Top Properties — April 2016


Description: 2,138-sq.-ft., single-family home, 12315 Willow Creek Dr., Pasco. Price: $364,000. Buyer: Howard L. and Toni W. Day. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction, Inc.

Description: 4,648-aq.-ft., single-family home, 5014 Tamarisk Dr., Pasco. Price: $358,000. Buyer: Stuart and Amy Burke. Seller: AJ and Shirley Wade.

Description: 2.6-acres of residential property, 170 Northview Dr., Othello. Price: $410,000. Buyer: Alan M. and Lori K. Scott. Seller: the Estate of William D. Anderson.

Description: Single-family home, 6991 Columbia River Road, Pasco. Price: $615,000. Buyer: Steven and Mary Kincaid. Seller: Kenneth D. and Olga E. Olson.

Description: 32,239-sq.-ft., single-family home, 12309 Ricky Ct., Pasco. Price: $575,000. Buyer: Joseph and Cheryl A. Salinas. Seller: Frank and Mary Weiglein.

Description: 3,620-sq.-ft., single-family home, 11417 Mathews Road, Pasco. Price: $410,100. Buyer: Kyle C. and Megan K. Williams. Seller: Landmark Homes of Washington, Inc.

Description: Single-family home, 4804 W. Irving St., Pasco. $350,000. Buyer: Scott G. and Karin M. Hines. Seller: Robert G. and Diane Everson.

Description: 2,587-sq.-ft., single-family home, 7002 Ladd Road, Pasco. Price: $378,300. Buyer: Brandon and Angela Slack. Seller: Alderbrook Investments, Inc.

Description: 2,907-sq.-ft., single-family home, 11204 Beman Road, Pasco. Price: $479,100. Buyer: Robert L. Smith. Seller: Riverwood Homes, Inc.

Description: 2,160-sq.-ft., single-family home, 11236 Woodsman Dr., Pasco. Price: $395,200. Buyer: Florentino Hernandez. Seller: New Tradition Homes, Inc.

Description: 3,132-sq.-ft., single-family home, 6925 Ladd Road, Pasco. Price: $480,400. Buyer: Dennis Albin and Tifany Nguyen. Seller: Riverwood Homes, Inc.

Description: 1 acre, residential land, 9020 Sunset Trail, Pasco. Price: $495,000. Buyer: Bryce K. and Kerry H. Bragg. Seller: Michael and Wileen Harker.

Description: 3,010-sq.-ft., single-family home, 6821 Ladd Road, Pasco. Price: $399,000. Buyer: Cory L. and Denise D. Bell. Seller: Riverwood Homes, Inc.

Description: Single-family home and 1.12 acres of agricultural land, 12411 Eagle Reach Ct., Pasco. Price: $586,000. Buyer: Grace Holdings Group, Inc. Seller: Mark C. Frank.



Description: 6812 Marble St., West Richland. Price: $423,600. Buyer: Craig A. Challender. Seller: Titan Homes LLC.

Description: .2 acres, 732 S. Nevada St., Kennewick. Price: $380,000. Buyer: Frank J. Weiglein. Seller: Scott and Julie Ann Desanti.

Description: 2,443-sq.-ft., single-family home, 107105 N. Harrington Road, West Richland. Price: $383,000. Buyer: Jeffrey R. and Mary L. Peters. Seller: Mark D. and Dione K. Nuzum.

Description: 2,215-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5000 Hershey Lane, West Richland. Price: $408,000. Buyer: Chad N. and Claudia Sanders. Seller: Richard and Francisca Garrison.

Description: Vacant residential lot, 4788 Cowlitz Blvd., Richland. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Jeff and Michelle Brooks. Seller: Varsity Development.

Description: 2,170-sq.-ft., single-family home, 3805 W. 48th Ave., Kennewick. Price: $420,000. Buyer: David E. and Cynthia Crawford. Seller: Locks LLC.

Description: Vacant residential lot, 2130 51st Ave., Kennewick. Price: $442,900. Buyer: Maria Alvarez. Seller: Landmark Homes of Washington.

Description: 1,656-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1226 Landwood Ave., Richland. Price: $358,000. Buyer: Daniel and Barbara Stephens Jr. Seller: Thomas and Kathleen Dohman.

Description: Vacant residential lot, 1310 N. Oklahoma St., Kennewick. Price: $361,600. Buyer: Brian and Paige English. Seller: New Tradition Homes, Inc.

Description: 2.1-acres, commercial retail land off Kennedy Road in West Richland. Price: $600,000. Buyer: Timothy T. and Kathy Bush Trustees. Seller: Steven R. McDonald Trustees.

Description: 3,003-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1650 Pisa Lane, Richland. Price: $650,000. Buyer: Christopher E. and Megan A. Rivard. Seller: Prodigy Homes, Inc.

Description: 3,143-sq.-ft., single-family home, 1636 Salerno Lane, Richland. Price: $575,000. Owner: Mark and Susan Kuffel. Seller: Pahlish Homes, Inc.

Description: 2.5-acres, vacant land, 1040 Center Parkway, Kennewick. Price: $520,000. Buyer: Nine Homes LLC. Seller: CCH Business Park LLC.

Description: 4,814-sq.-ft., single-family home, 3936 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick. Price: $513,000. Buyer: Harold and Jeannie Hanes. Seller: Stanjoyzach LLC.

Description: 3,542-sq.-ft., single-family home, 813 Meadows Dr. S., Richland. Price: 565,500. Buyer: Curtis A. and Karen M. King. Seller: LaPierre Enterprises, Inc.

Description: 3.2-acres commercial retail land, 575 Columbia Point Dr., Richland. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: 575 Columbia LLC. Seller: Richard G. Arrell.

Description: 26.38-acres residential land, 761 Shockley Road, Richland. Price: $1,100,000. Buyer: Theran W. and Laura Hodges. Seller: Edith I. Whitfield, Trustee.

Description: 2,374-sq.-ft., commercial building, 7201 W. Canal Dr., Kennewick. Price: $1,350,000. Buyer: Angell Holdings LLC. Seller: K & M Jackson, Trustees.

Description: 6,000-sq.-ft., commercial building, 7404 W. Hood Pl., Kennewick. Price: $1,225,000. Buyer: Paul and Joan Wimmer, Trustees. Seller: PRH Properties LLC.

Description: 8,315-sq-ft. restaurant, 4862 W. Hildebrand Blvd., Kennewick. Price: $3,080,000. Buyer: Kevan D. and Lisa M. Baltzer, Trustees.

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