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Career-connected learning is key to tomorrow’s jobs

What keeps business owners up at night? It’s probably no surprise that inflation tops the list for Washington employers. That’s according to an Association of Washington Business members survey conducted…


Now is the time for lawmakers to batten the hatches

If ever there was a time for building up Washington’s rainy-day reserves, this is it. Warning signs continue to flash on an economy that has endured unprecedented stress during the…


Skilled worker shortage could derail plans to ‘electrify everything’

In the race to “electrify everything,” there are glitches that may derail the plan over the next 20 years. One is a shortage of skilled electrical workers needed to rewire…


Without people of color, there is no Tri-Cities economy

Viewed from the perspective of one year to another, very little changes in a community’s demographics. Viewed from the perch of a decade or two, demographic change is usually easy…


Would a special needs trust benefit your disabled child?

Diversity comes in many forms and many related ways of accommodating different needs. When parents are planning for the needs of children with disabilities, a product that should be considered…

The Franklin County Saddle Club applied for nonprofit status to harness community support to pay for future upgrades at its 15-acre Pasco facility. (Photo by Jamie Council)

Franklin County Saddle Club harnesses nonprofit status to create stable future

By Jamie Council for Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business The Franklin County Saddle Club has always operated as a nonprofit, but it is leveling up. It recently registered as a…

Park Place leased its last available retail space, making good on its plan to create a mixed-use urban community at 650 George Washington Way in Richland. (Photo by Jamie Council)

Park Place fulfills vision of creating mixed-use development

By Jamie Councilfor Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business Leasing Park Place’s remaining retail storefront marks the completion of a longtime vision to create a vibrant mixed-use urban community between George…


It’s time to go big or go home on Washington’s housing crisis

Washington’s housing affordability crisis hurts every corner of the state. We’ve all heard stories. Nurses and grocery store employees can’t afford to live where they work. Young people are priced…


Busting the maze of phone prompts is good customer service

There is no substitute for person-to-person connections – people talking with, listening to and understanding one another. It is called “customer service,” and it is the best way to resolve…


529 college saving accounts now can be converted into Roth IRAs

Transferring wealth to children will become a touch easier in 2024. Buried in the estimated 4,000-page Consolidated Appropriation Act of 2023 that passed at the end of 2022 was the…

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