Business Licenses – February 2020


Fuse Heating & Air Conditioning, 5628 W. Clearwater Ave.

TH Group, 732 Center Parkway.

Signs Plus, 766 Marine Drive, Bellingham.

The David Walter Group, 2200 S. Cleveland St.

Spirit Halloween Superstores, 821 Columbia Center Blvd.

The Muldrow House, 505 W. Kennewick Ave.

Capitol Concrete Pumping, no address listed.

Pacific Fire Inspection Services, 725 S. Tacoma St.

Apex Denture Studio, 7233 W. Deschutes Ave.

TSA Washington, 2626 W. Kennewick Ave.

European Desserts & Appetizers by Nena, 110 S. Fourth Ave., Pasco.

All Whitby, 1408 Alder Ave., Pasco.

Crystal Clarity Media, 3319 W. Canyon Lakes Drive.

Yeswascoe, 503 W. Columbia Drive.

A&S Roofing, 90 W. Canal Drive.

AJ’s Barbershop, 117A Vista Way.

EOP Builders, 5201 W. 14th Ave.

Air-Tech Services & Filters, 325 N. Oregon Ave., Pasco.

A & R Mechanical, 3426 Citation Road NE, Moses Lake.

Brother Reyes Plaster Construction, 2508 W. Alvina St., Pasco.

Ewnieft Community, 8121 W. Quinault Ave.

Valencia Consulting Services, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Ain Soph, 2906 W. Seventh Ave.

Lindsay Rivas, 1115 E. Eighth Ave.

Hair by Norma, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

Culbert Construction, 3905 E. A St., Pasco.

Stonycreek Pickers, 5301 W. 23rd St.

Amber Lilly Event Rentals, 9202 W. Gage Blvd.

Gordon Estate, 313 E. Columbia Drive.

RBC Wealth Management, 7139 W. Deschutes Ave.

Black Start Commissioning, 20 E. 36th Place.

Tighe Gym Sales, no address listed.

Brain Body Connect, 1030 N. Center Parkway.

Gillette Construction Company, 2913 W. John Day Ave.

Terrafirma Foundation Repair, no address listed.

Banner Bank, 203 W. First Ave.

Evolution Flooring, 1716 N. 18th Drive, Pasco.

Community PR, 924 W. Kennewick Ave.

Hair by Brittaney, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

Northwest Gas Pipe, 1613 S. Palouse Place.

Tri-Cities RV Park, 7322 W. Bonnie Ave.

Kim’s Accurate Bookkeeping Company, 1201 W. Grand Ronde Ave.

Jmporium, 201 Mata Road.

Lashes with Kilee, 101 N. Union St.

Hair by Melanie, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

Equilon Enterprises, 10799 Ridgeline Drive.

AMC Kennewick 12, 1380 N. Louisiana St.

City Sparkle Cleaning, 1816 N. 12th Ave., Pasco.

Memory Lane, 316 ½ W. Kennewick Ave.

AAA Clearwater Storage Depot, 6026 W. Clearwater Ave.

Gemini Corps, 8210 W. Bruneau Place.

Peca’s Cleaning Service, 222 Columbia Road, Burbank.

Economic Cleaning Evolution, 514 S. Juniper Place.

A Plus Accounting, 322 ½ W. Kennewick Ave.

Hydrant House, 3400 W. 30th Ave.

Idlewaifu, 7701 W. Fourth Ave.

MK Stucco, 2115 N. 19th Ave., Pasco.

Prestige Contracting, no address listed.

Andrea Harpster, 312 N. Neel St.

Cassie’s Creations, 101 N. Union St.

Caroline Couture Homes, 97306 Canyon View Drive.

Hydro-Tech Fire Protection, 15218 NE Caples Road, Brush Prairie.

Denny’s, 2801 W. Kennewick Ave.

Pressure Bros., 8804 W. Victoria Ave.

Looking Glass Psychological, 8905 W. Gage Blvd.

North American Alloys, 1328 E. Third Ave.

HH Photography, 3809 W. Sixth Ave.

Turas, 3121 W. Hood Ave.

Bailey Lynn Keller, 101 N. Union St.

It’s Tax Time, 5219 W. Clearwater Ave.

Columbia Basin Appraisals, 4109 Riverhaven St., Pasco.

Mast Builders, 870 Country Haven Loop, Pasco.

CNA Plumbing, 1701 W. 14th Ave.

West Coast Screen Printing and Embroidery Tri-Cities, 135 Vista Way.

