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Money-wise advice for newlyweds tying the knot

The Tri-Cities’ beloved retired four-star general, Jim Mattis, has married for the first time. Huzzah! His wife, Christina Lomasney, is an entrepreneur-executive at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. These newlyweds, whom I do not know personally, arguably have complex personal and financial lives and likely will have many financial matters yet to sort out. They’re no…


Local hospitality has recovered by sales and wages, but not by jobs

From an economic perspective, measuring tourism is a bit dicey. Outside of a national “experimental” account from the U.S. Department of Commerce, government statisticians don’t track a sector labeled “tourism.” That’s because economic activity related to tourism cuts across several established ones: accommodations, food and beverage, retail, transportation, and arts and entertainment. Spending surveys typically…


Don’t despair that summer’s winding down, there’s still plenty to do

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down. The sun is setting just a little earlier, the start of the school year is right around the corner, and some are looking forward to cozy clothes and pumpkin spiced everything. But wait – there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy in the Tri-Cities. In…


Keep growing forward, Young Professionals

Are you 40 years old yet? Are you already experiencing a great deal of success in your career? Are you are wanting to make an even bigger impact in your industry and the Tri-Cities? Then keep reading. There are eight critical traits for displaying influence and three areas in which you can develop a professional…


Washington employers deepen trade ties to the United Kingdom

When our friends in Great Britain open their eyes in the morning, many parts of their day look a lot like what we see here in Washington. The Association of Washington Business led a trade mission to the United Kingdom in June, and it was apparent during our visit that employers based here in Washington…


Drones can help replant forests burned by wildfire

Regenerating millions of western forested acres scorched by large wildfires is a herculean task costing hundreds of billions. However, healthy growing woodlands are essential to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide and providing clean air and fresh water for people, crops, fish and wildlife. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, wildfires had burned 2.6 million acres…


Co-signing liability can get complicated, so get educated

On occasion, you, or someone you know, might be asked to co-sign a financial obligation for the purchase of a car or a house or the lease of an apartment or commercial space. Sometimes the request is simply to co-sign on a personal loan, so the borrower has access to needed funds. More often than…

Jillian Legard, a lab supervisor for the Benton-Franklin Health District, tests
water samples for algae blooms. (Courtesy Benton-Franklin Health District)

Toxic algae testing stays local, thanks to new equipment

By Amanda Mason For the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business Toxic algae can no longer hide in plain sight. The Benton-Franklin Health District Water Lab in Kennewick is now home to ELISA, a testing kit and plate reader that detects toxins from algae blooms in water samples collected from local lakes and rivers. The instrument…


Tri-City area STEM sector is both rich and poor

The greater Tri-Cities is rich with STEM jobs. The chart, taken from the Vitals of the Association of Washington Business Institute, makes this clear. The density of STEM jobs in 2021 in the two-county workforce was slightly over 5.6%. That places the metro area at the top of the heap for STEM jobs in the…


Phones, medical alert devices may need updating with end of 3G

Over the course of the pandemic, using technology to connect with family and friends was a lifeline for so many, but a switch away from 3G – third-generation wireless – could leave loved ones in a lurch. This year, wireless carriers are shutting off 3G coverage, forcing consumers to replace older phones, fall monitors and…

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