Top Properties — May 2016


Description:  3,054-sq.-ft. single-family home on 4.35 acres, 5360 Columbia River Road, Pasco. Price: $470,000. Buyer: Scott J. and Barbara A. Denney. Seller: Kelli Zaro.

Description: 3,243-sq.-ft. single-family home, 11744 Seahawk Ct., Pasco. Price: $562,000. Buyer: Brian M. and Susan R. Adami. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction, Inc.

Description: 1.16 acres of undeveloped land, 5425 Road 68, Pasco. Price: $808,000. Buyer: O’Reilly Auto Enterprises LLC. Seller: Lee A. Eickmeyer.

Description: 3,293-sq.-ft. single-family home, 4514 Tamarisk Dr., Pasco. Price: $368,900. Buyer: Trevor and Sara Smith. Seller: Varsity Development LLC.

Description: 17,700-sq.-ft. commercial building, 1816 W. Court St., Pasco. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Driftwood RV Park and Resort. Seller: W. Kory and Mary Jackson.

Description: 12,380-sq.ft. commercial building, 12731 Glade North Road, Eltopia. Price: $1,500,000. Buyer: Agri-Services LLC. Seller: 12731 Glade LLC.

Description: 2,280-sq.-ft. single-family home, 12215 Ladd Ct., Pasco. Price: $374,000. Buyer: Charles W. and Colleen Reynolds. Seller: Alderbrook Investments, Inc.

Description: six parcels of undeveloped land at 11216 Beman Road, 11402 Woodsman Dr., 11513 Mathews Road, 11501 Mathews Road, 11504 Easton Dr. and 11516 Easton Dr., all in Pasco. Price: $434,400. Buyer: New Tradition Homes, Inc. Seller: Big Sky Developers LLC.

Description: 119 acres of agricultural land, 745 Mail Road, Connell. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Alan L. Firenzi Trustee. Seller: Joseph A. Brescia.

Description: seven parcels of undeveloped land, at 5805, 5729, 5806, 5902 and 5810 Sidon Lane, 5914 Mandra Lane and 5905 Ramus Land, all Pasco; 1,632-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5825 Sidon Lane; 3,275-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5919 Sidon Lane; 1,632-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5919 Mandra Lane; 2,560-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5906 Mandra Lane; and 1,416-sq.-ft., single-family home, 5910 Mandra Lane, all Pasco. Price: $500,600. Buyer: Viking Builders LLC. Seller: EE Properties LLC.

Description: 2,967-sq.-ft., single-family home, 6509 Saddlebred Loop, Pasco. Price: $490,000. Buyer: Heather Kirk. Seller: New Tradition Homes, Inc.

Description: 215 acres of agricultural land, 1440 W. Klamath Road, Mesa. Price: $2,522,000. Buyer: Brian A. and Anne Meredith. Seller: Katherine Harvey.

Description: 2,578-sq.-ft. single-family home, 3101 Cavalier Ct., Pasco. Price: $359,700. Buyer: Todd W. and Abigail L. Coleman. Seller: Hayden Homes LLC.

Description: Single-family home, 4604 Shoreline Ct., Pasco. Price: $975,000. Buyer: Ivan and Colleen N. Barisic. Seller: Robert and Julie Link.

Description: Chief’s RV, 1120 N. 28th Ave., Pasco. Price: $2,687,500. Buyer: Grace Delight Washington LLC. Seller: Ronald and Shirley George.


Description:  3,434-sq.-ft. single-family home, 3230 S. Walnut Ridge PR SE, Kennewick. Price: $600,000. Buyer: George and Kelley Muntean. Seller: John D. Williams.

Description: 1.19 acres of vacant land at 72705 E. Grand Bluff Loop, Kennewick. Price: $715,500. Buyer: Donald and Jennine Lenseigne. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction, Inc.

Description: .33 acres of vacant land at 3010 Sugarplum Ave., West Richland. Price: $503,400. Buyer: G. Byron and Nancy Martin. Seller: Viking Builders LLC.

Description: 2,611-sq.-ft. single-family home, 85430 Summit View Dr., Kennewick. Price: $414,000. Buyer: William and Cynthia Kious. Seller: Pischel Construction LLC.

Description: 3,282-sq.-ft. single-family home, 261 Highway 22, Prosser. Price: $415,000. Buyer: Scott and Lorena Roehl. Seller: James and Michelle Fulton.

Description: .69 acres residential land at 1107 W. 22nd Ave., Kennewick. Price: $419,000. Buyer: Don and Marica Keller. Seller: Donald and Lynn Ramos.

Description: 2,803-sq.-ft. single-family home, 3801 W. 42nd Ave., Kennewick. Price: $403,000. Buyer: Christopher and Lore’k Garofola. Seller: Charles and Hilts Carranza.

Description: 3,145-sq.-ft. single-family home, 34403 S. Glenn Miller Road, Kennewick. Price: $575,000. Buyer: Christopher and Deidra Murphy. Seller: Gary and Berna Evans Trustees.

Description: 2,277-sq.-ft. single-family home, 1167 Bridle Dr., Richland. Price: $425,000. Buyer: Derek Chad and Annmarie Davenport. Seller: Naeem and Veronica Chavla.

Description: 15,750-sq.-ft. commercial building, 2220 Robertson Dr., Richland. Price: $775,000. Buyer: AKG Warehouse LLC. Seller: Nicholas Waligura Trustee.

Description: 3,451-sq.-ft. single-family home, 1372 Alla Vista St., Richland. Price: $659,000. Buyer: Robert and Genevieve Cook. Seller: Paul and Paula Skare.

Description: 2,769-sq.-ft. single-family home, 1640 Salerno Lane, Richland. Price: $539,500. Buyer: Andrew and Karen Taylor. Seller: Prodigy Homes, Inc.

Description: 3,218-sq.-ft. single-family home, 1603 Molly Marie Ave., Richland. Price: $495,500. Buyer: Bao and Lien Nguyen. Seller: Michael and Lori Aikele.

Description: .32-acre residential at 513 Ferrara Lane, West Richland. Price: $547,800. Buyer: Xingyuan Chen. Seller: Prodigy Homes, Inc.

Description: .28-acre residential lot, 2290 Copperleaf St., Richland. Price: $400,000. Buyer: Nazmul Hasan. Seller: Pahlisch Homes, Inc.

Description: 4,387-sq.-ft. single-family home, 73206 E. Sundown PR SE, Kennewick. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: Jeremy and Diane Johnson. Seller: John Ruzzuti.

Description: 7,877-sq.-ft. commercial building, 4008 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick. Price: $3,070,000. Buyer: STJ 1 LLC. Seller: Canyon Lake Retail LLC.

Description: 15,000-sq.-ft. commercial building, 1100 SE Columbia Dr., Kennewick. Price: $2,155,400. Buyer: Irving Pasco LLC. Seller: Conner & Associates.

Description: Winery at 500 Merlot Dr. and 1.3 acres of vacant land on Wamba Road Prosser. Price: $1,667,500. Buyer: Evans RD LLC. Seller: Olsen Family Vineyards and Estate.

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