Zintel Creek Golf Club seeks old photographs of country club

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Zintel Creek Golf Club, formerly the Tri-City County Club, is holding a cocktail party and silent auction to celebrate its history and future on Nov. 18.

There will be a silent auction for an assortment of country club memorabilia.

Organizers are seeking old photographs from the 79 years of events held at the club. These photos will be used for a slideshow of the club’s history and will be shown throughout the evening.

All current members, past members, past golf professionals, past managers, past superintendents and guests are invited to attend.

Members of the Kennewick country club voted unanimously Oct. 3 to turn over the day-to-day operations of running the club and par-65 golf course to a group of 21 people to prevent it from going bankrupt.

“The Tri-City Country Club was founded in 1938 and has a long tradition of providing the finest golf, social and family amenities since its inception” said Randy Stemp, newly appointed president of Zintel Creek. “Zintel Creek Golf Club ushers in a new era dedicated to continue these time honored traditions.”

The cocktail party and silent auction is open to the public.

Call 509-783-6131 for reservations.

For More Information:

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