After-school jobs will soon help students graduate

High schoolers with an after-school job will be able to receive credits for their work starting next fall. We agree....

The Northwest must reclaim its lost semiconductor edge

Surprisingly, recent U.S. presidents and congressional Democrats and Republicans agree America’s economic and national security hinge upon tiny, yet powerful...

Employers can study up now for November elections

Summertime during an election year is a busy time, and not just for the candidates who are ringing doorbells, walking...

Loans against investment accounts can offer compelling benefits

Though most Americans have at least a passing understanding of the ability to use the equity in a house to...

It pays to revisit investing basics in uncertain market

It has been a tough year for the market, battling the headwinds of record inflation, rising interest rates and Russia’s...

Money-wise advice for newlyweds tying the knot

The Tri-Cities’ beloved retired four-star general, Jim Mattis, has married for the first time. Huzzah! His wife, Christina Lomasney, is...

Don’t despair that summer’s winding down, there’s still plenty to do

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down. The sun is setting just a little earlier, the start of the...

Secretary Granholm: Please visit Hanford

As press releases go, the U.S. Secretary of Energy’s travel schedule is mundane stuff. Jennifer Granholm, President Joe Biden’s Secretary...

Washington employers deepen trade ties to the United Kingdom

When our friends in Great Britain open their eyes in the morning, many parts of their day look a lot...

Drones can help replant forests burned by wildfire

Regenerating millions of western forested acres scorched by large wildfires is a herculean task costing hundreds of billions. However, healthy...

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