Top Properties – January 2023

Top property values listed start at $700,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


6821 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, 10,786-square-foot restaurant. Price: $1.6 million. Buyer: Hogback Canal Drive LLC. Seller: JBP Properties LLC.

4294 Highview St., Richland, 2,440-square-foot home. Price: $780,000. Buyer: Jordon Leon & Ashley Richards. Seller: Jeremy & Ashley Faust.

36708 S. Hawks Tree PR SE, Kennewick, 2,755-square-foot home and pole building on 5 acres. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Alexander J. Fazzari & Lyndsay K. Rodgers. Seller: Kurt J. & Camilla A.G. Lockard.

372 Clovernook St., Richland, 4,054-square-foot home. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Augustine Achianga & Eunice N. Nkengasong. Seller: Michael D. & Tanis R. Detrick.

306 Piper St., Richland, 1,940-square-foot home. Price: $920,000. Buyer: Keenan & Madeline Dolan. Seller: Miguel Angel Saldana.

2603 W. 48th Ave., Kennewick, 3,006-square-foot home. Price: $730,000. Buyer: Pomcjhai Leelasinjaroen & Rawipan Uaratanawong. Seller: Jeffrey Alan Zuckerman & Angelica Cardenas Ruge.

2481 Legacy Lane, Richland, 2,390-square-foot home. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Jeffrey Jon & Colleen Inez Heilman. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights II LLC.

5431 Hershey Lane, West Richland, 4,521-square-foot home. Price: $907,000. Buyer: Matias J. & Racheal R. Vargas. Seller: Brad Beauchamp.

7563 W. 22nd Ave., Kennewick, 0.58-acre home site. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Anel Lapandic & Belma Zelkanovic. Seller: Prodigy Homes Inc.

3015 Riverbend Drive, Richland, 2,662-square-foot home. Price: $730,000. Buyer: Steve & Ciarlo Denise Norton. Seller: Jiguang & Li Zhang.

1702 S. Highlands Drive, West Richland, 4,460-square-foot home. Price: $900,000. Buyer: Judith Nyaribo. Seller: Anna Voloshchuk.

618 Lago Vista Drive, Richland, 2,868-square-foot home. Price: $938,000. Buyer: Samuel & Helen Kao. Seller: William R. Owen.

2465 Legacy Lane, Richland, 3,078-square-foot home. Price: $930,000. Buyer: Scott A. & Ann Marie T. Mitchell. Seller: Pahlisch Homes at Westcliffe Heights II LLC.

3337 S. Young St., Kennewick, 0.3-acre home site. Price: $749,000. Buyer: David Anthony & Christine Anne Ciummo. Seller: Daniel & Wendy Marsolek.

756 Creer Way, West Richland, 2,236-square-foot home. Price: $908,000. Buyer: Waylon & Rachael Duncan. Seller: Urban Range LLC.

1369 & 1350 N. Grant St., Kennewick, 77,175-square-foot fitness center, 51,450-square-foot indoor tennis club, 3,568-square-foot dental clinic, 1,128-square-foot commercial building. Price: $6.7 million. Buyer: The Brae LLC. Seller: Carlton Cadwell/Tri-City Court Club.

2449 Falconcrest Loop, Richland, 2,678-square-foot home. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Ameet Piryani. Seller: Prodigy Homes LLC.

953 Jericho Court, 816 N. Dallas Road, Richland, two 8,000-square-foot, 9,522-, 8,420- and 8,020-square-foot mini warehouse buildings on 10 acres. Price: $8.8 million. Buyer: CCW013 LLC. Seller: Watts & Sons LLC.

751 Meadows Drive, Richland, 2,626-square-foot home. Price: $920,000. Buyer: Bruce A. & Deborah A. Schnabel. Seller: Keith Edward “Gus” & Rebeccca Ann Myers Trustees.

2342 Harris Ave., Richland, 1,701-square-foot home. Price: $820,000. Buyer: Barbara J. Melko. Seller: Sandra Fiskum Trustee.

