey Lynn Gray, 87 Keene Road.

Moviz Films LLC, 1480 Badger Mountain Loop.

Ambrosia Synthetics, 2455 GW Way, Apt. Q189.

Awesome Sauce Records 101, 2813 Appaloosa Way.

The Fresh Library, 1836 Alder Ave.

Edutechnical, 250 Gage Blvd., Apt. 3028.

Nyberg Knives, 1325 Thayer Dr.

Movement Unknown, 2602 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Corey Francis, 614 The Parkway.

Daedalus Design, 414 Birch Ave.

Jason Tomlinson Photography, 2931 Rockcreek Ct.

Twisted Locks, 1626 Howell Ave.

Elite IT, 1622 Butternut Ave.

A&D Consultants, 598 Sedgwick Pl.

Good Sisters, 2400 Whitworth Ave.

Lona Brown, 1217 Del Mar Ct.



Google North America Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy., Mountain View, Ca.

S&C Maintenance & Construction LLC, 217103 E. Perkins Road, Kennewick.

Wetlands Professional LLC, 7114 N. Road 42, Pasco.

Eagle Roofing & Siding LLC, 205 W. Nixon St., Pasco.

Amerigas Propane LP, 204 N. Fruitland St., Kennewick.

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co., 19007 E. Alki Ave., Spokane Valley.

Blueroom, 2021 N. Commercial Ave., Pasco.

Schierman Construction LLC, 225 McDonald Dr., Pasco.

Strickland Exteriors, 11839 Road 5.6 NE, Moses Lake.

Elite Cleaning Services, 906 Entiat Ave., Kennewick.

Renaissance, 419 S. Fillmore St., Kennewick.

Americool Heating & A/C LLC, 6713 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. E, Kennewick.

MRC Corp. 6515 Polaris St.

Steven Michael Faulk, 4645 Snowy Owl Ct.

TK Cattle Company, 96305 N. Yakima River Dr.

Lynch Construction, 4123 Selah Loop Road, Selah.

A Stroke of Genius, 1670 Cactus Loop, Richland.

JD & Son LLC, 231905 E. Lechelt Road, Kennewick.

KG Fencing LLC, 11706 Pelican Road, Pasco.

Cutting Edge Curbing, 1724 W. 45th Ave. #20, Kennewick.

Antoinette Marie Harris, 5399 W. Van Giesen St.

RReal Construction, 855 S. Hummingbird Dr., Othello.

North Point Construction, 406 N. Kansas St., Kennewick.

Baker Backflow Testing LLC, 1120 S. Morain St., Kennewick.

Millcreek Cabinet Works, 4751 N. Bellevue Road, Eltopia.

Roberto’s Lawncare, 4422 Moline Lane, Pasco.

Woody Personal Training, 3107 S. Highlands Blvd.

Northwest Metal Works, 102905 N. Harrington Road.

Envy Anesthesia LLC, 6612 Opal Ct.

Encore Window Cleaning, 1720 W. Seventh Ave., Kennewick.

Manon Gagne Zlatich, 2729 Jason Loop, Richland.

Rendon Landscapes, 947 W. Ruby St., Pasco.

Rendon Enterprises LLC, 947 W. Ruby St., Pasco.

Kasco of Idaho LLC, 7234 W. Boekel Road, Rathdrum, Id.

Ives Appraisal LLC, 5711 Santa Fe Lane, Pasco.

Three Rivers Tackle, 4345 Twin Lakes Ct.

All Season Quilting, 5158 Monica St.

Fox Mobile Car Wash LLC, 3405 W. Margaret St., Pasco.

Harris Rebar Columbia Basin Inc., 577 Second Ave., Burbank.

Westpro & Son’s Painting, 839 E. 14th Ave., Kennewick.

Bernal Construction LLC, 5620 W. Richardson Road, Pasco.

DW Logistics LLC, 28306 E. Ruppert Road, Benton City.

Amazing House Cleaning, 8522 W. Yellowstone Ave., Kennewick.

Cheyenne Electric Inc., 6511 W. Hood Pl. Ste. A, Kennewick.

Alberti Builders LLC, 32316 S. Gerards Road, Kennewick.

Nailed It Construction, 1509 W. 37th Pl., Kennewick.

Hawsco, 11712 Pheasant Run, Pasco.



3 R Resources Inc., 5219 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. 7

Abercrombie & Fitch Stores Inc., 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Ste. 337.

