Top Properties — December 2019

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


92624 Northstar PRNE, West Richland, 2,717-square-foot, residential home on 5 acres. Price: $630,000. Buyer: David & Elaine Perkins. Seller: Scott & Deborah Johnson Trustees.

E. Badger Road, Kennewick, 16,78 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $1,700,000. Buyer: Pro Made Construction. Seller: W McKay Construction.

3101 Mt. Rainier Court, West Richland, 2,260-square-foot, residential home on 0.93 acres. Price: $502,900. Buyer: Grant & Jayme Richardson. Seller: Steve & Tracy Richter.

3003 Mt. Rainier Court, West Richland, 3,132-square-foot, residential home on 1.31 acres. Price: $525,000. Buyer: Aaron & Monica Riggs. Seller: Kristie Hough.

68203 S. Meals Road, Kennewick, 3,239-square-foot, residential home on 3.3 acres. Price: $595,000. Buyer: Danielle Torres. Seller: Kevin & Paula Smith.

7501 W. Deschutes Place, Kennewick, 14,972-square-foot, commercial building on 0.52 acres. Price: $3,485,000. Buyer: Agena. Seller: Los Tres Amigos.

9 N. Waverly Place, Kennewick, 22,284-square-foot, commercial building on 0.77 acres. Price: $2,750,000. Buyer: Galt Ventures. Seller: 7D Development at Dolphin Apartments.

100926 Brandon Drive, Kennewick, 4,033-square-foot, residential home on 0.98 acres. Price: $724,900. Buyer: Brent & Nicole Crabtree. Seller: Susan Fick.

7139 W. Hood Place, Kennewick, 5,640-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $1,075,000. Buyer: RSH Investments. Seller: Celski Commercial.

91102 E. Badger View Road, Kennewick, 3,833-square-foot, residential home on 1.57 acres. Price: $660,000. Buyer: Gregory & Allison Edwards. Seller: Bruce & Peggy Flint.

1781 Silver Court, Richland, 3,212-square-foot, residential home. Price: $516,500. Buyer: Rachel & Carlito Affogante. Seller: Jobey & Jennifer Smith.

8109 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, 7,670-square-foot, commercial building on 0.66 acres. Price: $1,900,000. Buyer: Olson Family Group. Seller: David & Linda Denchel Trustees.

2420 Tiger Lane, Richland, 2,684-square-foot, residential home. Price: $522,000. Buyer: John & Mary Ondrak. Seller: Jack & Connie Presson.

646 Summit St., Richland, 4,432-square-foot, residential home on 0.51 acres. Price: $907,000. Buyer: Bruce & Patricia Covert. Seller: Saumyajit & Deepshikha Datta.

8661 W. 11st Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $555,000. Buyer: Ralph & Jolene Broz. Seller: Lapierre Enterprises.

1001 N. Volland St., Kennewick, 3,124-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $1,150,000. Buyer: Bhartu Ram. Seller: Balwinder Kumari.

172 Andrea Lane, Richland, 3,568-square-foot, residential home. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Jeffrey & Bree Muai. Seller: Lance & Courtney Frisbee.

1135 Country Ridge Drive, Richland, 1,967-square-foot, residential home on 0.75 acres. Price: $535,000. Buyer: Johnathan & Teresa Coats. Seller: Marilyn McDonald.

1686 Pisa Lane, Richland, 3,509-square-foot, residential home. Price: $739,900. Buyer: Lance & Courtney Frisbee. Seller: Johnathan & Teresa Coats.

3377 River Valley Drive, Richland, 2,899 -square-foot, residential home. Price: $540,000. Buyer: Marilyn McDonald. Seller: Richard & Bonnie Raymond.

1906 S. Buntin St., Kennewick, 1,870-square-foot, residential home on 4.23 acres. Price: $500,000. Buyer: R3T Ventures. Seller: Dennis McCrea.

