Legislature missed unique opportunity for real tax relief

Despite a mountain of money and bipartisan proposals to ease the state’s tax burden, legislators this year sidestepped their chance...

A St. Patrick’s toast and a challenge from clean, green Ireland

When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on March 17, the Irish will have lots to celebrate. Ireland is still clean...

Reasons to reconsider the Roth IRA

In the old days, the decision to fund a retirement account with pre-tax dollars (traditional IRA) or fund it with...

Kennewick fire reminds us why we need to protect our downtowns

We were heartbroken to see 10 people lose their homes and at least seven businesses destroyed by a two-alarm fire...

State’s long-term care program needs more than a short-term delay

When the Legislature convened the 2022 session in January, lawmakers made long-term care their first order of business. It’s probably...

Family businesses must be nimble to survive bad times

We aren’t too far into 2022, and it is already shaping up to be another challenging year for America’s 5.5...

3 new ways for businesses to engage on policy issues

As business owners and workers at businesses throughout the Tri-Cities, you are busy balancing your work and family life while...

Hedging inflation long term: gold vs. stocks?

  There’s no lack of financial press reporting on the effect of inflation on our day-to-day lives. We don’t need to...

Is moving out of state to avoid the estate tax a good idea?

Does the Washington state estate tax got you thinking of moving away? Maybe other things have you considering relocating and...

What to expect – financially – when you’re expecting

When my wife, Leah, and I found out two years ago that we were expecting our first child, I was...

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