Pool builders say to plan ahead before installing backyard oasis

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Experts say many new homeowners choosing pools as economy improves

As temperatures in the Mid-Columbia soar to triple digits, wouldn’t it be nice to have a swimming pool to cool off in?

You better plan ahead then. Don’t wait until June or July.

“Most builders should be scheduling jobs three to six months out in a best-case scenario,” said Lacy Simmonds of Mirage Pool ‘N’ Spa in Kennewick. “Most of my spring and summer construction jobs are lined up and scheduled by October or November of the previous year.”

And do your research, said Brad Johnston, owner at Desert Springs LLC in Kennewick.

“Most people haven’t done their research, and they should,” he said. “It’s an education for the customer. They’ll see the price and be surprised.”

Simmonds said pricing depends on a lot of factors, such as what the site is like, how level it is, what kind of access it has, what kind of ground builders are working with, what kind of features the customer is looking for and what kind of size or shape the customer wants or is able to fit in their space.

Johnston said most pools being built in the Tri-Cities are a medium to large size.

“The pools I build generally take a month to build,” he said. “But they are high end, usually costing $80,000 to $100,000. If a customer wants quality, it takes time. Even inexpensive pools cost $40,000.”

Johnston compares buying a pool to buying a boat.

“How much do you plan on using that boat?” he said. “What options are there? Then decide what to do. A pool is just an addition to a lifestyle for people to enjoy their home and live in the Tri-Cities.”

Simmonds said it can be tempting to save a few thousand dollars on a less expensive pool.

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Jeffrey Morrow

Jeffrey Morrow

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