Business Licenses — May 2016


Ivan Palomino, 1312 Road 40.

Fusion Wines LLC, 3217 Sorento Ct.

Emil J. Carlson, 3315 W. Canal Dr., Kennewick.

Bernal Construction LLC, 5620 W. Richardson Road.

Emil J. Carlson, 5618 W. Court St.

Emil J. Carlson, 5704 W. Court St.

JL Painting, 3324 W. 19th Ave. #167.

Rigo’s Construction, 2005 Road 33. Reynaldo Madrigal Zapien, 436 N. Sycamore Ave.

Bernardo Cuevas Jr., 1845 W. Henry St.

CAN Transport LLC, 1019 W. Sylvester St.

WM & Patricia Wilkins, 4416 W. Court St.

Viking Real Estate, 7807 Vendovi Dr.

Maria Selene Aispuro, Ben Shaw, 1601 E. Lewis St. #A.

Debra Hughes, 4620 Kubota Lane.

Ultra Pure Clean, 4205 Sonora Dr.

TSA Washington, 2715 W. Sylvester St.

Norma’s Cleaning, 3805 Estrella Dr.

Ozzy’s Satellite Services, 6307 Coventry Lane.

Eden’s Counseling Services LLC, 1010 Road 70.

Mendez Auto Parts, 212 W. Lewis St.

Beautiful Yard Lawn Care, 6214 Bayview Land.

Kyle Hogaboam, 5108 Catelonia Dr.

Big D. Construction Corp., 404 W. 400 S., Salt Lake City, UT.

Herbax RN, 1920 W. Bonneville St.

A&R Feser Inc., 2007 S. Edison St., Kennewick.

Paper Couture By Gina, 1405 W. Washington St.

Pyro Spectaculars North Inc., 4405 N. Evergreen Road, Spokane Valley.

Integrity Remodeling & Construction, 5114 W. Margaret St.

Apple Landscaping, 6121 Woodbine Dr.

Emerald Services, 1799 E. Ainsworth Ave. T-208.

Moises Construction, 1206 W. Second St., Grandview.

Tri-City Fence Works, 1990 Saint St., Richland.

The Lineup Barber Shop, 3616 W. Court St. J.

Hawkes Construction, 1963 Saint St., Richland.

OC Bouncing Party Rentals, 3707 Libertad Ct.

La Bonita, 126 N. Fourth Ave.

McClellen Construction, 3223 W. 22nd St., Kennewick.

Restaurante Las Cazuelas LLC, 1623 W. Lewis St.

Back 40 BBQ, 110 S. Fourth Ave.

Genesis Landscaping, 4507 Sinai Dr.

We Ice Inc., 110 S. Fourth Ave.

The Shmeek Shop, 2736 W. Lewis St. #2730.

CH Contractor, 209 W. Bonneville St.

Taqueria Colima #2, 110 S. Fourth Ave.

Cricket Wireless, 824 W. Lewis St. #114.

Romanesque Images, 6626 Chapel Hill Blvd., #D203.

J.E.S. Landscaping, 1506 S. Fifth Ave.

Vintners Logistics LLC, 3599 E. Ainsworth Ave., #6 Bay.

J&H Cleaning Services, 611 S. Waldemar Ave.

J&H Construction Services LLC, 611 S. Waldemar Ave.


Innovations, 660 George Washington Way.

Lu Lu Craft Bar & Kitchen, 606 Columbia Point Dr.

Sage Design Group, 144 Erica Dr.

Eatz Pizzaria & Deli, 1308 Lee Blvd.

CVS Pharmacy #17281, 2941 Queensgate Dr.

Downtown Dupus Boomers, 502 Swift Blvd.

The Flying Pig BBQ LLC, 1333 Gillespie St.

Texas FXX BBQ, 641 Lonetree Lane.

Hot Diggity Dogs, 2025 Saint St.

Greater Power Firearms and Ammunition, 2206 Frankfort St.

Evergreen Enterprises, 409 Robert Ave.

Unifirst Corporation, 2424 Robertson Dr.

Ingredion Inc., 216 University Dr.

Hot Tubs 4 Less, 1992 New Haven Loop.

R.W.B. Dream View Properties LLC, 1333 Columbia Park Trail, Ste. 220.

Mutual Finance Group Inc., 639 Cullum Ave.

Forever Live Landscaping, 29 Log Lane.

The Twelth Year, 616 Sanford Ave.

All Clean Detailing, 1876 Fowler St. Apt. 119.

Innovative Enterprise Systems, 395 Wright Ave.

Nield Firearms and Training LLC, 1206 Potter Ave.

Mr. Lawncare, 287 Gage Blvd.

Warwick Design LLC, 3019 Duportail St. #119.

Mobile Pet Works LLC, 4350 Kimberly St.

10 Thousand Percent Co., 2584 Queensgate Dr.

TriTac Defense LLC, 1651 Venus Circle.

HJBT Properties LLC, 1420 Jones Road.

Aspire Detail Services LLC, 407 Abbot St.

