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American businesses lose more than $400 billion per year to cyberattacks, with one in four small businesses affected, according to a Better Business Bureau report.

Cybersecurity basics can protect businesses from data breaches

By Michelle Dupler Whether its ransomware, viruses, data theft or some other cybersecurity risk, a network breach can be one of a business owner’s worst nightmares — costing time, money and reputation. A 2016 report by the Better Business Bureau on the “state of cybersecurity” estimated that American businesses lose more than $400 billion per […]

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TriboTEX’s Carl Holder of Richland and Vladimir Borisov man their booth at the American Chemical Society’s annual conference in Washington, D.C., in August. The company developed a product to enhance engine lubrication and durability.

Company aims to reduce carbon emissions, improve vehicle efficiency

Pasha Rudenko started his materials science doctorate at Washington State University in 2009 with one goal: to make lubricants safer. “Lubricants are just a mixture of base oil, most often mineral or synthetic, or vegetable oil and additives,” said Rudenko, whose undergraduate degree is in materials science for nuclear reactors. “(The) toxicity of lubricants comes […]

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Svitlana Volkova, a data scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, found that emotion and opinion expressed in tweets change when people get sick. Her team identified unique trends based on location and subpopulations so that health workers can get real-time information. (Courtesy PNNL)

Social media could help researchers identify public health risks

PNNL study finds opinion, emotion in tweets change when you get sick In the future, public health workers could monitor trends on social media to quickly identify a rise of influenza, depression or other health issues in a specific area, thanks to research at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland. Public health […]

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HarvestMoore of Pasco developed a prototype fork impact limiter that reduces the shock bins of fruit or other fragile items face when carried by a forklift. (Courtesy HarvestMoore)

Pasco company invents forklift shock absorber

Prototype reduces transport impact on bins of fruit, inventor says Pasco-based HarvestMoore prototype fork impact limiter is now in production, with one run scheduled in time for apple harvest. The new invention is designed to reduce the shock loads and impact to fruit bins carried by forklifts. Prototype testing completed last month showed reduced impacts […]

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PNNL scientist receives $2.5 million grant to research violent storms

Richland researcher is among 57 nationwide to receive award A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientist will receive $2.5 million over five years to study the growing frequency of violent thunderstorms in the central United States. Jiwen Fan is among 57 scientists nationwide to receive the award designed to bolster the nation’s scientific work force by providing […]

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Companies unite to create internships, build up work force

RJ Lee Group and TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering have formed a strategic partnership to prepare college students entering the science and engineering work force by offering opportunities right on campus. Richard Westberg of TerraGraphics is the lab director for the collaborative analytical laboratory on Columbia Basin College’s Pasco campus. With the baby boomer work force retiring, […]

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Richland company returns to its hometown roots

By Jeff Morrow It’s been a journey of learning and change for the owners of a small Richland-based nuclear power consulting and technical services company. Kathy Miller, Bill Bailey and Patty Bailey of Polestar Technical Services have proved it is possible to return “home” to their small business after it was acquired by a multinational […]

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PNNL scientist joins the hunt for signs of ancient life on Mars

By Tom Rickey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory The search for signs of ancient life on Mars has come to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where an expert on rock chemistry and microbial signatures is part of a team that is investigating whether there has ever been life on the red planet. Sherry […]

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