Kennewick company offers digital billboards for businesses

CloudSigns.TV programs digital signs on televisions around the Tri-Cities

Restaurant owners using digital signs can relax on a beach and change the price of a hamburger on their menu back home with the touch of a couple of buttons on their smartphone.

That’s the beauty of digital signs and an example Michael Rastovich likes to share.

Rastovich, his son Joseph Rastovich and Paul Alger own the Kennewick-based CloudSigns.TV.

Their signs turn regular TVs into billboards for businesses. Bars can use them to show customers what beers they have on tap. Restaurants can showcase their menu or meal specials. Businesses can use them to notify customers of upcoming classes or events.

“Signs are important to any business,” Michael Rastovich said. “Do you want a hand-lettered sign taped in a window? With digital signs, you always get beautiful signs that are always fresh.”

Plus, they’re easy to change.

CloudSigns.TV’s service allows customers to do custom branding and use designer templates to match a business’ style and décor, Michael Rastovich said. The system also allows customers to upload photos or videos and change messages easily.

Kennewick’s Thai Elephant owner Song Soukkhammala said he was hesitant to try CloudSigns.TV but decided to try it for a few months.

“Once we implemented Cloud Signs we saw an obvious increase in sales of dessert, beer and appetizers. As soon as they saw our products on CloudSigns, people were like, ‘Wow! I have to have this!’ CloudSigns on our TV actually enhances our ambiance,” Soukkhammala said.

Danny Gray, who’s owned Kennewick’s Uncle Sam’s Saloon since 2004, said he likes using the signs to showcase the bar’s more than 60 beers.

“It lets people see the visual and what we have without putting it into print all the time. … People will look,” Gray said.

CloudSigns.TV technology has been through four to five generations of improvements, offering a backend system that’s robust and easy to edit, he said.

“When people get engaged in their signs, it translates to all customers,” Michael Rastovich said. “The system is designed for the user to be in total control.”

At Uncle Sam’s Saloon, customers can look at a sign at 11 p.m. to see a wheel spin before landing on one of 12 randomly offered specials.

“The signs provide animation, movement and style,” Michael Rastovich said.

The digital signs take the animation Michael Rastovich was offering on his LED signs to a new level.

He said he loves working on animation. Several LED signs around town showcase his work and they’re at: Cost Less Carpet, Sterling’s restaurants, Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music, Quail Ridge Dental, Ranch & Home and CCWest Properties.

“TV is the most influential media there is. Everything you wear, drive, or drink, you probably heard about it on TV first. TVs are everywhere and you see them in almost any business, usually tuned to Fox News and sports,” Michael Rastovich said.

He contends that instead of watching other people’s advertisements on these television sets, customers should be watching theirs.

“It’s your TV channel all the time and it’s about your advertising,” he said.

CloudSigns.TV started in the bar industry and has 22 clients around town, including Billy’s Bull Pen Tavern, Gaslight Bar and Grill, Zip’s Drive-in, Visit Tri-Cities, Lourdes Health, My FroYo and Ranch & Home.

“Lourdes has 16 screens throughout its campus displaying the same content. I do custom designs for each client. Everyone is unique,” Michael Rastovich said.

The cost to set up a digital sign is $199, which covers a one-time design fee. Then it’s about $70 a month to $199 a month, depending on the subscription package.

If businesses don’t want to edit their own signs or are intimidated by the technology, CloudSigns.TV can do it for them.

Michael Rastovich said the in-house signs offer narrow-casting as opposed to broadcasting.

“The most important customer is the one who is in your store right now. They’ve already driven here and chose you,” he said. “It won’t bring people into your store but it’s show and sell. Show them, they’ll buy it. They’re already here.”

CloudSigns.TV recently opened a showroom at 304 Kennewick Ave. It can also be reached  at 503-893-8873 or via email at or its website

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