Business Licenses — May 2019


Electric Minds Learning Connections Center, 4203 W. Kennewick Ave.

American Tower Asset Sub, 5003 W. Brinkley Road.

American Tower Asset Sub, 2901 W. Clearwater Ave.

Shoreline Sign & Awning, 12101 Huckleberry Lane, Arlington.

Hinojosa Carpet, 7521 W. Victoria Ave.

Double T Construction, 1243 Reser Road, Walla Walla.

Hope and Family Social Services, 2636 W. Bruneau Place.

The Living Room Community Church, 1409 S. Garfield St.

Fresh Out the Box-Restaurant, 5215 W. Clearwater Ave.

Trenchless Construction, 4103 241st St. NE, Arlington.

Ikon Marketing Group, 2034 Blue Ave., Richland.

Fredi’s Floor Care Service, 1509 Belmont Ave., Yakima.

Statewide Denture Services, 7233 W. Deschutes Ave.

Elevation Enterprises, 719 W. 25th Ave.

Aaron’s Sales and Lease, 5020 W. Clearwater Ave.

Merieux Nutrisciences, 5115 W. Brinkley Road.

L.A. Nails & Spa, 8417 W. 10th Ave.

Florascapes West, 521 Dogwood Road, Pasco.

Steve’s Tire & Auto Repair, 4819 W. Clearwater Ave.

Einar Frimodt & Sons, 24 Wayne Court, Burbank.

Sound Retina PS, 6695 W. Rio Grande Ave.

Downtown Mercantile, 116 W. Kennewick Ave.

Butterfly Cleaning Services, 4302 W. Hood Ave.

West Infusion Nurses’ Network, 1903 243rd Place SE, Bothell.

SM Interpreting Services, 2525 W. Grand Ronde Ave.

Tri-City Furnished Homes, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Boho Baby, 1108 S. Sharron St.

Leo’s Wholesale Furniture, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services, 1312 S. 18th Ave., Pasco.

Jon Scott Floors, 1506 Cimarron Ave., Richland.

Jetstream Hoodcleaning and More, 416 S. Irby St.

Southridge Church, 5209 W. Fifth Ave.

Eddie’s Handyman, 1505 S. Road 40 E., Pasco.

Callahan Repair Services, 307 S. Roosevelt St.

Wine Country Bully Rescue, 5298 S. Quincy Place.

Kennewick Suites, 321 N. Johnson St.

Tri-City Plastering Detail & Stone, 213003 E. 22nd Ave.

Markel Landscaping & Construction, 20505 W. Old Inland Empire Highway, Benton City.

Beejewelled Aromatherapy, 225 W. 53rd Ave.

Star Group, 2526 W. 33rd Place.

Tri-City Legal, 7101 W. Hood Place.

Academy Mortgage Corporation, 8121 W. Quinault Ave.

Kamiakin Lacrosse Club, 7123 W. Ninth Place.

Chills Froyo, 2909 S. Quillan St.

G2 IT Services, 700 N. Montana Place.

EDC Irrigation & Landscaping Services, 1514 W. Sixth Ave.

The Lash Studio, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Montana-Dakota Utilities, 8113 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Pacific Refrigeration, 4621 16th St. E., Fife.

Shamrock Traffic, 110 N. Hayford Road, Spokane.

Brock Construction Services, 1030 N. Center Parkway.

New Image Landscaping Complete Services, 4907 Sonora Drive, Pasco.

IO Management Company, 2628 W. Bruneau Place.

Palouse Power, 21 S St. SW, Quincy.

Mac’s 3 Electric, 11612 Seahawk Court, Pasco.

Eli S. Perfect Pets, 3902 W. Clearwater Ave.

Bimini Medical Esthetics, 10121 W. Clearwater Ave.

Dreamhaven Creative, 3525 E. A St., Pasco.

OM Cars, 206 W. Columbia Drive.

Noodle Thyme, 8530 W. Gage Blvd.

Unique Tile & Marble Service, 188405 E. 36th Ave.

Ultimate Tax Services, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

A+ Massage, 321 N. Columbia Drive.

