Pasco scraps fingerprint rule, paving way for Uber

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Uber soon will be able to pick up passengers in Pasco after the city council decided Dec. 4 to eliminate fingerprint requirements for drivers.

The city’s new rule goes into effect Dec. 15.

Ride-share company Uber launched in the Tri-Cities last year but couldn’t pick up passengers in Pasco because it couldn’t operate in a market requiring driver fingerprint checks.

Uber is applying for its master business license with the city, but until the application is processed, the city can’t accept license applications for individual drivers, according to a city news release. The city said it will be expediting Uber’s license to get the ride-sharing company approved as soon as possible.  

To be a driver for hire in Pasco, applicants need a unified business identifier, or UBI, number from the state. 

Local driver-for-hire licenses, which cost $40, will be required for all Pasco drivers. Other requirements for a license include being at least 21 years of age, having a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

For questions, call city of Pasco business licensing department at 509-545-3402.