Kennewick agency uses video storytelling as marketing strategy to sell homes

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By Robin Wojtanik

A local broker is using paid actors to showcase how a listed house can be a home.

Tri-Cities Life Real Estate of Kennewick has used this unusual approach for one of its higher-end home listings and has plans to shoot another video.

Broker Steve Lambert isn’t making videos for every listing, but considers the marketing tool perfect for some properties.

Steve Lambert, Tri-Cities Life Real Estate
Steve Lambert,
Tri-Cities Life Real Estate

“I felt like there was an opportunity to really create and deliver something at a much higher level that our clients deserved,” Lambert said. “These are expensive homes. These really deserve to be put out there in a very elegant and professional way.”

Produced by Bryan McGlothin of River Road Media, the video created for Lambert was shot in a single day and later edited.

McGlothin called the product, “Your Home’s Story,” and his goal was to go beyond the typical drone flyover footage, or a walk-through with a 360-degree camera.

“A home purchase is an emotional one,” McGlothin said. “When we watch movies, we identify with a character. As potential clients view our home-tour stories with actors, they will become more emotionally-involved and moved toward a purchase.”

Lola Franklin, executive director of Tri-City Association of Realtors, wasn’t aware of any other Tri-City realtor using actors in videos to sell homes, but she said she thinks it’s a great idea.

“It’s an innovative way to advertise a property. The national association does it all the time,” she said, adding that when there’s a person in a photo, “it’s always more interesting. Same goes for video.”

The real estate videos Lambert uses average about $600, a price that may not be paid exclusively by the agent listing and marketing the property. Lambert said some sellers may be willing to split the cost.

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