O&E Concrete Services, 3712 W. Wernett Drive, Pasco.

Pillar Ridge, 518 E. Third Ave.

Consider It Done, 5551 W. Umatilla Ave.

Cannaconscious Massage, 3320 W. Ninth Ave.

Venture Equipement & Rental, 6159 W. Deschutes Ave.

Artistic Auto Group, 911 W. Columbia Drive.

Ayb Drafting, 7213 W. Sixth Place.

7-Cities Counseling Services, 1030 N. Center Parkway, Suite 318.

Superior Roofing, 527 W. Bonneville St., Pasco.

Tly Services, 4014 W. 34th Court.

Hilton Garden Inn Kennewick, 701 N. Young St.

Matchbox, 4111 W. Clearwater Ave.

SJ Anderson Homes and Design, 405 Barth Ave., Richland.

Heward Anesthesia, 1107 S. Reed St.

Shine Master, 100 N. Irving Place.

Laughing Laurie Designs, 3814 W. 12th Ave.

D&R Concession, 16 S. Kent St.

Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic, 7211 W. Deschutes Ave.

Atomic Cleaning, 5120 W. Third Ave.

Harkins Law, PLLC, 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Wildflower Beauty, 7101 W. Hood Place.

#SilentNoMore, 934 S. Huntington St.

No2 Construction, 2017 W. Ninth Place.

H.E.L.M. Animal Sheltering, 2313 W. 21st St.

Pro Quality Projects, 104 W. Corral Creek Road NW, Benton City.

Flowers Home Store, 9328 W. Ninth Place.

Macroberts Handyman, 221007 E. Game Farm Road.

JV Homes & Design, 1528 W. Jay St., Pasco.

Hang Out Films, 2438 S. Tacoma St.

Brand S Worm Ranch, 6707 W. First Ave.

Citrine Piercing, 417 W. First Ave.

Gaiaos Health Consulting, 1030 N. Center Parkway.

C&E Products, 2625 W. Bruneau Place.

R&A Auto Body, 205607 E. Schuster Road.

Goldslinger, 725 N. Center Parkway.

Elaina McCoy Photography, 4230 W. Third Ave.

Birch’s Lawn Care, 611 W. 24th Place.

Smokin Joe’s, 427 W. 18th Ave.

Vitas Construction, 1810 W. 32nd Ave.

Curve Shark Productions, 722 W. 45th Ave.

Highland Medical Imaging, 2028 W. 30th Place.

Laura’s Cleaning Services, 624 S. Garfield St.

J&M Construction & Cleaning, 631 S. Hugo Ave., Pasco.

Cardenas All Around Construction & Remodel, 1204 11th St., Benton City.

Luna Quality Painting, 812 W. Octave St., Pasco.

Columbia Creative, 412 Adams St., Richland.

Janda Enterprises, 1108 W. 27th Ave.

Johnny on the Spot, 351 Karria Lane, Mesa.

Fur Baby Whisperer, 1112 Perkins Ave., Richland.

3 Cities Refrigeration, 2839 W. Kennewick Ave.

Hwy Hound, 3716 W. 17th Place.

King Cleaner, 407 W. Sylvester St., Pasco.

United Villa Transport, 1811 W. 21st Ave.

C&S Food Mart, 1325 W. Fourth Ave.

Fishan Custom Spangle & Tackle, 25703 S. Sunset Meadows Loop.

West Fire Safety Solutions, 4602 S. Green Place.

Badger Mountain Essentials, 10284 W. 18th Court.

Body by Steen, 3400 W. Clearwater Ave.

Smith Painting, 8601 W. Yellowstone Ave.

MSI, 1023 N. Kellogg St.

To the Point Delivery, 404 S. Roosevelt St.

Lovely Ones, 1105 W. 10th Ave.

Jose Landscaping, 4815 W. Clearwater Ave.



All Wood Floors, 1416 W. Second Ave., Kennewick.

Savino Mechanical, 8200 W. Deschutes Ave., Kennewick.

Wild Rose Clinic, 531 W. Park St.

Fiya Trucking, 1720 W. Irving St.

Sunrise Quality Construction, 4210 Bond Lane.

