Our ag industry thrives on robust trade connections. Let’s keep it that way

Washington may be well known for its shiny Red Delicious apples, but the rest of the world also really wants...

State’s long-term care program still flawed as new tax looms

Brace yourself. Your paycheck in July will probably be a little smaller. That’s when the state will begin collecting premium...

Let’s close the gap to boost college enrollment, job readiness

This month, thousands of Washington high school students will commemorate years of effort as they proudly cross graduation stages. We...

Want people to recycle? Pay them cash for empties

Learn about a Red Mountain winery’s effort to recycle glass. President Joe Biden is unwisely “throttling up” plans to ditch...

Female CEO tees up to fit into male-dominated industry

Throughout my career, I have learned many valuable lessons about developing relationships and finding meaningful ways to connect with peers...

Umbrella insurance provides additional asset protection

In the world of asset protection, one well-known concept to mitigate risk is to transfer the obligation for payment of...

Professional communication is an art that needs practicing

Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” wrote, “Most people don’t listen with the intent to...

Food and beverage processing dominates Tri-City manufacturing sector

Manufacturing in the greater Tri-Cities continues to be a story of adding value to the region’s agricultural bounty. Benton-Franklin Trends...

There’s value in listening to our readers

When we asked our readers to participate in our recent survey about their habits and priorities, they didn’t disappoint. We...

Legislative session yields decidedly mixed results

Depending on how you measure success, the recently concluded Washington legislative session was either really great, not as terrible as...

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