WHECO Corp. recently opened in Pasco, adding a second Tri-City location to its list of nationwide and international facilities for machinery repair. Its corporate headquarters are in Richland. (Courtesy WHECO Corp.)

Crane repair company expands
Tri-City footprint

A 51-year-old crane repair company recently opened its second location in the Tri-Cities. WHECO Corp. started out as a parts...

Tri-City manufacturing sector has a distinct flavor

Manufacturing in the two counties didn’t shine during the pandemic. According to recent work the Institute undertook for the Port...

Q&A with Lance Stephens

Lance Stephens Richland site manager VP North American fuel manufacturing Framatome Lance Stephens Number of employees you oversee: 550 Brief...
The number of employees in manufacturing roles increased about 0.3% year over year. While this is an upward trend, manufacturing employment has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, estimated at 8,200 jobs in the industry. (Courtesy Pasco Machine)

Area manufacturing jobs rebound but not to pre-pandemic levels

The state predicts the number of manufacturing jobs will drop in the next decade, yet industry groups intend to do...
Plastic bags get tangled in the sorting equipment and can shut down an entire facility, posing safety hazards to workers who have to remove them from the machinery. (Courtesy Waste Management)

What is the state of recycling in the Tri-Cities?

Though each of the Tri-Cities offers curbside garbage service, each handles recycling differently. Pasco, West Richland and greater Benton County...

Q&A with Todd Brix

Todd Brix CEO and Co-founder OCOchem Todd Brix Number of employees you oversee: 5 What is OCOchem? OCOchem is a...

Environment Briefs – May 2022

New paint recycling tops 581,000 gallons PaintCare, Washington’s new paint recycling program, reports it collected more than 581,000 gallons of...
Hector Rodriguez, owner of Teto Eco Wash in Kennewick, makes it his mission to keep the community’s garbage bins clean and sanitized with an eco-friendly process. (Courtesy Teto Eco Wash)

Company transforms garbage bins from dirty to disinfected

Hector Rodriguez smelled an opportunity while pressure washing garbage cans to earn extra money. He realized he could launch a...

Tri-Cities’ greenhouse gas footprint better than most metro areas

Over the next few years, we’ll be hearing a lot about Scope 1, 2 and 3. No, it’s not a...
Ben Franklin Transit wants to be the go-to choice when it comes to getting around the Tri-Cities. (Courtesy Ben Franklin Transit)

Ben Franklin Transit aims to attract ‘choice’ riders

Ben Franklin Transit’s director of planning and service development does not own a car. Keith Hall gets around the Tri-Cities...

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