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Maintaining low-cost electricity vital for state’s clean-tech industries

Maintaining low-cost electricity vital for state’s clean-tech industries

By Don C. Brunell Since the construction of Grand Coulee and Bonneville dams, Washington has enjoyed an abundance of low cost, reliable hydropower. It has been one-key competitive advantage for energy intensive industries and now it is vital to our state burgeoning “clean-tech industries.” Hydropower, along with nuclear, solar and wind, produce no greenhouse gases.…

Banking & Finance

Financing via means other than traditional may be subject to securities laws

By Beau Ruff for TCAJoB Finding a source of capital for a new or existing business is often a challenge. Consider the following scenario: Diana has a great idea for a new business and she has the experience and know-how to make it work. But, she needs capital funding. She tells her friend Deidre about…

Banking & Finance

Preparing now for future financing challenges can save time, stress

By Robert Nesbitt for TCAJoB While day-to-day tasks keep the wheels in motion for any business, successful entrepreneurs always keep an eye on long-term financial goals. Securing financing for your company’s expansion can seem like a far-off concern with all of the immediate challenges of running a growing business. However, the earlier you begin to…

Strides Therapeutic Horesmanship Center

Strides Therapeutic Horsemanship Center in Franklin Co. provides hope

By Jeff Morrow for TCAJOB Everyone at Dun Roamin Ranch has his or her stories. And every one of those stories can bring tears to a listener’s eyes. Happy tears. [blockquote quote=”In each lesson you can usually expect a little miracle.” source=”Jill McCary, owner of Strides Therapeutic Horsemanship Center” align=”right” max_width=”300px”] So this is a…

Employers can’t afford to sit out this election season

Employers can’t afford to sit out this election season

By Kris Johnson for TCAJoB As I’ve traveled the state the last few months as part of the Association of Washington Business’ (AWB) small business listening tour, I’ve noticed campaign signs for nearly every race and political persuasion, from president to county precinct officer. It’s tempting in this era of divided politics to dismiss the…

Business Management

Using phantom stock to reward (and retain) key personnel

By Beau Ruff for TCAJOB One challenge for the business owner is attracting and retaining key personnel. This challenge permeates all businesses from the largest to the smallest. At some point, the key person needs more incentive to stay and excel. One common tool to incentivize the employee to stay is to offer the employee…

Business Management

How to tap human motivation to create a healthy organization

By Allen Johnson, Ph.D. for TCAJOB What is the best way to move an organization toward a quality culture? How can positive change be made without eliciting employee anxiety or resentment? Understanding how people are motivated is key. One thing is certain: people are not motivated by the visions of other people. They are motivated…

Get In Where You Fit In

Young entrepreneur gives new retail life to old sneakers, sports clothing

By Jeff Morrow for TCAJOB When Travis Higbee first started collecting foot bling as a teenager, it didn’t take long for his parents to collectively put their feet down. “My parents couldn’t afford my habits anymore,” Higbee said. Now just 21, the 2013 Hanford High graduate is opening his own retail store that sells sneakers,…

Tourism and Rec

Don’t be scammed when planning that summer getaway

By Veronica Craker for TCAJOB Have you noticed the sun starting to set later in the day? Can you hear the chirping sounds of baby birds? If, like me, you’re counting down the days until spring, you’re probably already planning that summer getaway. Unfortunately, this is also the time when scammers are out trying to…


Technology test drive: PNNL offers exploratory licenses

By Frances White for TCAJOB Signing a two-page agreement and paying just $1,000 can get U.S. companies an opportunity to test drive promising technologies through a new, user-friendly commercialization option being offered at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. PNNL is the only DOE lab to offer this option, called an exploratory license,…

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