Water2Wine Cruises providing lunch, dinner aboard yacht

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Cruises depart from Richland’s Columbia Point Marina

When you have more than three decades of experience in the cruise industry, you’re bound to cross paths with the same people more than once.

Jay Denney and Dave Landis did so on several occasions—in different ports and on different boats—over a period of 17 years.

It was only a matter of time before they decided to embark on a business adventure together.

They formed Water2Wine Cruises in October 2015 to provide dinner and lunch cruises along the Columbia River.

“Dave and I met on a cruise in Tahiti. I was a bartender, he was a mate,” Denney said. “He and his wife, Cindy, moved (to the Tri-Cities) 17 years ago, and I stayed in touch with them.”

Denney also moved to Washington but ended up further north with Anthony’s at Spokane Falls restaurant. Two years ago, he transferred to the Richland location and reconnected with his longtime friends.

“And we figured out we’d been thinking about the same thing over the years,” Denney said.

The friends floated the idea of starting a day-boat business and added a fourth partner, Tyler Jorgenson, to the mix.

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Jessica Hoefer

Jessica Hoefer

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