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2023 gives lawmakers a new chance to champion the economy

The new year begins during a time of uncertainty and anxiety about the state of the economy, both nationally and at the state level. Inflation has been rising at worrying…


America needs an ‘all of the above’ energy approach

In 2023 one of the most significant shifts America needs is to return to an “all of the above” strategy to expand our energy options rather than restricting them. That…


Bolster the rebar to stay focused on your 2023 plan

Remember, we aren’t calling your plan for 2023 a “New Year’s Resolution.” You have made a bona fide strategic plan for your business or team, and you have established some…


Prenups aren’t the buzzkill marrying couples might think

Couples are often wary to bring up the dreaded P word when discussing their nuptials. After all, who wants to ostensibly discuss a divorce and prenuptials when there is an…


Rapidly growing population raises stakes for replenishing professional pipeline

Recent population leaps in the greater Tri-City region show no signs of abating. That’s the takeaway from the demographers of the Washington Office of Financial Management (OFM). In its Growth…


Positive early outlook projected for state’s ag industry

The La Niña weather pattern is delivering adequate precipitation going into 2023 for some of Washington state’s leading crops, say some industry experts. The 12-month forecast for some of the…


Recycling lithium batteries must accelerate to keep up with EV demand

Demand for electric vehicles (EV) is soaring, accelerated by climate change concerns. EVs reduce tailpipe emissions from cars, trucks and buses which are responsible for 30% of our greenhouse gas…


BPA seeks common ground as power demand soars

For more than 80 years, the Bonneville Power Administration has supported local economies and regional growth by providing affordable, clean energy to consumer-owned utilities such as Benton Public Utility District,…


To lead on climate, lean on nuclear

Every day there is a new article or study proclaiming an urgent need for climate action, with myriad proposed solutions praising renewables as the cure-all. However, the realities of decarbonizing…


PNNL positioned to lead U.S. toward clean energy

Research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has contributed for decades to the region’s leading role in clean energy technology development and deployment. The laboratory, based in Richland, has made advancements…

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