Let’s look at Tri-City economy through the lens of Charles Dickens

One of my fondest childhood memories of this time of year was listening to the deep baritone of English actor...

Tri-Cities’ tourism future sparkles with optimism, new leadership

2022 is the year that the Tri-Cities bounced back brighter, bigger and bolder for tourism-related businesses and renewed visitor spending...

How sharp is your business vision for next year?

I had a toy as a child that seemed super-cool at the time. It was a remote-controlled car that had...

Learning a little Latin pays off when it comes to designating beneficiaries

Periodically checking and updating beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance is prudent. The next time you navigate the...

We are grateful for this special place we call home

Rain and dark clouds didn’t dampen the enthusiasm at Visit Tri-Cities’ annual luncheon in early November. Organizers rallied around the...

AWB hit the road. Here are some
of the manufacturers who inspire us

Some of the most amazing companies in the world are hiding in plain sight, right here in Washington. They’re located...

America’s real recovery hinges on people returning to work sites

To “build back America” key workers must return to job sites. It is not good enough for President Joe Biden...

Wondering how to invest in bonds? Here’s a primer

In 2019, CISI Capital Markets and Corporate Finance estimated the U.S. equity markets had a value of $30 trillion and...

New Washington Nonprofit Act aims to modernize procedures

Different business entities, like corporations and limited liability companies, are governed by default laws published by state legislatures. Nonprofits in...

Center Parkway extension highlights long-term thinking

Kennewick and Richland leaders gathered in the September sunshine to celebrate the start of what should have been a simple...

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