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PPP applications pushed lenders to their limits

Talk was going around. Politicians in Washington were developing a coronavirus package with a generous program to save jobs at...

The No. 1 threat to your investment success

There is the obvious investment advice that certainly you’ve heard again and again: Set clear and realistic long-term goals. Keep...

Where’s the inflation and what should investors do about it?

Will the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus packages designed to save the economy actually lead to high inflation? This is...

Mergers and acquisitions, a primer

When businesses or professionals talk about engaging in mergers or acquisitions (M&A), what exactly might that entail? In a general...

Q&A with Rebekah Dobbs

Rebekah Dobbs STCU Commercial and Business Services Commercial Banking Manager Number of employees you oversee: 2 What is STCU’s footprint...

Check fraud is helping drive up financial fraud

We have all seen the news: card skimmers, check fraud and compromised accounts. With financial fraud on the rise, where...
COL Brunell - College affordable

Restoring affordability for college education is vital

By Don C. Brunell When my parents graduated from high school in 1936, a college education was too expensive for...
Student Debt

Student loan debt burdening millions

A $1.5 trillion debt. Owed by 45 million people, or 15 percent of the U.S. population. Backed by the U.S....
Q&A Doug Wadsworth

Q&A with Doug Wadsworth

President, Tri-CU Credit Union (formerly Tri-Cities Community Federal Credit Union) Number of employees you oversee: 17 Brief background of your...
Numerica Credit Union’s cannabis banking team includes Kristen Willemsen, from left, David Wilson, David Bain, Jordyn Gese and Roger Fitzpatrick. (Photo by Virginia Thomas/Spokane Journal of Business)

Financial institutions watch cannabis proposal

By Virginia Thomas / Spokane Journal of Business Washington financial institutions and regulators say they’re closely watching several pieces of...

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Jersey Mike’s opening first Tri-City sub shop in Richland


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