Program enhances lives of senior citizens through companionship

Area senior citizens who would otherwise be lonely and unable to get themselves to medical appointments or complete everyday tasks have been uplifted and given hope by friendships made through the Senior Companion Program. “Many of our seniors are living alone and all of their family and friends are gone. We provide companionship, emotional support,…

Grandparents' rights

Grandparents gathering signatures for initiative to grant visitation rights

For a couple of hours each day, Christine Nichols stands outside of Lowe’s, telling anyone who will listen her story and asking them to sign the petition she is holding. Nichols, of Richland, is with GROW, or Grandparents’ Rights of Washington State, a group that trying to gather 250,000 signatures to qualify Initiative 1431 for…

LIGO Hanford

Apollo teams with LIGO to upgrade technology that proves Einstein right

On Sept. 14, 2015, Scientists at Hanford’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) proved that Einstein was correct. The scientists detected gravitational waves—ripples in the fabric of space and time. “That was one of the geniuses of Einstein,” said Mike Landry, LIGO detection lead scientist. “He proposed that space could have these properties—that the medium of…


Kennewick’s KAIZENSPEED helps gearheads achieve peak performance

In a race to become a premium performance brand in Northwest, KAIZENSPEED of Kennewick manufactures top-of-the-line auto parts, all in the name of speed. Owner Reid Lunde plans to have the human and technological resources to influence the industry and meet the finish line by 2023. [blockquote quote=”Over the years, we’ve found things that work…


TRIDEC seeks growth of food manufacturing trade show

The Tri-City Development Council, or TRIDEC, is getting ready to stage its second FABREO Expo and is making some changes to create a more trade-friendly event. In fact, this year FABREO, June 15-16 at TRAC in Pasco, will be a trade-only event. The inaugural event in 2015 featured a public wine- and food-tasting portion. “We…

Using Atom Probe Tomography, researchers are able to create an "atomic map" of the arrangement of various atoms in this titanium alloy.

Titanium alloy could improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

By PNNL staff for TCAJOB An improved titanium alloy — stronger than any commercial titanium alloy currently on the market — gets its strength from the novel way atoms are arranged to form a special nanostructure. For the first time, researchers have been able to see this alignment and then manipulate it to make the…

Wordpress Tri-Cities Meetup

Opportunity to acquire IT skills abundant throughout Tri-Cities

It’s Thursday night and a diverse group of participants have gathered at Brandcraft Media on Gage Boulevard. in Richland to hear Sara and Brendan Quinn of Squid & Crow, a local web development firm, talk about creating template-based websites using WordPress. WordPress Tri-Cities, a monthly meet-up group organized the event. The group regularly offers local…

JMK Tech

JMK Tech’s Kasparek all about helping people use technology

By Jeff Morrow for TCAJOB Justin Kasparek has always known what he wanted to do. “I knew since I was 7 that I wanted to run a business,” he said. [blockquote quote=”Smart home technology is in its rebellious teenage stage. But I believe it will be in every home, some form of it, in the…

Information and Tech

Protect your data by properly training your employees on cyber safety

By Paul Carlisle for TCAJOB Many large-scale manufacturers, construction, and fabrication companies integrate a safety program into their everyday operations — from morning safety meetings, ongoing worker training, to rewards systems for practicing safety measures. But many businesses, both large and small, fail to create even the most basic IT security program, even when the…

Wildland software development firm

Software development firm Wildland embraces rapid growth

Wildland, a software development agency in Richland, is young, but its all-star team of programmers, designers, and project managers have taken on ambitious projects and the company is growing at a steady rate. [blockquote quote=”We’re always looking for partners who want to get a software to market, but don’t have the technical talent to do…

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Martini bar to open in Kennewick’s Cynergy Centre

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