Agriculture + Viticulture

Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business’ full-color, glossy magazine Focus: Agriculture + Viticulture takes a closer look at how our region serves as the powerhouse that drives our state’s agriculture and viticulture industries. This magazine is published in the spring.

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The numbers tell the story of Washington agriculture

Washington farms and ranches produce more than 300 different crops with a combined value of about $11 billion – a figure that triples once food processing is factored in. Agriculture is one of Washington’s most important private sectors, along with aerospace and tech. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistical Service tallied 35,500 agriculture…

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WSDA fills food pantries with farmer-grown products

By Derek SandisonDirector, Washington State Department of Agriculture As we reach the midway mark of 2021, many of the adjustments made in response to the coronavirus pandemic appear likely to remain with us for some time, from ongoing public health measures, teleworking for many workers who used to report to offices and efforts to recover…

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Washington wine industry cheers as shipping revives in early 2021

By Eric Degerman There’s been a retrenching of the Washington wine industry in recent vintages as a result of overproduction, a slippage in sales and the pandemic. However, reasons for optimism continue to grow even though the state crushed only 175,000 tons in 2020 – its lightest harvest since 2011. For analysts craving statistics, there…

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Ag exporters left behind as consumers shop online

A side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is hurting Washington’s ability to export its fresh cherries, apples, frozen french fries and other signature products to the rest of the world. A shipping container shortage sparked by frenzied online shopping is the latest complication faced by farmers and ranchers, who have been battered by difficult trade…

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Consumers crave their fresh fruit

The 2021 cherry crop is shaping up to be larger than last year’s but with the usual caveat for the sweet, fragile fruit: A single weekend of wind or rain could cause widespread devastation. The cherry industry didn’t miss a beat when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived a year ago. Washington growers harvested nearly 20 million…

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Fewer apples heading to market

Fewer apples are going to market in 2021, but this isn’t really a complaint. “This has proven to be very advantageous as far as Covid and trade issues go,” said Todd Fryhover, president of the Washington Apple Commission. The industry expects to harvest 122 million bushels in 2021, compared to 134 million in 2020. Apple…