It’s no rumor: New Kennewick night club opening in old TS Cattle Co. building

Rumors about what’s going in the old TS Cattle Co. restaurant began flying around town when the sign, “Rumor Lounge: We’re coming soon, are you?” went up last month on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick.

And that’s exactly what the new night club’s owners wanted.

“People are excited the building is finally being used. We’ve had so many people stop to ask us what’s going on,” said Joey Casados, co-owner of Rumor Lounge.

Lighting with cool hues and a modern paint scheme are transforming the old TS Cattle Co. restaurant in Kennewick into an upscale modern night club. Owners are Elias Correa, left, and Joey Casados. They hope to open by late August or early September.

Lighting with cool hues and a modern paint scheme are transforming the old TS Cattle Co. restaurant in Kennewick into an upscale modern night club. Owners are Elias Correa, left, and Joey Casados. They hope to open by late August or early September.

Casados and business partner Elias Correa have been busy this summer overhauling the old steak restaurant that’s been vacant for nearly a decade. The popular restaurant opened in March 1995 and closed in December 2007.

Cool pink and blue lighting glowing from trendy wire fixtures, luxe white leather couches and gray and black paint have replaced the western feel and wooden décor inside the defunct restaurant.

“Growing up around a small city a lot of people talk and word gets around quick. Naming our business, we wanted to create something that gave off that vibe. We’re moving quick. We’re different. ‘Rumor’ was perfect for what I envisioned,” Casados said.

Casados, 29, and his business partner, Correa, 26, both of Pasco, said their new night club will be unique to the Tri-Cities, offering an upscale lounge and bar experience more common in urban areas. They hope to open in late August or early September.

They don’t plan to serve food but they’ll offer beer and signature cocktails with names like Rumor Has It, Mango Latina and Cotton Candy Cosmos, which will feature vodka poured through the spun sugary treat.

Casados and Correa, friends since childhood, said their young age is a huge advantage for them. “We know what customers want and need,” Casados said.

Correa said when he goes out he finds traditional clubs too loud and crowded. They’ll be no strobe lights at Rumor Lounge. “You’ll be able to hang out and talk to friends and have a good time. There’s definitely a need here,” he said.

Casados also points to another unique feature of the club, VIP sections. Rumor Lounge will have five, which will be able to accommodate groups as large as 30 to as few as 10.

“You can book them and get bottle service. It’s basically going to be like a Seattle or Portland metro city vibe. Many leave to get that kind of night life. It will set us apart from other night clubs in Tri-Cities,” he said.

He also said the club won’t charge an entry fee every night. “Females will always be free. Our main goal is to target females and make them feel comfortable where they can go out and have a good time with their friends. The men will follow,” Casados said.

Rumor Lounge will employ four bartenders, four servers and two security guards. One of the owners’ goals is to offer quick drink service. Patrons can order beverages and run a tab from their smartphones.

They can also control the music in the bar via the TouchTunes app, queuing up their favorite tunes with the swipe of a finger in the digital jukebox. They plan to have themed nights too: Wednesday, jazz and blues; Thursday, salsa nights; Friday, early 2000s and old school; and Saturday, the music of today.

“There’s no designated dance floor, but there’s enough space so people can get up and dance,” Casados said.

The owners are serious about the venture. They’ve developed a business plan, hired an architect and joined the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce. To pay for the fledgling business, they’re using money they’ve saved and some loans.

Correa holds a day job as an accounts manager for Verizon. Casados owns King Kut’s Barbershop on Court Street in Pasco, buying the business in December 2015.

Casados said he’s always wanted to open a night club. “I have a full bar at my house and I’m known for showing a good time and hosting. A lot of my passion is to supply a place to have a good time,” he said.

Correa said opening the club will fulfill his dream of being financially independent. “I feel like this is a step to get me there and on the path to being successful,” he said.

Casados and Correa have leased the 6,000-square-foot building for five years and they plan to use about half of it for the night club. They will leave the commercial kitchen vacant. The club has capacity for about 300 people.

Rumor Lounge, 6515 W. Clearwater Ave., will be open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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