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Olympia misses another chance for quicker project reviews, job creation

By Sen. Sharon Brown Economic growth in Washington rests, in part, on political oversight. Our state faces a number of infrastructure and trade opportunities that, if approved in a timely manner, can create more jobs and a stronger local economy.  Unfortunately, many of these projects stall due to a permit process that shackles them with red…

Saving for retirement

Living happier and healthier in retirement takes good planning

(StatePoint) — The conceptions and realities of retirement have changed a great deal over the past several decades, giving many seniors misgivings about the future. But your golden years can be happy, healthy and productive, say experts. “For many individuals, confusion, fear and an overwhelming sense of powerlessness accompany the prospect of growing old in…

Using Atom Probe Tomography, researchers are able to create an "atomic map" of the arrangement of various atoms in this titanium alloy.

Titanium alloy could improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

By PNNL staff for TCAJOB An improved titanium alloy — stronger than any commercial titanium alloy currently on the market — gets its strength from the novel way atoms are arranged to form a special nanostructure. For the first time, researchers have been able to see this alignment and then manipulate it to make the…

JMK Tech

JMK Tech’s Kasparek all about helping people use technology

By Jeff Morrow for TCAJOB Justin Kasparek has always known what he wanted to do. “I knew since I was 7 that I wanted to run a business,” he said. [blockquote quote=”Smart home technology is in its rebellious teenage stage. But I believe it will be in every home, some form of it, in the…

Information and Tech

Protect your data by properly training your employees on cyber safety

By Paul Carlisle for TCAJOB Many large-scale manufacturers, construction, and fabrication companies integrate a safety program into their everyday operations — from morning safety meetings, ongoing worker training, to rewards systems for practicing safety measures. But many businesses, both large and small, fail to create even the most basic IT security program, even when the…

Banking & Finance

Charitable trusts can help you do good, transfer assets, and reduce taxes all at once

By Sara Bailey and Kathryn Garrison for TCAJOB Estate planning is never an easy topic to discuss, and incorporating taxes into the picture makes it an even less appealing topic. However, everyone should have an estate plan—even if it’s just a simple will. Those with large and complex estate and gift tax issues will need…

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Hunting works for Washington’s economy and environment

By George Twigg for TCAJOB In Eastern Washington, people understand that hunting is a part of our lifestyle. Even hunters, however, often overlook the role hunting plays in creating jobs, economic growth and supporting efforts to preserve wildlife habitat. As a longtime hunter and past board member of Ducks Unlimited, I know that hunting generates…


Getting the biggest bang for your charity buck

By Beau Ruff for TCAJOB As this issue is devoted, in part, to the issue of philanthropy, I thought it prudent to review some basic charitable gifting techniques and how those techniques can be employed in a sophisticated manner to help get the biggest bang for your buck. Many of us find value in contributing…

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10 Big marketing ideas for small businesses on a tiny budget

By Theresa Long for TCAJOB The number one mistake that many small businesses make is not developing a marketing plan. Whether they feel like they have no budget for it or haven’t made it a priority – marketing and advertising is an investment, not an expense — even if that investment is in time and not…

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Small businesses must communicate a clear, concise message

By Sara Nelson for TCAJOB The more the Tri-Cities grows, the more competitive the market becomes. The larger the market, the more money moves around the local economy, but the greater the competition is for a piece of that pie. For a small business, that’s a challenge. Bigger businesses have bigger budgets. If a marketing…

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