Evolution Painting, 715 W. Agate St.

Ochoa Ag Transport, 812 S. Myrtle Ave.

Forward Operating Base Deliver Company, 1912 W. Shoshone St.

Estafeta USA, 108 N. Fourth Ave.

Yari’s Interpreting Services, 728 W. Henry St.

Wise Stewards, 1809 Road 57 Place.

IO Management Company, 5615 Dunbarton Ave.

Timothy Cleaning, 2316 Wade Court.

A&M Premier Construction, 200802 E. Game Farm Road, Kennewick.

Taqueria El Oso, 104 S. Oregon Ave.

Plaza Imperial, 220 N. 18th Ave.

Path Forward Homes, 4021 W. Nixon St.

Hemy’s Cleaning Services, 5602 Coppercap Mountain.

C1 Distribution, 2601 N. Commercial Ave.

Sierra Tech Manufacturing, 2601 N. Commercial Ave., Suite 4.

Kelley Rex Realty, 3121 Tuscany Drive.

R.D. Offutt Company-Northwest, 3411 N. Capitol Ave., Suite B.

Pannonia Glass Company, 4321 W. Agate St.

Thumbs Up Construction, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave., Kennewick.

AR General Construction, 932 W. Brown St.

Pro Image Construction & Remodeling, 4731 Sedona Court.

Your Best Way Home Organization, 5509 Santa Fe Lane.

Imagine Behavioral Development Services, 7401 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick.

Erik Johnson PR & Marketing, 17 Jasmine Lane.

E.S. Pro-Shield Painting & Flooring, 1508 W. 35th Loop, Kennewick.

Verduit, 2420 W. Court St.

Affordable Custom Concrete, 2404 W. Opal St.

Express Heating & Cooling, 3703 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick.

Vinci Homes, 1802 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick.

Roen Associates, 121 S. Wall St., Spokane.

Cylinder Heads Repair, 2016 E. Lewis St.

Oscars Lawn Care Services, 1512 N. 13th Ave.

Floormart, 415 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane.

Ark Express, 1143 Pasco Kahlotus Road.

Orkin, 5113 Pacific Highway, Suite 1W, Fife.

Mac’s 3 Electric, 11612 Seahawk Court.

Big Creek Land Company, 1950 W. Bellerive Lane, Couer d’ Alene, Idaho.

Primo’s Lawn Care Services, 909 W. Margaret St.

Dynamic Building Solutions, 4910 Sahara Drive.

DS Concrete Construction, 6729 Bitterroot Ave.

Mar-Jon Labor, 1123 W. Court St.

Simple Landscaping, 2706 Glendive Court.

Glez Painting, 113 Walnut St., Bingen.

JA Pro, 5622 Pierre Drive.

Earth & Ocean Systems, 428 W. Shoshone St.

G&I Investments, 5700 W. Melville Road.

Gesa Credit Union, 2020 W. Argent Road.

Western Display Fireworks, 10946 S. New Era Road, Canby, Oregon.

Grit & Grind Concrete Polishing, 11404 Mathews Road.

Eden Mountain Contracting, 4813 Bilbao Drive.

Valdez Services, 1305 Road 48.

Mineer’s Home Maintenance, 2511 N. Fifth Ave.

4 Kings Construction, 5132 Truman Lane.

Mid-Columbia Dental, 6825 Burden Blvd., Suite B.

GenX 200, 1408 N. 20th Ave.

Clean and Pristine, 2016 S. Oak St., Kennewick.

Hinojosa Carpet, 7521 W. Victoria Ave., Kennewick.

Lourdes Apparel & More, 7320 Road 48.

Shamrock Traffic, 110 N. Hayford Road, Spokane.

JRT Mechanical, 2211 SE Grace Ave., Battle Ground.

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation, 19007 E. Alki Ave., Spokane Valley.

Ramgar Homes, 4003 Tusayan Drive.

Sky Hi, 3330 W Court St., Suite D.

The Obstacle Circuit, 1720 N. 18th Ave.

A&I Construction, 3005 Seabrook Court.

New Vision Floor Covering and Remodels, 715 W. Brown St.

