Business Licenses – March 2020


Sculpt, 8503 W. Clearwater Ave.

Polar Bear Express, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Mad Design Skills, 1331 Broadview Drive, West Richland.

Tia @ Bliss Salon & Spa, 3617 Plaza Way.

Hair By KT, 312 N. Neel St.

Modern Clementine, 2942 S. Grant St.

Gem-N-I Creations, 5801 W. 25th Ave.

Global Continuing Education, 3636 W. 11th Ave.

Azteka Printing, 1306 W. Kennewick Ave.

David Barnes, CPA, 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Premier Construction, 318 E. 45th Ave.

Luxe Property Management Corporation, 10505 W. Clearwater Ave.

Bedlington Supplies, 6757 W. 23rd Ave.

Star Spangled Houses Inc., no address listed.

Epic Financial Group LLC, 530 W. Kennewick Ave.

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson, 8836 W. Gage Blvd.

On Q Financial, Inc., 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Spray Tech Painting Inc., no address listed.

Attn 2 Detail Cleaning, 4318 S. Kingwood St.

Kaylani’s Promise, 2025 W. Fifth Ave.

Spark Compassion Consulting, 7701 W. Fourth Ave.

Tri-City Sheds, 8415 Packard Drive, Pasco.

JL Enterprises, 1108 W. 27th Ave.

Prestige Realty Team, 100 N. Morain St.

Gathered Home, 211 W. Kennewick Ave.

Aga Star + Construction LLC, 3321 W. First Place.

Jesse Thomas, 2537 W. Falls Ave.

HF Dugout, 4810 W. Hildebrand Blvd.

New Generation of Wood, 4117 W. Sylvester St., Pasco.

Krav Maga Tri-Cities, 203 N. Dennis St.

Friends Custom Trim, 2515 W. Ella St., Pasco.

Sunset Ridge Apartments, 3887 W. Seventh Ave.

Heather Rill Insurance Agency Inc., 8382 W. Gage Blvd.

Asian Wellness Massage Spa 7535 W. Kennewick Ave.

Tri-City Trichology, 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Davenport Dental, 7405 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Rick O’Hair Crane Consulting, 2703 W. 40th Ave.

Track Utilities LLC of Delaware, no address listed.

Orangetheory Fitness, 4101 W. 27th Place.

Popular Donuts, 101 N. Union St.

Guardian Security Systems Inc., 1743 First Ave. S., Seattle.

Susana Montenegro, 500 W. First Ave.

D&E Construction, 505 S. Juniper St.

A&G Sales, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Picante Mexican Taqueria, 419 W. Columbia Drive.

Divine Salon and Spa, 8390 W. Gage Blvd., Suite 101.

Kailey’s Cleaning, 2105 N. Steptoe St.

Real Roofing ,1713 Portland Ave., Walla Walla.

Buth-Na-Bodhaige Inc., no address listed.

Farias Handyman, 8918 W. Arrowhead Ave.

CLC Properties, 501 W. Canal Drive.

Tri-Cities Gutters, 518 1/2 W. Columbia Drive.

Accuwall Construction, 4815 W. Clearwater Ave.

Arthuro Zuniga, 100 N. Morain St.

Rapid Service Inc., no address listed.

Supplynorder, 2214 W. 13th Ave.

Signature Homes, 2445 Woods Drive, Richland.

Bark Avenue, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Epic Insurance Solutions LLC, 8656 W. Gage Blvd.

Annsay, 5703 W. Eighth Ave.

Pacific Alarm and Fire Inspection Services, 314 N. Montana Court.

Columbia Basin Insurance Professionals, 325 N. Grant St.

Natalie’s Cleaning Services, 4815 Porlier Lane, Pasco.

Allied Plumbing and Pumps ,246 W. Manson Highway 124, Chelan.

Northwest Officials Group, 725 N. Center Parkway.

Double A Construction, 181 Travis Lane.

Amador Bioscience, 2521 W. Canal Drive.

Mongolian Massage, 4430 W. Clearwater Ave.

Precision Accounting Solutions, 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Patsy Cares, 501 W. 48th Ave.

Ceron Tires, 407 W. Columbia Drive.

Tri-Comp Publishing, 8919 W. Grandridge Blvd., Suite A-1.

PMI Commercial, 550 E. Bruneau Ave.

Style Bar, 10121 W. Clearwater Ave.

Energy Employee Home Health Services, 1115 W. Bay Drive NW Suite 302, Olympia.

Norris Flooring, 2008 S. Ione St.

Greer Dental Co., 2620 S. Williams Place.

Beep Boop Computers, 1002 S. Cedar St.

Bunny’s Home Care, 1910 S. Williams St.

Woodford, Bradley Steven, 5614 W. Metaline Ave.

Americas Best Roofing, 1925 W. Fourth Ave.

Ruby Fitness, 3180 W. Clearwater Ave.

Kovals Granite, 90 Wellsian Way, Richland.

AG Nails, 3311 W. Clearwater Ave.

