Top Properties — May 2019

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure.


4810 W. Hildebrand Blvd., Kennewick, 1 acre of commercial land. Price: $550,000. Buyer: HF Pasco LLC. Seller: Craig & Marilee Eerkes.

1800 W. 51st Ave., Kennewick, 2,005-square-foot, residential home. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Joseph & Casey Horn. Seller: Garth & Rachel Everhart.

Undetermined location, Richland, 52.76 acres of commercial land. Price: $5,200,000. Buyer: Pahlish Homes at Horn Rapids. Seller: North Stone Richland.

84403 E. Tripple Vista Drive, Kennewick, 0.5 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $529,900. Buyer: Youngki & Sangwon Chung. Seller: AAA Renovation & Construction.

2915 Van Giesen St., Richland, 2,522-square-foot, residential home on 14 acres. Price: $690,000. Buyer: Damelon & Jessica Stoker. Seller: Kraig Williams.

2950 Sunshine Ridge Road, Richland, 2,413-square-foot, residential home. Price: $785,000. Buyer: Michaael & Kirstten Pratt. Seller: Mark & Sandra Questad.

2621 Quarterhorse Way, Richland, 3,970-square-foot, residential home on 0.8 acres. Price: $715,000. Buyer: Dana Carter. Seller: Celeste & Tom Nelson.

83205 E. Wallowa Road, Kennewick, 2,889-square-foot, residential home. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Conner & Kelsey Webb. Seller: Gretl J. Crawford Interiors.

6757 W. 23rd Ave., Kennewick, 2,311-square-foot, residential home. Price: $680,500. Buyer: So Yon & Reinyn Bedlington. Seller: Tegpal Atwal & Kirandeep Khangura.

28708 S. 816 PRSE, Kennewick, 2,436-square-foot, residential home on 2.97 acres. Price: $739,900. Buyer: Badger Canyon 816. Seller: Garrick & Kim Mickelsen.

1537 W. 52nd Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $580,200. Buyer: Christopher Banks & Rosa Torres. Seller: Mark Vincent Construction.

136 Andrea Lane, Richland, 3,434-square-foot, residential home. Price: $500,000. Buyer: Colin & Glynis Skowronski. Seller: Albert & Lori Peterson.

2852 Karlee Drive, Richland, 2,807-square-foot, residential home on 0.77 acres. Price: $539,900. Buyer: Rick & Amy Nixon. Seller: Troy & Shauna Allred.

214 Reata Road, Richland, 2 acres of commercial land. Price: $871,200. Buyer: Ttap Construction Services. Seller: Steven & Susan McDonald Trustees.

2676 & 2600 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Richland, 211,454-square-foot, commercial building on 8.65 acres. Price: $4,500,000. Buyer: BWR Holdings. Seller: Columbia Center North.

321 N. Johnson St., Kennewick, 27,170-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $2,775,000. Buyer: RP Hotels. Seller: Aman Bins Investors.

8573 W. 11th Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $536,700. Buyer: Ronald Linhoff. Seller: TMT Homes NW.

99809 E. Michelle Drive, Kennewick, 2,673-square-foot, residential home on 2.19 acres. Price: $540,000. Buyer: Amy & Perry McBreairty. Seller: Juan Ochoa-Verastegui.

3702 S. Highlands Blvd., West Richland, 2,577-square-foot, residential home on 0.93 acres. Price: $562,500. Buyer: John Manterola. Seller: Kiyotsugu Hori & Michelle Wittouck-Hori.

2119 Legacy Lane, Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $510,000. Buyer: Ang & Yanfei Li. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights.

26806 S. 1005 PRSE, Kennewick, 1,200-square-foot, residential home on 5 acres. Price: $510,000. Buyer: Daniel & Heather Nickolaus. Seller: Robert & Katherine Miller.

Undetermined location, Kennewick, 2,322,25 acres of agricultural land. Price: $2,505,200. Buyer: South Kennewick Investors. Seller: Kennewick Liquidating Trust.

1141 N. Edison, Kennewick, 3,577-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $621,600. Buyer: Seahurst. Seller: LIC.

1141 N. Edison St., Kennewick, 2,223-square-foot and 2,256-square-foot, commercial buildings. Price: $778,400. Buyer: Seahurst. Seller: Tyler & Noelia Haberling.

89009 Summit View Drive, Kennewick, 2,773-square-foot, residential home on 1.1 acre. Price: $1,130,000. Buyer: Olaf Kolzig & Marie Christin. Seller: Thomas & Sandy Sedlacek.

4898 S. Olson St., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $798,900. Buyer: Wayne & Carol Miller. Seller: Ron Asmus Homes.

2611 Falcon Lane, Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $522,900. Buyer: David Pandzhakidze & Irina Mukhametzyanova. Seller: Prodigy Homes.

1709 Milan Lane, Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $588,400. Buyer: Arvid & Christine Wikstrand. Seller: P&R Construction.


3361 Rangeview Road, 161.3 acres of agricultural land. Price: $2,908,800. Buyer: MLMG. Seller: Conner/Lee Vineyards.

6806 Bitterroot Ave., Pasco, 3,213-square-foot, residential home. Price: $530,700. Buyer: Eriberto & Maria Frias. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

12204 Blackfoot Drive, Pasco, 3,251-square-foot, residential home. Price: $637,600. Buyer: Jeremias & Jordan Garza. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

Undisclosed location, 120.26 acres of agricultural land. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: Case & Amy Vandermeulen. Seller: Terra 26.

Undisclosed location, 104.2 acres of agricultural land. Price: $1,350,000. Buyer: Ryan & Krystal Theroff. Seller: Ice Land.

Undisclosed location, 218.1 acres of agricultural land. Price: $3,500,000. Buyer: Othello Blueberry. Seller: Ice Land.

6818 Bitterroot Ave., Pasco, 3,510-square-foot, residential home. Price: $599,700. Buyer: Jeremy & Elizabeth Bishop. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

7192 Columbia River Road, Pasco, 3,327-square-foot, residential home on 7.35 acres. Price: $1,350,000. Buyer: Trevor & Shelly Broetje. Seller: Louis & Margaret Field.

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