Travelers Destination RV Service Center, 3205 King Ave.

Edgardo’s General Construction, 3006 Road 97.

CB Realty Management, 80341 Cooney Lane, Hermiston, Oregon.



Kestrel Home Inspection Services, 11 Blue Star Court, Pasco.

Chaplain Services Network, 576 N. 61st Ave., West Richland.

Marquel Dodson Photography, 2402 Morency Drive.

Simple Manner, 52 Quill Road, Republic.

RD Wingfield Financial Services, 1446 Spaulding Ave.

Advanced Fire Systems, 3518 E. Everett Ave., Spokane.

Isela’s Janitorial & Maintenance, 1912 W. Ruby St., Pasco.

Rebel, 1512 Goethals Drive.

Cable Bridge Construction Services, 229 E. 27th Ave., Kennewick.

Image Fashions, 1356 Jadwin Ave.

Kabob House, 2762 Duportail St.

American Superconductor Corporation, 1840 Terminal Drive.

Millennial Homes, 1716 N. Road 56, Pasco.

Morrison Management Specialists, 1175 Carondelet Drive.

Gimmaka Enterprises, 930 S. Johnson St., Kennewick.

Socorro’s Cleaning, 1538 W. Howard St., Pasco.

Imagine Behavioral and Development Services, 7401 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick.

Bay West, 2439 Robertson Drive.

Insulation Specialists, 12415 E. Trent Ave., Spokane Valley.

G.N.C. Cleaning Services, 98 Columbia Road, Burbank.

Reve Exteriors, 8318 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick.

Collins Superior Cleaning Services, 305 Tumbleweed Court, West Richland.

Foreman Construction, 3919 W. Hood Court, Kennewick.

Tri-Cities Remodel Pros, 5252 Pinehurst St., West Richland.

Antonia House Keeping, 100 N. Irving Place, Kennewick.

Sake Express Sushi & Teriyaki, 2576 Queensgate Drive.

Sound Options, 3518 Sixth Ave., Tacoma.

Janes Gypsum Floors, 17075 Beaton Road SE, Monroe.

Asplundh Tree Expert, 20004 144th Ave. NE, Woodinville.

Matrix Consulting, 1930 Mint Loop.

TC Black, 1702 W. 25th Place, Kennewick.

Solstice Solar, 4406 Kubota Lane, Pasco.

Horn Builders, 1003 Chinook Drive.

Nice House’s Team, 1412 Alice St.

DMGolf, 418 Broadmoor St.

Mercer Consulting, 535 Charbonneau Drive.

Baxter Construction, 2521 River Road, Yakima.

Wood Iron Construction, 158102 W. McCreadie Road, Grandview.

CD Wine Ventures, 110 S. Fourth Ave., Pasco.

Evolution Nutrition Meal Prep, 8804 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick.

JBA Anesthesia, 616 Melissa St.

Ionx Tech, 2833 Monarch Lane.

The Laze Eye Holdings, 1384 Jadwin Ave.

Inland Northwest Imaging, 801 S. Stevens St., Spokane.

New Castle Systems, 12504 Wide Hollow Road, Yakima.

TK Hudson, 840 Northgate Drive.

NS Construction, 9816 Chelan Court, Pasco.

Affordable Handyman Services, 606 Madrona Ave., Pasco.

Neill Construction Services, 2545 Daly Drive.

Empowered Health Institute, 503 Knight St.

Thai Baan Khun Ya, 94 Lee Blvd.

Triple City Ballers, 1418 Mahan Ave.

HMTC Training & Consulting, 7109 W. Wernett Road, Pasco.

The Folded Pizza Pie, 421 Wellsian Way.

Minuteman Press, 214 Torbett St.

New Vision Floor Covering and Remodels, 715 W. Brown St., Pasco.

VDM Trader, 2555 Leslie Road.

MB Sunshine, 1434 Johnston Ave.

KE Fitness, 69803 E. 710 PRNE.

Castlerock Custom Homes, 77004 E. Reata Road, Kennewick.

Holy Mother of Pearls!, 318 Barth Ave.