Bad Bad LLC, 318 Craighill Ave.

American Family Inspection Services, 56 Canyon St.

Buildwell General Construction LLC, 612 Blue St.

HD Homes & Construction, 1341 Lousiana Ave.

LJA Properties, 2631 Appaloosa Way.

JLAP LLC, 2631 Appaloosa Way.

Grigsby Construction Services LLC, 424 Wellhouse Loop.
Larsen & Sons, 1295 Canyon Ave.

REI Realty LLC, 1651 Venus Circle.

Rude Cat Apiaries, 1405 Lee Blvd.

PJC Sports LLC, 863 Rand Dr.

Kar-Haul Express, 1845 Leslie Road, Apt. S72.

Savino Programming Services, 2031 Cascade Ave.

Penny’s Loafer LLC, 710 George Washington Way, #A.

Intentional Healing Advisors LLC, 911 Cottonwood Dr.

Scales to Tails, 248 Williams Blvd.

Ark Armor, 532 Meadows Dr. S.

Production Grid Inc., 2717 Eastwood Ave.

Kim Cochran, 1204 Wright Ave.

Krista & Kaelynn LP, 1668 April Loop.

Destructor Fleet Designs, 285 Williams Blvd.

Sofia Ogryzek, 135 Edgewood Dr.

RM Financial Services, 215 Greenview Dr.

Advent IT Services, 198 Crestwood Dr.

Betty Stromatt, 411 Franklin St.

Amira Stanley, 303 Gage Blvd., Apt. 218.

Tabs, 3003 Queensgate Dr. Apt. 5338.


Homan Consulting, 2150 Artemis RDG.

C.H. Ground Control, 664 S. 41st. Ave.

Sass N. Class, 98103 N. Lenore Lane.

Peak Networks LLC, 3136 Hickory Ave.

Bethany Bookkeeping, 5897 Teak Lane.

Pritect Inc., 5356 Monica St.

Logiz Accounting LLC, 4634 E. Robin Ct.

Brenda Maria Steel, 1092 Quartz Ave.

Roblero’s Cleaning Company, 6713 James St.

Tangible Heart, 6210 Collins Road.

Feed The Homeless Ministry, 5509 Holly Way.


38 Hill LLC, 5793 W. 37th Pl., Kennewick.

A Step Above Foot & Ankle Clinics LLC, 3730 Plaza Way #6.

Above and Beyond Construction LLC, 411 N. Underwood St.

Absolute Return Solutions Inc. 1030 N. Center Parkway, #211.

Murphy’s Lawn Care, 1005 W. 44th Pl.

Aki Sushi, 321 N. Columbia Center Blvd. #f.

Al Basha Market and Smoke Shop LLC, 3509 W. Clearwater Ave.

Alberti Builders LLC, 32316 S. Gerards Road.

Albertson Law LLP, 124 W. Kennewick Ave. #12.

Alicia M. Altman, 910 S. Columbia Center Blvd. Ste. D.

Virtuous Designs Home Décor and Apparel, 4 S. Reed St.

Amazing House Cleaning LLC, 8522 W. Yellowstone Ave.

American Medical Response Ambulance Service Inc., 4430 W. Clearwater Ave.

Hair Designs By Andrea, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. B160.

Dangerous DJ Service, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave., Apt. R271.

Angel Auto Glass & Window Tinting LLC, 919 W. Klamath Ave.

A&A Cleansing Services, 4206 W. 24th Ave. Apt. A101.

Ann Ewell, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave. #B.

Professional Training Center, 5602 W. Clearwater Ave. #C.

Asta Margaryan, 1020 N. Center Parkway, Ste. B.

August Thomas Salon, 2411 S. Union St. #D.

Aurora Morgan LMP, 300 W. Kennewick Ave.

Badger Canyon Properties LLC, 28805 S. 855 PR SE.

Studio One, 101 N. Union St.

Baker Backflow Testing LLC, 1120 S. Morain St.

R3Spawn, 109 W. Kennewick Ave.

Boomtown Bikewerks, 3922 S. Morain Loop.

Leavy Schultz Davis PS, 2415 W. Falls Ave.

Brooks Johnson PLLC, 512 N. Young St., 1910 W. Third Ave.

Carrie Millsap, 7101 W. Hood Pl. Ste. A102.

Carrie’s Kids Daycare, 2500 S. Dennis St.

CBusto LLC, 1419 S. Tacoma St.

Chastain Counseling LLC, 8121 W. Quinault Ave. Ste. F202.

C & M Plumbing, 99507 E. Ridgeview Dr.

Coleman Consulting LLC, 4405 East Toro Road.

Columbia Mobile Village LLC, 4815 W. Clearwater Ave., #139.

Creekstone Assisted Living LLC, 2614 W. 32nd Ct.

Creekstone Care Homes LLC, 2614 W. 32nd Ct.

D.G.S. LLC, 279 N. Hawaii St.

C&K Nails, 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd., #118.

Dalia Guevara, 907 W. Canal Dr. #1979.