Vulcan Home Solutions, 2014 W. Sixth Ave.

Just Sports, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

My Beautiful Life, 101 N. Union St.

Yummie Pho, 7520 W. Clearwater Ave.

Muzzy Construction, 6223 W. Deschutes Ave.

602 N. Colorado, 602 N. Colorado St.

Kadlec Express Care Canyon Lakes, 4008 W. 27th Ave.

Lil Posie, 3904 S. Bermuda Road.

A&R Professional Painting, 709 Hanson Loop, Burbank.

TC Black, 1702 W. 25th Place.

J & J Plumbing of the Tri-Cities, 4537 Moline Lane, Pasco.

3D Paige, 2210 S. Cleveland St.

Redbox Automated Retail, 2825 W. Kennewick Ave.

Adept Testing Occupational Medicine, 4303 W. 27th Ave.

Alena Wilson, 5225 W. Clearwater Ave.

Hot Tip Nails, 2807 W. Clearwater Ave.

John Bell & Associates, 201 Mata Road.

Tri-City Kittens, 4005 S. Waverly St.

The Lighthouse AFH, 607 E. 31st Court.

Hair by Sarah, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

Ana Garcia, 308 S. Olympia St.


Not available at press time.


Design Space Modular Buildings, 2699 First St.

Events by Tracy, 2555 Bella Coola Lane.

Fischer Inc., 607 Winslow Ave.

Longship Cellars, 2415 Robertson Drive.

Hoffman Structures, no address listed.

Alegis Construction, 3701 S. Norfolk St., Seattle.

Phillips Craft & Design, 2403 Richmond Blvd.

Packaging Corporation of America, 3003 Kingsgate Way.

Friends Corner, 5151 Trowbridge Blvd.

Postivoi Handyman Services, 3711 El Paso Drive, Pasco.

Hoffman Construction Company of Washington, 600 Stewart St., Suite 1000, Seattle.

Welch Enterprises, 1233 Columbia Park Trail.

Hoffman Specialty Contracting

Volt Management, no address listed.

Mast Builders, 870 Country Haven Loop, Pasco.

CNA Plumbing, 1701 W. 14th Ave., Kennewick.

Lustig Health & Wellness Center, 1950 Keene Road.

Columbia Industrial Coatings, 2670 First St.

Wright Artworks, 1416 Perkins Ave.

Mesick Anesthesiologists, 888 Swift Blvd.

Perfection Properties Management, 1238 Columbia Park Trail.

AFCOM Technologies, no address listed.

Cognoscenti, 408 Adair Drive.

Integra Imaging, 801 S. Stevens St., Spokane.

MPJ Painting, 5616 W. Court St., Pasco.

All Valley Sheet Metal, 3601 Powerhouse Road, Yakima.

Trenchless Construction, 4103 241st St. NE, Arlington.

Planet Fitness, 1711 George Washington Way.

Master Sergeant, 3019 Duportail St.

Redbox Automated Retail, 1803 George Washington Way.

Xenophile Bibliopole & Armorer, Chronopolis, 2240 Robertson Drive.

Safeway Electric, no address listed.

Fuse Heating & Air Conditioning, 5628 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.

Hayshaker Farm, 329 SW 12th St., College Place.

Washington Square II Apartments, 2433 George Washington Way.

Perseid Consulting, 1724 Horn Ave.

Evolution Flooring, 1716 N. 18th Drive, Pasco.

Heyden Empire, 9025 Center Parkway.

Jamie Graham Counseling, 750 Swift Blvd.

Prime Concrete, 3821 W. Wernett Road, Pasco.

Green Earth Commerce, 203 Benham St.

507 Knight, 507 Knight St.

Sterling Project Resources, 2930 Redrock Ridge Loop.

Columbia River Primary Care and Aesthetics, 3501 Road 68, Pasco.

Klipsun, 318 Wellhouse Loop, Richland.

Paintmaster Services, 2670 First St., Richland.

Viktory Homes, 11606 Pheasant Court, Pasco.

Paramount Cleaning, 1798 Fowler St.

Northwest Gas Pipe, 1613 S. Palouse Place, Kennewick.

Columbia Basin Appraisals, 4109 Riverhaven St., Pasco.

City Sparkle Cleaning, 1816 N. 12th Ave., Pasco.

Adept Testing Occupational Medicine, 4303 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick.

Einar R Skinnarland, 1228 Plateau Drive.

TRS, 1631 Elementary St.

Ming Surveyors, no address listed.

Run Proxies, 602 Chateau Court.