RB Construction, 19207 Finley Road, Kennewick.

Mando’s Auto Recon, 451 Westcliffe Blvd.

EJ Construction, 611 S. Douglas Ave., Pasco.

Martin Electric, 5721 Salem Drive, Pasco.

Casper Family Dental, 725 Swift Blvd.

Precision Training, 1813 Hunt Ave.

Roadrunners Insulation, 1519 W. Irving St., Pasco.

Knight Dental Solutions, 612 Meadows Drive S.

Columbia River Premium Services, 575 Clermont Drive.

G2 Home Inspections, 7203 W. 13th Ave., Kennewick.

Edgardo’s General Construction, 3006 N. Road 97, Pasco.

Radiochemistry Society, 2411 Robertson Drive.

Livegrow Bio, 350 Hills St.

85 Decibles, 2302 W. 50th Ave., Kennewick.

Behavior Treatment Solutions, 403 Adams St.

AR General Construction, 932 W. Brown St., Pasco.

Geppert Consulting, 2854 Sawgrass Loop.

Plus Media, 1155 Viewmont Court.

Emily Byers Photography, 3507 Hovley Lane, Pasco.

Dust Bunny, 4931 W. 24th Place, Kennewick.

Danielle’s Dance, 970 Allenwhite Drive.

Mineer’s Home Maintenance, 2511 N. Fifth Ave., Pasco.

Moonstruck Daydreams, 2149 Newcomer Ave.

Evergreen Henna, 512 Lakerose Loop.

Spoken English Practice, 703 Symons St.

Hygiene & Environmental Health Science, 1331 Goethals Drive.

Yizel’s Cleaning Services, 332 N. Bonneville St., Pasco.

G.A. Fitness, 2100 Bellerive Drive.

Scott Culley Design, 110 Jackson Court.

Wooden Sail Design, 1028 Cedar Ave.

Ade Safety, 4213 W. 21st Ave., Kennewick.

On Time Taxi, 1621 W. Second Ave., Kennewick.

Rebecca Snow Estate Sale Services, 6046 W. Van Giesen St., West Richland.

Jan’s Cleaning, 3 N. Kellogg St., Kennewick.

Kelly’s Loving Care, 604 Punkie Lane.

Savvio, 404 S. Agua Mansa Court, Kennewick.

Rendon Construction, 2571 Aileron St.

Dana Faith Photography, 1028 Kambeth Court.

One Stop Construction, 408 Douglass Ave.

All Wood Floors, 1416 W. Second Ave., Kennewick.

Real Deals on Home Décor, 1364 Jadwin Ave.

Ez-Fix, 710 George Washington Way.

575 Columbia Point, 575 Columbia Point Drive.

Palouse Environmental Services, 1045 N. Grand Ave., Pullman.

Influencer Press, 647 Southwell St.

US Highway Transport, 1311 Winslow Ave.

Jetstream Hoodcleaning and More, 416 S. Irby St., Kennewick.

Professional Service Cleaning, 2419 W. Seventh Ave., Kennewick.

Eaglecap, 109 Oakmont Court.

Rogue Builders, 33006 E. Red Mountain Road, Benton city.

Manhattan Project Armory, 1125 Oxford Ave.

Pannonia Glass Company, 4321 W. Agate St., Pasco.

All-Star Flooring, 1781 Boston St.

Tri-City Singles, 2411 Boulder St.

Thumbs Up Construction, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave., Kennewick.

Performance Electric Service, 196006 E. Bowles Road, Kennewick.

Blackbirds Nest, 2035 Howell Ave.

Betzsold Enterprises, 1600 Davidson Ave.

Tri-City Plastering Detail & Stone, 213003 E. 22nd Ave., Kennewick.

Advantage IT Services, 640 Jadwin Ave.

Glez Painting, 113 Walnut St., Bingen.

AV Maintenance & Repair, 931 W. Sylvester St., Pasco.

Ace High Printing, 213 George Washington Way.

CI Construction & Consulting, 209609 E. Schuster Road, Kennewick.

4 Kings Construction, 5132 Truman Lane, Pasco.

Brooksnhart, 105 Skyline Drive.

