Bankruptcies — August 2016

Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings:

Chapter 7 — Straight Bankruptcy: debtor gives up non-exempt property and debt is charged.
Chapter 11 — Allows companies and individuals to restructure debts to repay them.
Chapter 12 — Allows family farmers to restructure finances to avoid liquidation for foreclosure.
Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by the individual to pay a percentage of debt based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay debts.
Information provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.



Robert R. Hicks, 1528 W. Iriving St., #11, Pasco.

Araceli Aguilar-Contreras, 5515 Johnson Dr., Pasco.

Sefik and Nura Cordic, 9914 Vincenzo Dr., Pasco.

Jeffrey A. Link, 424 S. Quillan Pl., Kennewick.

Johnathan Stafford and Shelbie Meyers, 702 Brown St., Prosser.

Ignacio and Griselda Mendoza, 550 Wine Country Road, #7, Prosser.

Becky L. Ryan, 1845 Leslie Road, #37Y, Richland.

Jose Pulido, 5031 W. Clearwater Ave., #42, Kennewick.

Carlos and Samantha Sarmiento, Jr., 1000 Alexander Court, Sp. 17, Prosser.

Margarita Diaz, 226 N. 23rd Ave., #17, Pasco.

Ramon Garcia, 823 N. Owen Ave., Pasco.

Jennifer C. Partlow, 4332 Campolina Lane, Pasco.

Mary T. Lytton, 530 N. Edison St., #A104, Kennewick.

Heriberto Mendoza, 1423 N. 15th Ave., Pasco.

Holly M. Hanoff, 4313 Montgomery Lane, Pasco.

Andres Garcia, 4110 Silverlake Court, West Richland.

Victoria R. Slape, 6403 Enzian Falls Dr., Pasco.

Chelsea D. Spaeth, 122 E. 14th Ave., Kennewick.

Miguel A. and Cecilia Ruelas-Valdovinos, 517 Fallon Court, Pasco.

Jackson H. Davis, 52902 N. 208 PRNW, Benton City.

Clark T. Lind, 7300 W. Van Giesen St., West Richland.

Mary L. Huff, 321 Robert Ave., Richland.

Cynthia C. Cruz, 702 Eastgate Dr., Prosser.

Naftali Suarez, 717 Ellen Ave., Prosser.

Favian Valencia, 2602 W. First Ave., #1, Kennewick.

Leslie R. Izaguirre, 255108 E. SR 397, Kennewick.

Herbert Parsons, 1986 Greenbrook Blvd., Richland.

Celso Peralta, PO Box 7039, Kennewick.

Francisco Mendoza, 69201 W. Hanks Road, Prosser.

Curtis R. and Michelle M. Seely, 1501 Goethals Dr., Richland.

Victor M. and Claudia Luna, 5112 Catalonia Dr., Pasco.

Rosemary N. Castillo, 1845 Leslie Road, #155C, Richland.

Brenda L. Tello, 10305 Chapel Hill Dr., #L2063, Pasco.

Isaac and Angela Scroggins, 7803 Vendori Dr., Pasco.


Alfredo L. and Andrea M. Surface, 54 Galaxy Lane, Richland.

Roberto Lopez, 1835 Wine Country Road, Apt. 9, Prosser.

Cheryl L. Anderson, 2605 S. Johnson St., Kennewick.

Manuel S. Ybanez, II, PO Box 386, Prosser.

Mitchell A. and Hailee M. Snyder, 1807 Benson Ace., Prosser.

Parvez Q. Durrani, 121 E. 45th Ave., Kennewick.

Edith Y. Lau, 460 N. Arthur St., #E308, Kennewick.

Kristie R. Moore, 6215 Maryhill Lane, Pasco.

Pedro and Linda Baltazar, 716 Eastgate Dr., Prosser.

Cesar E. Arellano, 1804 W. Sylvester St., Apt. D, Pasco.

Ernest F. Rosenow, II, 4217 Finnhorse Lane, Pasco.

Elizabeth A. Jackson, 4412 W. Seventh Ave., Kennewick.

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