Erin Casch, 123 Gage Blvd.

Evergreen Roots Boutique, 1441 Oxford Ave.

Oriolys Suero, 1922 George Washington Way.

Trisohard Fitness and Coaching, 107 Jackson Court.

El Tacorriendo, 311 Van Giesen St.

Through a Lens, 450 Hanford St.

Skelton Enterprises, 1317 Birch Ave.

Anayko, 2101 Steptoe St.

Denny’s, 1301A George Washington Way.

A Cleaner Solution, 1328 McPherson Ave.

Fallon-Brown Realty, 1122 Perkins Ave.

Premier Buildings, 1963 Saint St.

Bruce E. Wilson MD, 925 Stevens Drive.

A.A.A. Lawn Care, 1135 Lincoln Drive, Pasco.

Limon’s Distributing, 4108 St. Paul Lane, Pasco.

My Guitar, 324 Rockwood Drive.

Sandollar, 2001 S. Washington St., Kennewick.

Evergreen Farm Management, 1413 Desert Springs Ave.

His Majesty Cleaning, 15 Galaxy Lane.

M & J Ag Management, 3019 Duportail St.

Elevated Endeavors, 308 Greentree Court.

Dunn Wright Roofing & Exteriors, 1728 N. 18th Ave., Pasco.

Fusion Home Building, 1060 Cayuse Drive.

Melissa Reid, 6122 Dorchester Court, Pasco.

Hurl Construction Services, 1106 Elm Ave.

Caroline Couture Homes, 97306 Canyon View Drive, Kennewick.

Stick and Stone, 3027 Duportail St.

Creative Fulfillment, 165 Edgewood Drive.

Victoria Torres, 556 Lester Road, Outlook.

Ideal Gift Boutique, 1681 April Loop.


Hanford Home Health, 78058 Country Heights Drive, Kennewick.

G&C Cornerstone Flooring, 914 S. Cleveland St., Kennewick.

Norris Flooring, 2008 S. Ione St., Kennewick.

B2 Computers, 5603 Kenra Loop.

Razz Construction, 4055 Hammer Drive, Bellingham.

Blue Mountain Fire Protection, 1351 E. Third Ave., Kennewick.

Aspen Landscape Construction, 2865 Jacob Court, Kennewick.

Tri-City Sheds, 8415 Packard Drive, Pasco.

Ellensburg Solar, 961 Strande Road, Ellensburg.

Cervantes Cleaning, 315 N. Waldemar Ave., Pasco.

911 Handy Home Services, 1112 Road 70, Pasco.

Servpro of Tri-Cities West, 7500 W. Yellowstone Ave., Kennewick.

M R Quality Services, 3912 Janet Road, Pasco.

All American Propane, 1617 S. Keys Road, Yakima.

PHG Retail Services, 4312 Laurel Drive, Richland.

Big Dave’s Construction, 202 S. 26th Ave., Pasco.

JM Framing, 2021 Mahan Ave., Richland.

Esthetics by Aleeza, 4033 W. Van Giesen St.

Custom Welding & Ornamental Iron, 118 N. Gum St., Kennewick.

Benjamin’s Carpet One, 223 N. Benton St., Kennewick.

ALC Carpentry, 418 Anaconda Ave., Pasco.

Achilles Bookkeeping, 3703 Grant Loop.

Pacific Alarm and Fire Inspection Services, 314 N. Montana Court, Kennewick.

Country Construction/Masonry, 75515 Country Heights Drive, Kennewick.

Desert View Construction, 2718 W. Seventh Ave., Kennewick.

ULS, 24308 S. Dague Road, Kennewick.

Allied Plumbing and Pumps, 246 W. Manson Highway #124, Chelan.

Larios Construction, 531 S. 38th Ave.

Bumble & Bay, 5320 Blue Jay Court.

UC Home Improvement, 1624 S. Nelson St., Kennewick

Pacific Coast Construction Group, 106213 E. 297 Private Road SE, Kennewick.

Gator Waterproofing Services, P.O. Box 1747, Hayden, Idaho.

Aimee M Fournier-Plante, 4176 Queen St.

Night Ops Transport, 1155 N. 60th Ave.

High Desert Drywall, 106010 E. Wiser Parkway, Kennewick.

IT Haven, 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick.

Ivan’s Construction, 100 Garden Drive, Pasco.

New Generation of Wood, 4117 W. Sylvester St., Pasco.

Pillar Contracting, 2231 Sevilla Court, Richland.

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