138211 W. 206 PRSW, Prosser, 3,025-square-foot, residential home on 5.18 acres. Price: $620,000. Buyer: Philip & Anita Maasen. Seller: Nathan & Byrne Vanvickle.

26736 S. 1998 PRSE, Kennewick, 2,120-square-foot, residential home on 2.5 acres. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Scott & Jodee Peyton. Seller: Ronald & Melanie Appleby.

1438 Badger Mountain Loop, Richland, 2,592-square-foot, residential home. Price: $550,000. Buyer: Neil & Cheryl Nissing Trustees. Seller: Matthew & Aimee Gebarowski.

85704 E. Sagebrush Road, Kennewick, 2,673-square-foot, residential home on 0.65 acres. Price: $529,000. Buyer: Leonard & Jennifer Ayres. Seller: Stephen Schab.

386 Columbia Point Drive, Unit 305, Richland, 2,981-square-foot, residential home. Price: $529,900. Buyer: Cleveland & Hollie Mooers. Seller: Gregory Mitchem.

3305 W. 47th Ave., Kennewick, 3,267-square-foot, residential home on 0.89 acres. Price: $513,000. Buyer: Emily Nicoara & Andrew Curtis. Seller: Victoria Grevenslund.

2210 Legacy Lane, Richland, 0.71 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $901,800. Buyer: Douglas & Sara Mans. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights.

710 Summit St., Richland, 0.46 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $611,000. Buyer: Sourabh Kubawat. Seller: Reena Sharma.

1615 E. Chemical Drive, Kennewick, 21,068-square-foot, commercial building on 3.9 acres. Price: $1,088,000. Buyer: Warrior Investments. Seller: Michael & Marissa Hillman.

1204 Plateau Drive, Richland, 3,011-square-foot, residential home. Price: $574,900. Buyer: Jessica Hibler. Seller: Prama Chakravarti.

1790 Brianna Court, Richland, 2,425-square-foot, residential home. Price: $615,000. Buyer: Benjamin & Mary Hummel. Seller: Robert & Kelly Weissenfels.

2604 Falconcrest Loop, Richland, 3,176-square-foot, residential home. Price: $855,000. Buyer: Falcon Lane Investments. Seller: Prodigy Homes.

Gentle Court; Carefree Loop; Serenity Court, West Richland, 11 lots of undeveloped land. Price: $605,000. Buyer: Green Plan Construction. Seller: Community Housing.

37 Columbia Point Drive Richland, 6,240-square-foot, residential home on 0.92 acres. Price: $1,200,000. Buyer: Columbia Point 3739. Seller: Paul & Joan Wimmer Trustees.

16601 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick, 4,183-square-foot, residential home on 0.52 acres. Price: $690,000. Buyer: Michael & Kimberly Christanson. Seller: Colin & Eugerie Hanley.


12116 Clark Ford Road, Pasco, 2,562-square-foot, residential home on 0.5 acres. Price: $521,700. Buyer: Mark & Patricia Huff. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

Undisclosed location, 3.95 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $688,200. Buyer: TSK 2019. Seller: Parvinder Kaur.

Hunter Road and Whiskey River Road, Pasco, 9 lots of undeveloped land. Price: $1,170,000. Buyer: P&R Construction. Seller: Rodney & Julie Burns.

6500 Nocking Point Road, Pasco, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $577,200. Buyer: Leonel & Sandra Guzman. Seller: Alderbrook Investments.

12114 Blackfoot Drive, Pasco, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $558,700. Buyer: Ericka Jordan. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

Undisclosed location, 0.68 acres of residential land. Price: $500,000. Buyer: Darrell & Melody Otness. Seller: Greg & Melissa Olson.

8718 W. Richardson Road, Pasco, 2,794-square-foot, residential home on 2.81 acres. Price: $550,000. Buyer: Aaron & Michele Brooks. Seller: Dennis & Terrie Zeigler.

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