Kadlec reveals top baby names for 2019 

There were enough Sofias and Sophias born at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in 2019 to fill a classroom and then some. 

Sofia/Sophia was by far the most popular name given to babies born at the Richland hospital – 33 newborn girls were given the name, according to Kadlec. 

Mateo was the top name for boys born in Richland at 16.  

For girls, Isabella was the second most-popular name at 19, followed by Mia, 16, Emily, 15, Abigail, 14, Camila, 13, Madison, 13, Harper, 12, Amelia, 11, Ava, 11 and Emma, 11.

Other popular girls names included Ellie, Olivia, Charlotte and Genesis. 

For boys, Liam was the second most popular name for boys, at 13, followed by Jayden, 12, Sebastian, 12, Ezra, 11, David, 10, Henry, 10, Lucas, 10, Benjamin, 9 and Elijah, 9.

Other popular names for boys included Aaron, Adriel, Angel and Anthony. 

The most popular boy name in 2000 was Jacob, followed by Matthew, Jaden, Zachary and Taylor.

For girls in 2000, the top picks were Emily, Sidney, Madison, Alexis and Taylor.

Each year, more than 2,800 babies are born at Kadlec.

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