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Investing in the next generation fosters trust

As we look around our community and marvel at how far we’ve come in such little time, it is essential to reflect on our own personal development and examine whether a similar transformation has taken place. The Tri-Cities has truly become a metropolis, with schools, restaurants and new housing developments popping up around every corner.…


Programs aims to help you master your leadership style

Ninety-two percent of U.S. employees say learning something new on the job makes them more motivated and engaged in their work, and 79% say that it’s important to them that their employer offers a formal training program. Yet 51% say their companies don’t offer soft-skills training, and only 17% say they’ve participated in management skills…


Forest fires aren’t pausing just because there’s a pandemic

Not only is the world in the grasp of the Covid-19 pandemic, but America’s western wildlands are burning up as well. California Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters his state has dual crises: the massive wildfire complexes and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “At this time last year, California had seen 4,292 fires that burned 56,000 acres.…


No one wants to think about a will, but everyone needs a proper one

Young families need wills. But, the legal profession has an admitted problem—the use of attorneys is expensive and can also be time consuming. It is also one of the many industries where technology has attempted to offer lower prices and better convenience. Probably the most notable example is the Do It Yourself will offered by…


Tri-City preschool attendance lags compared to state, U.S.

The new school year has begun. Usually, this is a happy time, as it marks another beginning for students and their families. Obviously, this school start heralds a huge departure from the usual. The pandemic’s implications — whether our children will be safe, whether they might become carriers, whether they’ll be able to study remotely…


Everyone needs to come together to combat Covid-19

Wearing a mask saves lives and saves jobs. And all across the state, Washington employers are leading by example in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus. From Seattle to our small towns, workers are masking up before starting their shifts on manufacturing floors, in restaurant kitchens, construction sites and hardware stores. This…


Will tech-heavy labor force lead to technology economy?

The greater Tri-Cities enjoys a strong technology pulse, but the most readily accessible statistics are scant on the evidence. Brenton-Franklin Trends data, for instance, doesn’t carry one “technology” indicator out of the 175 available. This state of our knowledge is largely due to the difficulties in measuring the economic impact of technology. Increasingly, the absence…


Working from home is helping to raise the Tri-Cities’ tech profile

The pandemic has altered daily life in many ways, some of which may long outlive the current shutdowns. Technological innovations over the past several years have allowed employees to work from home — a shift that was already well underway before the pandemic, but one that has been kicked into hyperdrive since March. Large technology…


The donor-advised fund’s many benefits are worth exploring

Donor-advised funds have gained in popularity in recent years. They provide an easy way to facilitate charitable giving; they can increase tax savings; and they can be creatively employed in estate plans to encourage philanthropy for the family and act as a substitute for a private foundation. First, what is a donor-advised fund? It’s as…


Latino Americans deserve their place in the Smithsonian

If you have ever visited Washington, D.C., or even looked into planning a trip to the nation’s capital, you know there are quite a few sights to see. Washington, D.C., is a hub for both American history and cultural exploration, from the U.S. Capitol building and the Library of Congress, the world’s largest library, to…

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