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Washington needs manufacturing to lead the economic recovery

Kaitlyn Pype wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life, but she knew she enjoyed working on cars. She thought about a career in automotive repair, but a degree program in mechatronics at Clover Park Technical College caught her eye because it combined a variety of interests. “So, I went for it,” Pype…


Rare order breaks China’s hammerlock on critical metals

To the average American, China’s control of the world production, processing technology and stockpile of critical metals is not their concern. However, to our military and high-tech leaders, it is a very big deal. Our government lists 35 metals it considers vital to our national economy and security. While 17 are classified as “rare earth”…


Retail sales face decline but likely less than elsewhere

Last year was a very good year for retail sales in the greater Tri-Cities. For the first time, taxable retail sales in the two counties breached the $6 billion mark, ending 2019 at nearly $6.4 billion, as the Benton-Franklin Trends graph shows. Taxable sales grew year over year by 9.8%. This is the second-best performance…

Midtown Plaza was a major “happening” when it opened 60 years ago this month at Fourth Avenue and Vancouver Street in Kennewick. Gale Metcalf of Kennewick, now retired and living nearby, was one of the first box boys at the anchor tenant, Gene and Jules supermarket. (Photo by Wendy Culverwell)

Opening of shopping plaza cause for celebration in 1960

By East Benton County Historical Society When the Golden Arches of McDonald’s first emblazoned across the skylines of Othello and Prosser, the glow dazzled the rural communities with pride and a turnout of civic and elected leaders sharing a first McDonald’s breakfast in their towns. What occurred in those communities and what occurred in Kennewick…


Small manufacturing firms, jobs continue to drive state’s economy

Local manufacturing businesses and jobs have experienced a resurgence in recent years that needs to continue for our state’s livelihood and connection to the global economy. Before the pandemic, the manufacturing sector employed 11.6 million workers in the United States. During the past three years, about 500,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the economy. In…


To keep key executives, it pays to pay

One goal for employers is to hire and then incentivize the brightest talent available to remain with the employer and grow the business over time. So, what are the components of a compelling compensation package that keeps the prized executive employee with the company? The most recognizable component of the executive’s employment compensation is salary.…


Expanding preschool enrollment is critical and Head Start can help

The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the many holes in America’s social safety net — workers in fields deemed “nonessential” are struggling to make ends meet across Eastern Washington. Many of those deemed essential find themselves in harm’s way. Fortunately, there is one resource that working families in the Tri-Cities can depend on, even…


Local workers are keeping American Dream alive on Main Street

I have often said that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and that could not be truer in Central Washington’s rural communities. The owners and employees of Main Street businesses are integral to the well-being of our communities, and the support for small businesses I have witnessed during my travels throughout our district…


Horse Heaven wind farm project offers few benefits for Tri-City economy

By Markus Stauffer and Richard Gerlitz The Horse Heaven Hills wind farm project planned by Scout Clean Energy (Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, May 2020) would stretch along 24 miles of ridgeline from south of the Tri-Cities at Jump-Off Joe Butte to near Benton City. As many as 212 wind turbines would be placed in…


The remaking of Washington has begun

When will the pandemic end? It’s the question we’re all asking, but aside from adhering to official guidance around social distancing, hand-washing and wearing masks, it’s one that we’re powerless to influence.  What will the world look like once the virus is behind us? What will Washington’s economy look like? We may not have the…

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