Festival 509 Hop & Vine, 85104 E. Wallowa Road, Kennewick.

Mac’s 3 Electric, 11612 Seahawk Court, Pasco.

Act Now DME, 969 Stevens Drive.

E.S. Pro-Shield Painting and Flooring, 1508 W. 35th Loop, Kennewick.

The Seimei Spiritual Foundation, 611 The Parkway.

The Unique Toy Shop, 248 Williams Blvd.

Forever January, 211 Pacific Court.

The Fiber Guy, 24617 E. SR 224 NE, Benton City.

The Meeting Master, 1935 Davidson Ave.

Palouse Power, 21 D. St. SW, Quincy.

Ramsay Construction, 385 Hanford St.

Perfect Landscaping, 1004 N. Beech Ave., Pasco.

Clean and Pristine, 2016 S. Oak St., Kennewick.

Gargoram Carpet Cleaning, 5706 W. Hood Ave., Kennewick.

Random Flip, 1032 Wright Ave.

High Rollers Waterfowl, 1406 Potter Ave.

Captured Image Photography, 877 Cayuse Drive.

Simple Landscaping, 2706 Glendive Court, Pasco.

Catz in the Bag, 9202 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick.

Kat Nielsen Photography, 505 Gillespie St.

Express Heating & Cooling, 3703 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick.

Karisa Lynn Photography, 403 Benham St.

Delorean Properties, 97809 Canyon View Drive, Kennewick.

Superior Framing TriCities, 33 Valleyview Circle.

Superior Roofing, 527 W. Bonneville St., Pasco.

Fit Moms Tri-Cities, 4883 Thrush Lane, West Richland.

Focused Financials, 1332 Marshall Ave.

Precise Janitorial, 196 Bitterroot Drive.

Pixie Dust Cleaning Services, 1418 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick.

Live Big Life Coaching, 667 Sedgwick Place.

Apogee Hanford, 1440 Battelle Blvd.

Titan Plastering, 935 W. Agate St., Pasco.

Simplified Cleaning Service, 4605 W. 12th Ave., Kennewick.

Bonnie’s Petal Patch, 2160 Falls Road, Pasco.

Little Caesars #208, 234 Symons St.

Effleurage, 920 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick.

Bath & Body Works, 2741 Queensgate Drive.

WildLadyJ, 2153 Stevens Drive.

Express Care Richland, 601 George Washington Way.

Mom Life Gear, 1406 McPherson Ave.

Fulcrum Wealth Management Group, 705 Gage Blvd.

Raven & Rose Salon, 615 The Parkway.

Spokane Teachers Credit Union, 2590 Queensgate Drive.

Teal Boutique, 23801 N. Lamira Ave., Benton City.

First Storage Portable, 2856 Kingsgate Way.

Little Big Therapy, 925 Stevens Drive.

Yorks Pest Control, 402 W. Washington Ave., Yakima.

Kecks Services Incorporated, 1850 Bronco Lane.

A Very Good Lawn Care Co., 504 Grader Court, Benton City.

Columbia Ridge Pools and Landscapes, 4021 W. Sylvester St., Pasco.

509DKDesign, 1927 Pike Ave.

Bullseye Fencing, 5252 Pinehurst St., West Richland.

Pacific Refrigeration Operating, 4624 16th St. E., Fife.

The Grounds Guys of Kennewick, 23105 S. Verbena St., Kennewick.

OM Neuro, 400 Columbia Point Drive.

MAS Construction, 1312 W. 14th Ave., Kennewick.

Unwin Company, 303 Bradley Blvd.

Home Appliance Liquidator, 3517 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.

Providence Children’s Specialty Clinic, 112 Columbia Point Drive.

Horn Rapids Golf Course, 2800 Clubhouse Lane.

Infinite Welding & Ornamental Iron, 2602 S. Johnson St., Kennewick.

Lux Drywall & Paint, 7812 Rush Creek Drive, Pasco.

BR Building Co, 73 S. Gose St., Walla Walla.

Anthony’s Art Runing, 405 S. Dawes St., Kennewick.

Stratum Concrete, 412 N. Ninth Ave., Pasco.

