Top Properties – April 2020

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


73805 Sundown PR SE, Kennewick, Residential home on 4.5 acres. Price: $720,000. Buyer: Alexander & Jennifer Johnson. Seller: Brett & Jinni Mackay.

106905 N. Harrington Road, West Richland, 2,500-square foot home on 1.5 acres. Price: $510,500. Buyer: Rodney & Christina Rader. Seller: Val & Patricia Probst.

104204 E. Tripple Vista Drive, Kennewick, 4,500-square-foot residential home on 1 acre. Price: $540,000. Buyer: Todd & Ana Rebeca Hard. Seller: Linda Hardy.

83706 E. Wallowa Road, Kennewick, 2,600-square-foot residential home on 0.5 acre. Price: $570,000. Buyer: Carl & Dorothy Brodie. Seller: National Transfer Services.

18407 N. 1239 PR NW, Prosser, 2,700-square-foot residential home on 5 acres. Price: $522,500. Buyer: Matthew & Jessica Hoefer. Seller: Colin & Karen Morrell.

1710 Highland Drive, Prosser, 4,700-square-foot commercial building used for dental office. Price: $700,000. Buyer: Legacy CRE. Seller: Kelandren Enterprises.

7319 W. Hood Place, Kennewick, 3.7 acres of undeveloped land. Price: $810,000. Buyer: GPS Properties. Seller: Kennewick Liquidation Trust.

8601 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, 4,200-square-foot commercial building. Price: $775,000. Buyer: Incline B. Seller: Paulmor Investments.

6720 Caspian Place, West Richland, Residential home on 0.28 acre. Price: $518,500. Buyer: Joseph & Patricia Vacca. Seller: Titan Homes.

2995 Wild Canyon Way, Richland, Residential home on 0.4 acre. Price: $512,500. Buyer: Richard & Tara Reed. Seller: P&R Construction.

15014 S. Grandview Lane, Kennewick, 2,700-square-foot residential home on 0.77 acre. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Daniel & Ruthann Best. Seller: Carl & Dorothy Brodie.

320 Sell Lane, Richland, 3,100-square-foot residential home on 0.27 acre, Price: $535,000. Buyer: Christopher & Heidi Mortensen. Seller: National Residential Nominee Services.

2144 Legacy Lane, Richland, Residential home on 0.3 acre. Price: $830,000. Buyer: Randy & Viktoriia Jorissen. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights.

357, 358, 364, 400, 401, 406, 412, 418, 424 and 430 Piper Street, 249, 254 and 260 John Court, Richland, multiple residential parcels. Price: $1,066,000. Buyer: Viking Builders. Seller: Dos Cabras Viejas.

300 Soaring Hawk St., Richland, 2,700-square-foot residential home on 0.35 acre. Price: $554,000. Buyer: Jeffrey & Allison Carlson. Seller: Darrington Trustee Susan Turner.

2136 Skyview Loop, Richland, 2,200-square-foot residential home on 0.31 acre. Buyer: Michael Perala & Samuel Mendoza. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights.

1638 Lucca Lane, Richland, 2,200-square-foot residential home on 0.33 acre. Price: $710,000. Buyer: Christopher & Mary Jo Lindquist. Seller: Larry & Shanda Braithwaite.

97697 Kase Blvd., Kennewick, 3,100-square-foot residential home with pool on 0.77 acre. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Karl Dye. Seller: Gordon & Angela Jacobson.

2981 Riverbend Drive, Richland, 3,800-square-foot residential home on 0.5 acre. Price: $600,000. Buyer: Sirshendu Banerjee & Prama Chakravarti. Seller: Schwartz Jr. Trustees Rheu H. & Karen L.

1180 Pinto Loop, Richland, 3,500-square-foot residential home on 0.7 acre. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Dale & Patricia Bayley. Seller: Michael & Molly Anderson.


170 Peterson Road, 5981 Pasco-Kahlotus Road, 223 Carr Road, 1670 Peterson Road, multiple parcels of agricultural land totaling 3,527 acres. Price: $34,900,000. Buyer: Frank Tiegs. Seller: Premiere Farm Properties.

707 W. Court St., Pasco, 3,500-square-foot restaurant building on 0.62 acre. Price: $500,000. Buyer: Salvador Rodriguez-Valencia. Seller: Ismael Tovar.

12415 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 2,800-square-foot home on 0.5 acre. Price: $655,000. Buyer: Gary & Mary Nobriga. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

2121 N. Commercial Ave., Pasco, 7,200-square-foot building on 1.5 acres. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Mendenhall Investments. Seller: Steven Schwartz.

1906 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, 8,600-square-foot commercial building. Price: $1,000,000. Buyer: The Valley Alcohol Council. Seller: Pasco Futurevision.

1561 Kent Drive, Eltopia, 2,700-square-foot residential home on 145 acres. Price: $1,500,000. Buyer: Joshua Jungers. Seller: Brian Messenger.

Undisclosed location, 10.5 acres of agricultural land. Price: $664,000. Buyer: Big Bend Electric Cooperative. Seller: Randy Mullen.

6538 Eagle Crest Drive, Pasco, 2,200-square-foot residential home on 0.5 acre. Price: $600,000. Buyer: Spencer & Angelita Santillan. Seller: Riverwood Homes Washington.

6415 Sandy Ridge Road, Pasco, 2,800-square-foot residential home. Price:$565,000. Buyer: Lorna Martin. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

624 W. Yakima St., Pasco, 12,500-square-foot apartment building. Price: $945,000. Buyer: SJCJ Real Estate. Seller: 624 W. Yakima St. LLC.

8217 Nelson Court, Pasco, 2,500-square-foot residential home. Price: $515,000. Buyer: Heide Gehri. Seller: Story Family Five.

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