Labor shortage emerges as major issue for employers

What a difference a year makes. As Washington emerges from the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges facing many employers...

Tree farms may be key to cutting greenhouse gases

As climate change concerns grow, researchers are turning to small tree farmers for help. Actually, tree farms have been helping...

Our state’s powerhouse ag industry takes center stage in June edition

June always brings a spring to our step at the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business as we explore the state...

Will Washington’s new capital gains tax affect you?

On May 4, Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law a new capital gains tax set to take effect Jan. 1,...

Columbia Basin Badgers seize a ‘Tiger by the Tail’ in June 17 trade forum

The United States and China are engaged in what appears to many experts to be a battle for supremacy between...

Hydropower will anchor Washington’s energy future

Although New Zealand and Washington are located a half a world apart, they have lots in common – beautiful seashores,...

Top Property list aims to keep pace with swelling home prices, sales

Sharp readers may have noticed that our Top Properties listing in the Records section in our April issue started off...

Let’s rethink natural gas bans

Sometimes being first isn’t good. Such is the case with legislation making Washington the only state to ban natural gas...

Badger Club takes on the tough issues to drive civil discourse

Was there really a federal internment camp in Benton County during the second World War? (No, but there was a...

U.S. leads in emissions reduction,
clean energy innovation

The Biden Administration’s approach to energy is the last thing America needs – especially when the United States is already...

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