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Will my taxes go up or down in retirement?

Will my taxes go up or down in retirement? Sneaky sneaky, asking such a loaded question, when everyone knows the...

Money-wise advice for newlyweds tying the knot

The Tri-Cities’ beloved retired four-star general, Jim Mattis, has married for the first time. Huzzah! His wife, Christina Lomasney, is...

Start year on right financial foot by considering these 5 strategies

What a spectacular end to 2021 – the parties, the fireworks, Covid-19 omicron surges. Perhaps as an alternative to New...

Talking about death is hard but you can do it

In a pandemic and pretty much in life, people are dealing with grief at some level every single day. Death,...
YIR 2020_AngieFurubotton

Clock ticking on 2020 year-end tax-saving strategies

Year-end is the perfect time to do tax planning. And what a tax year 2020 has been! Let’s review the...

The No. 1 threat to your investment success

There is the obvious investment advice that certainly you’ve heard again and again: Set clear and realistic long-term goals. Keep...

Networking — February 2018

HONORS & AWARDS The Tri-City Association of Realtors has announced the winners of its 2017 annual awards: Realtor of the...

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