Doggie-Style Gourmet, 3209 W. 21st Ave.

Elda Rodriguez, 614 N. Yelm St.

Mr. Goods Errand & Delivery Services, 213 E. Eighth Pl.

Goodwill Industries of the Columbia, 810 S. Dayton St. #A.

Grace MacDuff, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. 108.

Grey Matter Design, 224 N. Quincy St.

Hawthorne Court, 524 N. Ely St.

Herway Mechanical LLC, 8510 W. Yellowstone Ave.

Innovative Construction Concepts LLC, 5443 W. 32nd Ave

Wilson, CRNA P.C., 2014 S. Tweedt Ct.

JD & Son LLC, 231905 E. Lechelt Road.

Precise Lawn Care, 210506 E. Cochran Road.

J&W Golf Connections, 6311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Jennifer Tom, 324 S. Zinser St.

Jennifer’s Zoom ‘N’ Groom, 210 N. Perry St.

Artesao Cellars, 656 S. Hawaii St.

JJ Benson Insurance and Financial Services, 5009 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. H.

Joann Alice Feser, 2020 W. 19th Ave.

T3P, 27404 S. 887 PR SE.

Just Storage LLC, 5428 W. Clearwater Ave.

Elite Cleaning Services, 906 W. Entiat Ave.

Tranquil Waters Day Spa, 8503 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. B.

Lee Commodity Transport LLC, 5902 W. 26th Ave.

Lendmark Financial Services LLC, 3107 W. Kennewick Ave., Ste. B.

Oportuno Magazine, 1330 W. 10th Ave. Apt. B6.

Thrive Counseling and Wellness, 2628 W. Bruneau Pl.

LR Sawyer Inc., 2451 N. Rhode Island Ct.

Paint Misbehavin’, 1111 E. Eighth Ave.

M T Landscaping, 316 E. Fifth Ave.

Travel. Explore. Live, 3602 W. 19th Ct.

Leavy Schultz Davis & Ruff, 2415 W. Falls Ave.

Herald World News, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave., Apt. W289.

Regency Kennewick Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 2702 S. Ely St.

Mel’s Wheels & Deals LLC, 5600 W. Clearwater Ave.

Michelle Moore LLC, 8927 W. TucannonAve. Ste. B103.

Renaissance, 419 S. Fillmore St.

Miller Armory LLC, 607 S. Yolo St.

MRPlind Consulting LLC, 3307 W. 46th Ave.

Nailed It Construction LLC, 1509 W. 37th Pl.

New 2 U & Me, 4311 W. Clearwater Ave., #G.

Northstar Massage LLC, 3221 W. Kennewick Ave.

Olivarez Services LLC, 662 S. Hawaii Pl.

One Love Glass & Vape Tri-Cities, 4215 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. A.

Trinity Medical Portfolios, 6729 W. Willamette Ave.

Petro Iakimchuk, 9202 W. Gage Blvd. Apt. K104.

Pinnacle Pain Center PS, 7401 W. Hood Pl. Ste. 200.

Suntech Products, 2414 S. Tacoma St.

Rite Choice Property Maintenance LLC, 1108 W. 27th Ave.

Color Bar Painting & Decorating, 4815 W. Clearwater #21.

Evolutions, 2005 S. Harrison St.

Keith Richards, 29434 S. Finley Road.

Hill’s Maintenance, 907 S. Penn St.

MGP Sheet Metal, 6205 W. Okanogan Ave. #160.

Sandy Lange Life Coach, 9202 W. Gage Blvd. Apt. DD101.

Santiago Estates-Cherry Hill, A California Limited Partnership, 2917 W. 19th Ave.

Credentialing Outsource Solutions, 226205 E. Game Farm Road.

CG’s Cleaning, 4104 S. Newport St.

Crooked Chicken Café Catering, 1635 S. Dayton Pl.

Skin Therpes & Sherris Swiss Skin Care Studio, 8485 W. Gage Blvd. Ste. C.

Sidecare Companion, 2936 Lorayne J. Blvd.

Stonepoint Property Group, 2908 S. Morain Pl.

Svangren Homes LLC, 7411 W. Clearwater Ave. #D.

The Village Bistro, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave. Ste. 114.

West Coast Sheds, 6205 W. Clearwater Ave.

Valentine Media, 5225 W. Clearwater Ave., #B6.

Sullivan Investments DBA Club Z! In-Home Tutoring, 1102 S. Grant St.

Tri-Cities Engineering PLLC, 7510 W. Deschutes Pl. #110.

Tri-City Country Club, 314 N. Underwood St.

Numotion, 6512 W. Hood Pl. Ste. B110.

Tri-City Consulting Services, 8413 W. Bruneau Ave.

Vision Development Group LLC, 7510 W. Deschutes Pl. #110.

Weaving Dreams Travel Inc., 3620 W. Second Ave. Apt. F.

Westpro & Son’s Painting, 839 E. 14th Ave.

Jetstream Hoodcleaning and More, 416 S. Irby St.

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