Camaros, Corvettes get ‘American Thump’ boost

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Kaizen Speed, McCurley partner to offer aftermarket performance packages

Two of America’s favorite fast cars — Corvettes and Camaros — can get an aftermarket horsepower and torque boost covered by a warranty, thanks to a new partnership between two Tri-City businesses.

Kennewick’s Kaizenspeed and Pasco’s McCurley Integrity Chevrolet Cadillac teamed up to offer area consumers a performance package that includes improved torque and 565 horsepower covered by a three-year warranty.

“If you have a stock Corvette or Camaro, how do you win the customer over? For any true car enthusiast, it’s with something truly unique. That’s what cars are all about. It’s an extension of yourself —something no one else has,” said Reid Lunde, Kaizenspeed president and founder.

He’s confident that once people walk into McCurley and hear the Kaizenspeed version of a Corvette or Camaro, they’ll be hooked.

“Once you feel a stock shifter versus our shifter, you’ll think about it every time you shift gears,” Lunde said.

The process is smooth: McCurley orders Corvettes and Camaros that best suit a Kaizenspeed conversion.

“They won’t sit here for more than 48 hours,” said Craig Cavanaugh, McCurley’s general manager.

The cars then are taken across the cable bridge to Kaizenspeed at 110 N. Gum St. in Kennewick, where the performance platform is installed.

“The core of what we’re doing is the camshaft and valve train. That’s what brings these cars to life. It’s what gives them the American muscle sound that everyone wants. It’s also what provides the biggest gain in horsepower and torque. Beyond that, we lower the vehicle to give it a more aggressive stance, install a Hurst short-shifter and badge the vehicle’s interior and exterior with serialized badging so that everyone knows it’s unlike anything else on the road,” Lunde said.

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Audra Distifeno

Audra Distifeno

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