Andersen Concrete LLC, 15107 S. Kirby PR SE.

Arabic Interpreting, 2811 S. Rainier Pl.

Ashes Lashes & Spa Services, 725 N. Center Parkway, #Q103.

B Ingraham Inc., 4311 S. Kingwood St.

Boren Services LLC, 1914 S. Quincy St.

CG’s Cleaning, 4101 S. Newport St.

Uniforms Northwest, 8551 W. Gage Blvd., Ste. I.

Childers Contracting Services LLC, 317 W. 21st Ave.

CKJT Architects PLLC, 128 Vista Way.

Columbia Diagnostic Laboratory Inc., 8514 W. Gage Blvd.

Columbia Point Sports Rehab Clinic Corp., 8033 W Grandridge Blvd. #c.

Liberation Bike Shop, 104A W. First Ave.

King OD Productions, 4201 W. Albany Ave. #A.

Desert Sky Women’s Healthcare Inc., P.C., 919 S. Auburn St. #A.

Edelmira Olivera, 1506 W. Fifth Ave.

Betsy’s Books, 2907 S. Rainier Pl.

Champs #14577, 1321 N. Columbia Center #347.

Gabriella Polanik, 101 N. Union St. Ste 101.

Home Suite Home Designs, 121 S. Joliet St.

HFG Trust LLC, 1141 N. Edison St. #A.

Iclean Building Services LLC, 6001 W. Deschutes Ave., Ste. 605.

I’ve Gone Mutts LLC, 2417 S. Arthur Ct.

Felix Mobile Car Wash, 720 N. Arthur St. #F202.

Muai Athletics, 5307 W. 24th Ave.

Canyon Clipper, 2802 W. 35th Ave.

Juan Gonzalez III, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave. #6B.

Downtown Thrift & Consignment, 23 W. First Ave. #B.

Infamous Tattoo, 5221 W. Canal Dr.

Rivercity Services, 19 W. 10th Ave.

Bliss Salon and Spa, 3617 Plaza Way, #F.

Leroy Photography LLC, 912 N. Neel St.

Sweet Ginger Events, 4611 W. Sixth Ave.

Alonso Income Tax and Bookkeeping Services, 208 E. Second Ave.

Medcall Northwest Inc., 201 N. Edison St. #245.

Makeup By Melissa, 2000 N. Columbia Center Blvd., #A.

NSR Properties, 3607 W. 16th Pl.

On-Site Restoration LLC, 7500 W. Clearwater Ave.

Pacific Crest Planning Inc., 7139 W. Deschutes Ave. #101.

Anderson Improvements, 7916 W. 21st Ave.

VCA Meadow Hills South Animal Hospital, 3711 Plaza Way.

VCA Meadow Hills Animal Hospital, 8802 W. Gage Blvd.

Sugar Pop, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd., #634.

Rattlesnake 4X4s, 1612 W. 38th Pl.

Richard J. Bartlett, 8905 W. Gage Blvd., #300.

Gallo’s Powerwashing As Powerwash, 1113 W. 17th.

Tri-City School of Karate, 8508 W. Gage Blvd. #C101.

S&C Maintenance and Construction LLC, 217103 E. Perkins Road.

Balanced Touch Therapeutic Massage, 2804 W. 46th Ave.

Scott Tri-City Properties, 3131 W. Hood Ave., #C.

Montage, 420 N. Joliet Pl.

Smoot 4D Geoviz LLC, 3121 W. 30th Ave., #E101

South Hill Plaza LLC, 4303 W. 27th Ave.

Spintronics LLC, 909 N. Pittsburgh St.

Strizhak’s Haven Ranch LLC, 6159 W. Deschutes Ave. #508.

Summit up to Hair LLC, 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd., #128.

Sweet tooth Bakery LLC, 4241 S. Zillah St.

Sycure Corp., 706 N. Volland St. #6.

Cash Expert Accounting, 221505 E. Perkins Road.

The Uncommon Breed LLC, 1108 S. Belfair St.

Zoomiez Process Service, 4201 W. Albany Ave. #D.

My Life Repurposed, 107 W. Kennewick Ave.

Tri Enterprises LLC, 3002 S. Everett Pl.

Tri-Cities Laboratory-Kadlec Clinic, 6710 W. Okanogan Pl.

Neyox Flooring, 1816 S. Olympia Pl.

Precision Construction of Tri-City, 8415 W. Entiat Pl.

World Explorer Inc., 1030 N. Center Parkway.

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