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Let’s re-imagine the road ahead in education

It’s been more than a year since the Babb Road Fire scorched over 15,000 acres south of Spokane. The rebuilding process is underway, signaling hope for a bright future for those who still call that area home. In the wake of that devastating yet transformative event, they are creating a new possible. For the past…


What will it take to double Washington’s manufacturing sector?

Manufacturing is a bedrock of the state’s economy. It accounts for more than 300,000 jobs and approximately 11% of the state’s total economic output. Those jobs tend to pay above average, too, with an average salary of $80,000. That’s good news, but imagine what it would mean for Washington’s economy if the state doubled the…


Inslee’s natural gas ban is bad for prices, environment

Gov. Jay Inslee’s end run around the state Legislature banning natural gas in new homes and commercial buildings is a bad idea. Even though the Legislature adjourned last spring without passing his bill, he unveiled building codes which would accomplish the same thing by fiat. Inslee’s proposed regulations forbid the use of fossil fuels for…


Best investment option: Real estate or stock market?

With the Tri-City housing market about as hot as it has ever been, why would an investor want to consider investing in the stock market? Let’s compare and contrast some of the common characteristics of investing, whether in real estate or the stock market, and see if the proposition of investing in the stock market…


Remote work helps drive growth in rural Washington

Back to school this year is, unfortunately, not a return to normal. As summer turns to fall, the Delta variant of the coronavirus means this remains a time of tremendous uncertainty for schools, teachers, students and families. It’s still a time of great uncertainty and unpredictability for employers, too, who are well known for desiring…


New law will ease burden of future long-term care needs

Many of us don’t think about or plan for long-term care until a crisis strikes or urgency forces our hand. Thankfully, a new benefit to help Washington families pay for care during a long-term illness, injury or disability is on the horizon.  Seventy percent of Washingtonians 65 and older will require some assistance to live…


Long-term care tax is the wrong answer to a good question

Starting Jan. 1, more of your paycheck will go missing if you are a W2 worker in Washington. The state will take 58 cents of every $100 you make, while claiming it is for your own good. But it isn’t really, even if you one day qualify for the measly $36,500 lifetime long-term care benefit…


Can’t find people to hire? It helps to understand complexity of labor market

Despite the challenges with the Covid-19 Delta variant, companies continue to add jobs – a good sign of economic stabilization. Unfortunately, we’re also facing the greatest disruption in the labor market in a century. Employers cannot find enough people to fill their open positions. One would think the math is easy when the number of…


Estate planning for retirees: changes to watch for and how to navigate them

When it comes to estate planning, there are many variables for retirees to consider, with one of the biggest being the effect of taxes on how much of their wealth they get to pass on. Between several years of accommodative monetary policy and massive federal spending to offset the economic damage of the Covid-19 pandemic,…

The newest members of Hanford Patrol’s Special Response Team are, from left, Jonathan Doncaster, Mathew Gray, Kyle James, Robert Pofahl and Derik Moe.  (Courtesy HMIS)

Hanford Patrol officers complete grueling training to serve on elite team

By Robin Wojtanikfor Hanford Mission Integration Solutions Following a grueling training and instruction regimen, five Hanford Patrol officers became a part of an elite law enforcement squad on the Hanford site, providing enhanced protection from potential security threats. “These five graduates are at the tip of the spear for keeping our materials and our people…

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