Top Properties — July 2017


Belmont Blvd., West Richland, multiple lots with residential homes. Price: $700,000. Buyer: Hayden Homes. Seller: SR Homes.

900 Cayuse Drive, Richland, 3,029-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $421,900. Buyer: Jeffrey & Ashley Perry. Seller: Inspiration Builders.

5701 Glenbrook Loop, West Richland, 3,247-square-foot, single-family home on 0.91 acres. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Joshua Artzer. Seller: Roger Dewitt.

16511 S. Fairview Loop, Kennewick, 3,865-square-foot, single-family home on 0.6 acres. Price: $605,000. Buyer: Robert & Erika Visse. Seller: James Hansen.

76704 Timothy Land, Kennewick, 2,496-square-foot, single-family home on 0.66 acres. Price: $402,000. Buyer: Kipper & Kimberley Seljestad. Seller: Michael & Christi Shaffer.

7106 W. 20th Ave., Kennewick, 2,157-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $425,000. Buyer: Belinda & Andrew Badorek. Seller: Michael & Tiffany Corsello.

6773 Cyprus Loop, West Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $416,400. Buyer: Douglas Smith. Seller: Alderbrook Investments.

5990 Willowbend St., West Richland, 2,292-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $480,000. Buyer: Judy Hall. Seller: Thomas & Scotta Latka.

79301 E. Badger Meadow Drive, Kennewick, 4,076-square-foot, single-family home on 2.35 acres. Price: $870,000. Buyer: Gergory & Dana Pickel. Seller: John & Katherine Lehew.

12706 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick, 2,832-square-foot, single-family home on 0.6 acres. Price: $628,000. Buyer: Bernerd & Julie Anderson. Seller: Dennis Sawby Construction.

  1. 24th Ave., Kennewick, multiple lots with residential homes. Price: $625,000. Buyer: AP Properties. Seller: BFO Properties.

8815 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick, 3,670-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $464,500. Buyer: James & Paula Dawson. Seller: Jerry & Linda Anderson.

89003 E. Sagebrush Road, Kennewick, 0.59 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $444,700. Buyer: Bernard & Kaylie Boykin. Seller: Gale Rew Construction.

153110 W. Johnson Road, Prosser, 2,340-square-foot, single-family home on 5.9 acres. Price: $445,000. Buyer: Juan & Laura Rojas. Seller: Pedro & Leticia Rojas.

3804 W. 40th Place, Kennewick, 4,561-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $657,000. Buyer: Scott & Dana Andrews. Seller: AVEC CK Inc.

77404 E. Badger Meadow Drive, Kennewick, 3,399-square-foot, single-family home on 2 acres. Price: $495,000. Buyer: Gregory & Linda Baker Trustees. Seller: Luke & Jean Megna.

10603 S. Clearview Lane, Kennewick, 0.57 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $425,600. Buyer: Kristin & Kathleen Hedquist. Seller: Inspiration Builders.

572 Hunter St., Richland, 2,867-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $418,500. Buyer: Phani & Challa Uma Kantamnei. Seller: Jason & Terri Lacher.

6300 W. Okanogan, Kennewick, 30,150-square-foot, commercial building on 0.62 acres. Price: $820,000. Buyer: Hotels A1. Seller: DB Fireco Land Company.

6675 Cyprus Loop, West Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $409,800. Buyer: Adam & Katrina Aguilar. Seller: Alderbrook Investments.

3301 S. Coulee Vista Drive, Kennewick, 0.86 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $418,000. Buyer; David & Stephanie Haug. Seller: Viking Builders.

6091 Juneberry Drive, West Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $466,300. Buyer: Sean & Amanda Phillips. Seller: Viking Builders.

5003 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick, 5,610-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $660,000. Buyer: Jonathan & Celeste Collette. Seller: Calvin Halterman.

3800 S. Highlands Blvd., West Richland, 3,646-square-foot, single-family home on 0.93 acres. Price: $465,000. Buyer: Aaron & Valerie Eastman. Seller: Shannon & Trisha O’Toole.

1592 Manchester St., Richland, 2,915-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $448,200. Buyer: Jeffrey & Phillnia Lehr. Seller: Timothy & Sarah Place.

97802 E. Sidibe PRSE, Kennewick, 2,348-square-foot, single-family home on 2.59 acres. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Jan Michael & Kristen Wuttig. Seller: Steve & Imelda Buckingham.

1497 Chardonnay Drive, Richland, 2,487-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $430,000. Buyer: Ryan & Brandy Hickey. Seller: Dale Gunter.

10303 S. Clearview Lane, 0.56 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $449,900. Buyer: Lucas & Jessica Meredith. Seller: Inspiration Builders.

4396 Highview St., Richland, 3,646-square-foot, single-family home on 0.71 acres. Price: $527,000. Buyer: Sean & Cyntha Brady. Seller: Alderbrook Investments.

3504 W. 42nd Ave., Kennewick, 3,004-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $430,000. Buyer: Jermey & Dawn Faught. Seller: Hani Murad & Jalajel Amaal.