Horn Rapids RV Service & Sales, 2411 Robertson Drive.

Tracer Fencing, 3125 Deserthawk Loop.

Sage Education, 1777 Terminal Drive.

Scott McDonald Painting, 1008 N. Road 48, Pasco.

Crystal Nails & Spa NW, 129 Gage Blvd.

Homeplate, 233 W. 52nd Ave., Kennewick.

Sunrise Quality Construction, 4210 Bond Lane, Pasco.

JH Construction, 8703 Packard Drive, Pasco.

Columbia Shores Regenerative Health, 132 Keene Road.

IT Haven Pro, 470 Smoketree Place.

Flamingco, 509 Austin Drive, West Richland.

Columbia River Forestry, 1029 Sanford Ave.

Barajas Heating, 2105 N. Steptoe St., Kennewick.

Eagle Eye Drywall & Construction, 2512 E. Alvina St., Pasco.

Nexuspoint Technical Solutions, 1846 Terminal Drive.

Tacos El Gordo, 1335 Lee Blvd.

Unique Tile & Marble Service, 188405 E. 26th Ave., Kennewick.

New 2 U Kids, 1382 Jadwin Ave.

Essentially Kneaded, 519 Sixth St., Prosser.

Dynamic Building Solutions, 4910 Sahara Drive, Pasco.

Barrk Pet Wash, 710 George Washington Way.

Ayb Drafting, 7213 W. Sixth Place, Kennewick.

W.Y.N.N., 1215 Aaron Drive.

Pioneer Landscaping & Fencing Services, 617 S. Elm Ave., Pasco.

Angels Solution, 427 Columbia Point Drive.

Wingstop, 121 Gage Blvd.

Rao IT, 1955 Jadiwn Ave.

Angela’s General Construction, 210004 E. Bryson Brown Road, Kennewick.

Luna Quality Painting, 812 W. Octave St., Pasco.

Alvarez Heating & Air Conditioning, 2130 W. 51st Ave., Kennewick.



Rotschy, 34627 NE 225th Court, Yacolt.

Evens Enterprises, 97303 E. Sagebrush Road, Kennewick.

All Jacked Up, 321 W. 10th Ave., Kennewick.

Basalt Pacific Holdings, 28503 S. 816 PRSE, Kennewick.

Adept Construction, 4125 S. Driftwood Drive, Spokane Valley.

Pur Clean, 1360 Florida Ave., Richland.

K.M. Schultz Earthworks, 305 N. Road 35, Pasco.

All Trades Contracting, 3324 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick.

Affordable Painting Company, 4202 W. 34th Ave., Kennewick.

JV Homes & Design, 1528 W. Jay St., Pasco.

Good Fun Studio, 1432 Jade Ave.

Ansony S. Mobile Detail Wash, 6401 Morrison St.

HCS, 1236 N. California Ave., Pasco.

A+ Professional Cleaning Service, 207 N. Cedar Ave., Pasco.

Cleaner Q, 3031 Grand Ave., Billings, Montana.

Ultimate Roofing, 506 W. 19th Ave., Kennewick.

Jim Cleaning, 7471 Road 170, Mesa.

L&S Painting Services, 1714 S. Gum St., Kennewick.

HotDiggidyDogsCatering, 4704 Hilltop Drive, Pasco.

West Richland Event Central, 5828 W. Van Giesen St.

L&B Stitching, 4605 Kennedy Road.

Pyramid Painting & Construction, 904 Sanford Ave., Richland.

Huckaby’s Tree Service, 1031 Winslow Ave., Richland.

Corona Custom Homes, 4921 W. Octave St., Pasco.

Casillas Lawn Care & Landscaping, 201 Geiger Drive, Pasco.

Geo Construction Services, 324 N. Arthur St., Kennewick.

A&M Communications, 202 NE 181st Ave., Portland, Oregon.

RSP Consulting, 6123 Ironton Drive.

Nissen Project Services, 5204 S. Desert Dove Loop.

King Custom, 8806 Sophie Rae Court, Pasco.

Bella Noelle, 2900 S. 38th Ave.




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