Padilla Vi LLC, 550 E. Bruneau Ave.

Cattywampus Southern Kitchen, 1117 N. Jefferson Place.

Davis, Matthew, 3211 W. 42nd Place.

Sanchez & Son Trucking, 2711 W. John Day Ave.

Jaguar Heart Apothecary, 1537 W. 52nd Ave.

Alexis Goodman, 7320 W. Hood Place.

Bliss Salon & Spa, 3617 Plaza Way.

MXG Enterprise, 1609 W. 46th Ave.

Guiding Resilience in Trauma Training, 512 S. Nelson St.

Writeon, 420 N. Hartford St.

JTS Agricultural Consulting, 3809 W. Metaline Ave.

River North Transit, no address listed.

Victoria’s Secret Stores #230, 1321 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Pro Commercial Cleaning Co. 821 S. Hartford St.

Universal Steel, 1225 N. Cleveland St.

Witwer Benefit Solutions, 7105 W. Hood Place.

Luxury Wellness Spa, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave.

Northwest Barbers, 8390 W. Gage Blvd.

Danica Townsend, 8390 W. Gage Blvd.

Chiawana Place Homeowners Association, 6725 W. Clearwater Ave.

Novasteam, 306 N. Idaho Place.

Handy Hands Construction Development, 1560 N. Dallas Road, Benton City.

T & M Appraisals, 3122 Canyon Lakes Drive.

Hair By Carina Diaz, 5601 W. Clearwater Ave.

Cook Security Group Inc., 6501 E. Trent Ave., Spokane Valley.

Camarillo Farms, 2722 S. Jean St.

Kyrsten’s Gift Shop, 1811 S. Jean St.

Underground Creative, 212 W. Kennewick Ave.

Carlson, Jayel Diane, 7139 W. Hood Place.

Inkling Co., 720 W. 32nd Ave.

Sparks, Jerusha, 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd.

Green C Design, 3815 S. Date St.

Waterbucket Soapery, 108 W. 28th Ave.

Ecoatm, 2825 W. Kennewick Ave.

David’s Garage Doors, 1813 N. 12th Ave., Pasco.

Boost Mobile, 7520 W. Clearwater Ave.

Pillars of Society Woodworks, 2221 S. Oak St.

Cramer Real Estate Group, 625 S. Taft St.

The Plant Lady/Frankly Foliage, 5605 W. Metaline Ave.

Pillar Contracting, 2231 Sevilla Court, Richland.

Wine Country, 3787 S. Sherman St.

Bambinos, 100 N. Morain St.

Healthy L.I.F.E. Center, 10 N. Cascade St.

EAG Promotions, 2201 S. Kellogg Place.

Bria Gabrielle Studios, 2017 W. Grand Ronde Ave.

Empire Taxes, 119 Vista Way.

Empire Lawn Care, 119 Vista Way.

Tri-Cities Tan, 8508 W. Gage Blvd.

ULS LLC, 24308 S. Dague Road.

Kristen Howard Counseling, 8905 W. Gage Blvd.

Beauty by BM, 100 N. Morain St.

Baisch Vegetation Management Inc., 2311 Hanson Loop, Burbank.

D & D Contracting, 2602 W. Deschutes Ave.

Cornerstone Daycare, 3346 S. Roosevelt Place.

Dream Barbershop, 100 N. Morain St.

Steben Castellano Enterprises, 1114 W. 10th Ave.

Twistalock, 1851 Nova Lane, Richland.

SV Projects Professional Service(S), 3703 W. Kennewick Ave.

Stephanie Parfait, 5453 Ridgeline Drive.

L Mejia Trucking, 1701 W. Seventh Ave.

Kellogg, Georgia, 1020 N. Center Parkway.

Nat Consulting, 8902 W. Canyon Ave.

Vocational Connections Inc., 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd.

Local World Inc., no address listed.

Greenspace Recycling, 23403 E. Mission Ave., Liberty Lake.


The Rental Company, 1603 W. A St.

Roll and Cap Productions, 4505 Finnhorse Lane.

Patriot Rooter and Reirrigation, 6213 Turf Paradise Drive.

Roadrunners Insulation, 1519 W. Irving St.

Acme Powder Coating, 927 S. Lindsay Ave.

Club de Nutricion Amor Propio, 730 W. A St.

Advance Services Inc., 3319 W. Court St., Ste. 109.

B&K Services, 6313 W. Wernett Road.

Crescent Blue Moon, 303 N. 20th Ave.

Tienda la Chiquita, 123 N. Fourth Ave., Ste. 121.

Carrson AG, 2010 N. Commercial Ave.

VIP Construction, 814 Douglas Court.

Elizondo Electric, 5612 Pimlico Drive.

Reign Sports Performance, 4808 Candellia Court.

Parker’s Soap Co., 8603 La Salle Drive.

Scitus Consulting, 8407 Kingsbury Drive.

Judicial Express Delivery, 712 N. Fourth Ave., Ste. 710.

