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Legislative session yields decidedly mixed results

Depending on how you measure success, the recently concluded Washington legislative session was either really great, not as terrible as normal or a frustrating combination of progress and setbacks for…


Consequences too extreme to just ditch carbon fuels

President Joe Biden is unwisely “throttling up” plans to ditch carbon fuels unilaterally despite the extreme consequences of doing so. He wants to accelerate replacement of gas/diesel vehicles with electrics…


New coalition seeks to advocate for app-based workers

The way Washingtonians work continues to change rapidly, and to remain competitive we need our policies to keep pace.  Residual fallout from the pandemic, including supply chain challenges, inflation and…


Workforce Portal sees continued growth in Tri-Cities area

We’re entering internship season, which is both an important time of life for students entering the workforce, and a key opportunity for employers. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to help…


Intervention necessary to improve Tri-City river health

Outsiders to the Tri-Cities often see an arid landscape with green life only where human hands have touched the earth. Locals, too, see their desert surroundings. But many view themselves…


Effective leaders tend to be the best listeners

One way to be a great servant-leader is to be a great listener. Reflect on this idea by finishing these sentences: “I can listen effectively when …” “I do not…


Washington capital gains tax is here to stay

The Washington State Supreme Court released its long-awaited opinion upholding the constitutionality of the new Washington Capital Gains Tax in Quinn v. State of Washington on March 24. Accordingly, the…

Fat Cat of Spokane will have 40 storage units for lease and for sale in the $6.8 million development. A similar development operates in the Tri-Cities. (Courtesy Spokane Journal of Business)

Developers model Spokane project after Tri-City development

By Erica Bullock for Spokane Journal of Business Fat Cat of Spokane has redesigned its proposed garage condo development, scrapping plans for commercial spaces to focus instead on 40 new…


Hanford teamwork continues to lead to transformation

I’m proud of the work the One Hanford Team has done over the last year and of the ambitious plans we’re putting into action to continue safely progressing our important…


Funding and permitting top Hanford cleanup priorities

We’ve seen a full year of success, collaboration and progress at the Hanford site. This year will mark 34 years of cleaning up one of the most contaminated nuclear sites…

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