Top Properties – May 2020

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


7913 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, 2,700-square-foot commercial building and 0.58 acre of primary commercial/industrial land. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Anchorage Corporate Aircraft Center LLC. Seller: The Gerald & Spring Covington Living Trust.

1637 S. Current St., Kennewick, undisclosed home on 0.51 acre. Price: $609,000. Buyer: Richard & Kathleen Campbell. Seller: Landmark Homes of Washington.

89003 E. Sagebrush Road, Kennewick, 2,700-square-foot residential home on 0.59 acre. Price: $550,000. Buyer: Jonathan & Laura Stephens. Seller: Bernard & Kaylie Boykin.

70305 E. 710 PR NE, Richland, 4,000-square-foot residential home on 3.88 acre. Price: $612,500. Buyer: Lee & Anya Penick. Seller: Conrad & Caroline Morrow.

5105 S. Bermuda Road, Kennewick, 2,300-square-foot residential home on 2.87 acres. Price: $536,000. Buyer: Jessie Evans & Randolph Lemmons. Seller: Tomas & Sandrine King.


7628 Sandy Ridge Road, Pasco, 3,000-square-foot residential home with pool on 1 acre. Price: $665,000. Buyer: Celeste & Tom Nelson. Seller: Philip & Eileen Peistrup.

Undisclosed location, 315 acres of farm land on two parcels. Price: $4,534,000. Buyer: Blueberry Joint Venture. Seller: Basin City Blueberries.

100 E. Second St., Basin City, 15,000-square-foot agricultural storage building on 2.91 acres. Price: $1,450,000. Buyer: Boulder Canyon Organics. Seller: Basin City Storage.

6010 Sheffield Road, Basin City, Multiple parcels of land and associated agricultural buildings on 131 acres. Price: $2,829,500. Buyer: Boulder Canyon Organics. Seller: Opus Washington Inc.

900 E. Foster Wells Road, Pasco, Two parcels totaling 10 acres with 3,000-square-foot residential home and 3,000-square-foot pole building. Price: $600,000. Buyer: Juan & Sally Martinez. Seller: Maurice & E’Reani Schmidli.

6836 Eagle Crest Drive, Pasco, 2,600-square-foot residential home on 0.57 acre. Price: $780,000. Buyer: Jay & Brenda Tetreault. Seller: Greg Senger Construction.

12315 Willow Creek Drive, Pasco, 2,100-square-foot residential home. Price: $529,000. Buyer: Bobby & Loraine Campbell. Seller: Howard & Toni Day.

9120 W. Richardson Road, Pasco, 2,300-square-foot residential home. Price: $525,000. Buyer: Larry & Allison Smith. Seller: Victorine Willingham.

Undisclosed location, 15.8 acres of undeveloped land. Price:$2,413,000. Buyer: EPO LLC. Seller: M2K Properties LLC.

200 Road 34, Pasco, 5,500-square-foot residential home and event location built in 1912. The Moore Mansion is considered an historical home on multiple parcels totaling 6.25 acres. Price: $2,673,000. Buyer: At the Moore LLC. Seller: Lowell & Debra Peck.

1600 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, 5,000-square-foot office building. Price: $500,000. Buyer: Susan Carpenter et al. Seller: CBC Foundation (as trustee).

12505 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 2,600-square-foot residential home on 0.54 acre. Price: $598,000. Buyer: Matthew Mortimer et al. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

6340 Glade North Road, Pasco, 1,200-square-foot residential home on 212 acres. Price: $3,400,000. Buyer: Theodore & Merideth Tschirky. Seller: R & L St. Hilarie LLC.

3012 Road 61, Pasco, 2,400-square-foot residential home. Price: $550,000. Buyer: Lance & Michelle Bunger. Seller: Boyd & Shona Petty (Trust).

110 Terrace Drive, Pasco, 4,000-square-foot residential home on 1.69 acres. Price: $1,135,000. Buyer: Mohamed Oudrhiri. Seller: Carolyn Ballard.

6932 Bitterroot Ave., Pasco, 2,400-square-foot residential home. Price: $523,000. Buyer: Tracy & Nicole Morgan. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

12516 Clark Fork Road, Pasco, 2,600-square-foot residential home. Price: $638,000. Buyer: Alma & David Duran. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

1828 W. Lewis St., Pasco, 11,000-square-foot commercial building on 1.0 acre. Price: $725,000. Buyer: Andrew & Susan Landram (Trust). Seller: Lewis Street Associates.

11402 Woodsman Drive, Pasco, 3,300-square-foot residential home. Price: $575,000. Buyer: Michael & Jessica Evarts II. Seller: Josue & Anica Silva.

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