1312 Paige St., Richland, 2,500-square-foot home. Price: $815,000. Buyer: Allan & Yolanda Tuan. Seller: Benjamin P. Sappington & Kira J. Bennett.

105550 E. Tatum Blvd., Kennewick, 3,033-square-foot home. Price: $858,000. Buyer: Christopher & Melinda Major. Seller: Elegant Custom Homes LLC.

320 N. Johnson St., Kennewick, 8.,048-, 2,304-, 3,904-square-foot office buildings, 600-square-foot commercial building. Price: $1.2 million. Buyer: Plaza One LLC. Seller: 7D Development at Plaza 1 LLC.

2418 Garlick Blvd., Richland, 7,558-square-foot fitness center. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Blue Spruce Holdings LLC. Seller: G. F. Garlick Family LLC.

2444 Maggio Loop, Richland, 2,773-square-foot home. Price: $760,000. Buyer: Bonnie & Adam Giampietro Trustees. Seller: Riverwood Homes Washington LLC.

6924, 6860, 6966, 6762, 6726, 6708, 6835 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick, home sites under 0.68 acres. Price: $721,000. Buyer: Hayden Homes LLC. Seller: HHIF VI LLC.

Property off Bofer Canyon Road, 270 acres of dry ag land. Price: $2 million. Buyer: Kadanizo LLC. Seller: Charles John Christensen.

Property off Bofer Canyon Road, 284 acres of dry ag land. Price: $2.3 million. Buyer: Wakapaqua LLC. Seller: Charles John Christensen.

1844 Sicily Lane, Richland, 2,869-square-foot home. Price: $768,000. Buyer: Abdullah Alkanan. Seller: Yang Kui Lu.

1658 Sorrento Lane, Richland, 2,535-square-foot home. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Jiguang & Li Zhang. Seller: Robert E. & Nancy A. Pruden.


2221 E. Lewis St., Pasco, 3,624-square-foot car wash, 4,000-square-foot convenience store, 260-square foot snack bar, 2,640-square-foot laundromat. Price: $7 million. Buyer: Tiger LLC. Seller: Okran & Hoju Moon.

1125 E. Hillsboro Road, Pasco, 14,136- and 4,200-square-foot storage warehouse. Price: $1.6 million. Buyer: KCLC Holdings LLC. Seller: Kohler & King LLC.

6900 Ryder Road, Pasco, 0.6-acre home site. Price: $823,000. Buyer: Jesus Romero Jr. & Anahi Romero et al. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction Inc.

8120 Sunset Lane, Pasco, 6,358-square-foot home. Price: $3.2 million. Buyer: Jesus Higareda-Diaz (etux). Seller: Jean You.

6907 Kau Trail, Pasco, 1,323-square-foot doublewide and 800-square-foot utility building. Price: $1.8 million. Buyer: Jasbir Singh (etux). Seller: Madden D. & Beverly M. Alford Living Trust.

300 N. Ford Ave., Connell, 1,608-square-foot clubhouse, multi-building apartment complex. Price: $2.8 million. Buyer: IPG-CWA LLC. Seller: Aldercrest Apartments LLC.

7628 Kohler Road, 2,306-square-foot home. Price: $1 million. Buyer: Kelly & Shane W. O’Leary. Seller: Caroline Settlemier (et al.).

5426 Road 68, Pasco, 12,800-square-foot shopping center. Price: $3 million. Buyer: TK One LLC (et al.). Seller: Sandifur Plaza Retail Center LLC.

Property off Sheffield Road, 119.5 acres. Price: $1.7 million. Buyer JMD Land LLC. Seller: Freeman Farms Land LLC.

4302 Swallow Ave., Pasco, 6,000-square-foot service garage. Price: $712,500. Buyer: GK Real Estate DOS LLC. Seller: Astley Tow and Transmission.

562 Kent Drive, Eltopia, 85 acres with shop building and farm implement shed. Price: $1.1 million. Buyer: Pretty and Nice Land Holdings LLC. Seller: William M. Derting.

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