964 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 2,623-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $415,000. Buyer: Heather & Kevin Medley. Seller: Victor & Michelle Edens.

212 Broadmoor St., Richland, 2,551-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $513,000. Buyer: Victor & Michelle Edens. Seller: Eileen Hively.

5315 W. 26th Ave., Kennewick, 1,833-square-foot, single-family home on 0.6 acres. Price: $425,000. Buyer: Elisa & Heather Anastos. Seller: Donald Miksch & Linda Moran.

1912 S. Edison St., Kennewick, 2,788-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $419,900. Buyer: Jason & Amber Smith. Seller: Jonathan & Celeste Collette.

4800 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick, 4,472-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $705,000. Buyer: Adam & Lisa Watson. Seller: Glen Engelhard.

1626 Pisa Land, Richland, 3,019-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $639,900. Buyer: Joseph Schiessl & Casey Pittman. Seller: P&R Construction.

3549 Eastlake Drive, West Richland, 3,559-square-foot, single-family home on 0.93 acres. Price: $437,000. Buyer: Joseph Iannelli & Kimberly David. Seller: Jerrold & Jean Bookwalter.

1518 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 2,460-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $560,000. Buyer: Yingge Du & Chunna Mao. Seller; Jeffrey & Philinia Lehr.

2700 Grayhawk Loop, Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $450,000. Buyer: Jimmie & Sheryl Williman. Seller: Pahlisch Homes.

10365 W. 18th Place, Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land, $412,100. Buyer: Peter & Kimberly Frentzen. Seller: Dan & Wendy Marsolek.

1120 Appaloose Way, Richland, 2,610-square-foot, single-family home on 0.85 acres. Price: $400,000. Buyer: Jackson Taylor & Sara Haws. Seller: Paul & Patricia Barnes.



10820 W. Court St., Pasco, 1,180-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $486,000. Buyer: Lloyd & Delma Williams. Seller: Bonnie Thompson.

4911 W. Livingston Road, Pasco, 1,500-square-foot, single-family home on 0.89 acres. Price: $428,000. Buyer: Desi & Rena Gama. Seller: David & Janice Meheen.

3003 N. Capital Ave., Pasco, 9,600-square-foot warehouse and 1,000-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $1,000,000. Buyer: M&B Properties. Seller: Olsen Ag.

7543 Selph Landing Road, Pasco, 103 acres of agricultural land. Price: $2,333,100. Buyer: Steve Cox. Seller: Olsen Ag.

2411 W. Court St., Pasco, 2,894-square-foot, restaurant. Price: $935,000. Buyer: Thomas & Patricia Logan Trustees. Seller: Hogback Cold Brew.

3300 B Glade North Road, 2,456-square-foot office building, 2,000-square-foot warehouse, 4,200-square-foot shop on 4.4 acres. Price: $950,000. Buyer: Two Rivers Terminal. Seller: Winfield Solutions.

6603 Whetstone Drive, Pasco, 2,606-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $477,00. Buyer: Matthew & Debra Branson. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

1050 Pasco Kahlotus Road, Pasco, 9,600-square-foot commercial building on 6 acres. Price: $725,000. Buyer: Keith Middleton. Seller: Middleton Six Sons Farms.

6421 Maverick Court, Pasco, 3,614-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $434,900. Buyer: John & Bobbette Thompson. Seller: Melanie Weber.

1010 Christopher Lane, Pasco, 3,812-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $451,000. Buyer: Jerry Hall (et al). Seller: Kathryn Fox (et vir).

Undisclosed location, 88.4 acres of agricultural land. Price: $950,000. Buyer: Fis-Para LLC. Seller: Lola Herron Trust.

Undisclosed location, 91.4 acres of agricultural land. Price: $1,292,900. Buyer: Rattray & Rattray. Seller: Samuel Reed (et al).

908 Road 62, Pasco, 2,543-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $420,000. Buyer: Mandi Parrish. Seller: Carla Varland.

Undisclosed location, 187.8 acres of agricultural land. Price: $3,036,800. Buyer: Othello Blueberry. Seller: Tom & Vicki Solbrack.

6615 Chapel Hill Blvd., Pasco, 7.1 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $1,221,900. Buyer: Chapel Hill Blvd LLC. Seller: Liberty Bankers Life Insurance.

11216 Beman Road, Pasco, 2,918-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $430,400. Buyer: Aaron & Michelle Trombley. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

8008 Bayberry Drive, Pasco, 2,324-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $419,900. Buyer: Sean & Diana Michel. Seller: Lott’s Better Built Homes.

11200 Mathews Road, Pasco, 2,158-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $409,00. Buyer: Cheryl Bolin. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

102 N. First Ave., Mesa, 3,202-square-foot commercial building. Price: $400,000. Buyer: JR Brothers. Seller: Grimm Holdings.

11414 Woodsman Drive, Pasco, 2,409-square-foot, single-family home. Price: $411,000. Buyer: Verbruggen Property. Seller: Riverwood Homes Washington.


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