The Hair Company, 3411 W. Court St.

Xpress Mart, 1724 W. Clark St., Unit C.

The FGC, 3409 S. Johnson St., Kennewick.

Great Graphics & Signs, 582 Freedom Meadows Drive, Newport.

Snowflakes Cleaning Services, 1623 S. Everett Place, Kennewick.

Pools by Mirage, 7422 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick.

Jitterbug, 10935 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego, California.

Affinity Revolution, 6405 Glacier Peak Drive.

360 Painting of Central Washington, 1010 S. 101st Ave., Yakima.

Hotshot Laser Training, 824 W. Lewis St.

Columbia River Walk Development, 2326 W. A St.

Sharp Home Appraisals, 4519 Santa Cruz Lane.

Master Build Cabinets, 3905 Independence Road, Sunnyside.

Justine Fox, 6415 Burden Blvd.

AA & AA Construction, 1719 W. Fifth Place, Kennewick.

Air Seal Control, 403 W. 29th Ave., Kennewick.

Dreamer’s Construction, 1615 W. 35th Ave., Kennewick.

Brandy Heal, 8425 Chapel Hill Blvd.

Atlas Benefit Consulting, 4211 Monterey Drive.

Crystal, 123 N. Fourth Ave. Ste. 121.

Dina’s Professional Realty Service, 25704 S. 1005 PRSE, Kennewick.

Gradin & Sons, 261 Maple St., Burbank.

Symbolic, 3330 W. Court St., Suite L.

Armenta & Sons, 40 Rio Senda St., Umatilla, Oregon.

NWESTCO, 16115 E. Trent Ave., Spokane.

Metro Group, 1045 Andover Park E., Tukwila.

Alliant Communications, 18 W. Mead Ave., Yakima.

Jirah’s Construction, 960 Green Road.

Management Services Northwest II, 2257 Northgate Spur, Ferndale.

Restoration I of Spokane, 9818 E. Montgomery Ave., Spokane.

CU Trucking, 5214 Pierre Drive.

L&R Construction, 3409 Columbard Lane.

OrderOfTheGame, 216 N. 11th Ave.

Jonny A Swanson-Lyft, 307 Austin Drive, West Richland.

JLK Cleaning Services, 1307 N. 22nd Ave., Ste. 1.

Brandy’s Scheduling Services, 5104 W. Irving St.

A&M Services, 6119 Burden Blvd., Ste. C.

Bryan’s Butcher Block, 525 N. Commercial Ave.

Nicholls Concrete, 1601 Third St., Umatilla, Oregon.

Van Zaltbommel Educational Design Solutions, 6005 Chapel Hill Blvd., Apt. D-101.

Clear Headlights Again, 5109 Meadow View Drive.

Evolution Contracting, 1716 N. 18th Drive.

Premier Buildings, 1963 Saint St. Apt. 6, Richland.

Mast Builders, 870 Country Haven Loop.

El Charrito Restaurant, 130 N. 10th Ave.

TJ Ventures 6119 Burden Blvd., Unit C.

Nelson’s Framing, 4310 Squamish Lane.

Daniel Dean Quillen-Lyft, 1709 W. 24th Place, Kennewick.


Not available at press time.


Knockerball Tri-Cities, 4318 Vermilion Lane, Pasco.

Auction Events, 9205 Alabama Ave., Chatsworth, California.

Roof Masters Construction, P.O. Box 4032, Pasco.

Sonar Insights, 673 Pikes Peak Drive.

Appleman and Sons, 4107 Valencia Drive, Pasco.

The Works General Contracting,1610 S. Ely St., Kennewick.

Nava Plastering, 1123 E. Eighth Ave., Kennewick.

Eagle Eye Drywall & Construction, 4108 Laredo Drive, Pasco.

Project Pros, 1709 W. Tenth Ave., Kennewick.

Lyndsey Solutions, 725 W. Lewis St., Pasco.

J’s Painting, 8206 Wenatchee Ct., Pasco.

Skaug Brothers, Inc., 222 E. Third Ave., Moses Lake.

Aloha Garage Door Co. Inc., 8524

Gage Blvd., Kennewick.

R&G Drywall, 121 N. Douglas Ave., Pasco.

Razor Landscaping, 4508 Campolina Lane, Pasco.

MDU Utilities Group, 8113

Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick.

CCS, 101 S. Washington St., Kennewick.

CW Brock Construction, 310 Greentree Court, Apt. 6, Richland.

Yesco, 5119 S. Cameron St., Las Vegas, Nevada.

PB Contractors, 4175 Queen St.

Hard Wood Handyman, 804 Smith Ave., Richland.

Talents Squared Construction, Inc., 12810 SE 38th St., Bellevue.

Walsh Guitars, 1803 Wallace Court.

MCH Hauling, 982 N. 62nd Ave.

APA Solar Sunscreens, 4919 Kennedy Way, Pasco.

Villa Mobil Set Up, 1123 W. Marina Drive, Moses Lake.

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