Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business freelancer Laura Kostad of Kennewick had her first child during a global pandemic, and contracted Covid-19 three times in the past two years. (Courtesy Laura Kostad)

I had a pandemic baby and Covid three times. Here’s what I learned

My 10-month-old daughter is a pandemic baby through and through. She was conceived during the pandemic, she encountered the virus...

5 ideas to improve schools battered by Covid-19

Like so many other states, the teacher shortage is hitting Washington hard. Staffing shortages in our schools have resulted in...

Omicron cloud won’t dim our outlook on 2022 development

This new year begins under the maddening cloud of Covid-19, omicron edition, but color us optimistic at the Tri-Cities Area...

What will lawmakers do with $8.6 billion surplus? We’ll be watching

After two years of Covid-19, many Washington families and small businesses could use a break. Fortunately, the Washington Legislature has...

Washington’s long-term care law is flawed and needs to go

The first order of business for the 2022 session of the Washington Legislature should be to replace the state’s new...

State accelerator program opens exciting possibilities for economic future

Washington state is dedicated to building an economic future that is as inclusive, diverse and resilient as the people who...
YIR 2021_Holt

How BFCOG impacts communities of Benton and Franklin counties

I moved to Tri-Cities in February 2021 when I was hired as the new executive director for the Benton-Franklin Council...

There’s an astonishing list of wins to celebrate in 2021

Each December, the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business invites some of the region’s most insightful leaders to help us review...

Local chambers of commerce step up to help fire departments play Santa

Throughout Washington, the leaders of local chambers of commerce are busy delivering bags of toys to rural fire departments, enabling...

America’s recovery hinges on people returning to work

To “Build Back America” people must return to work! In a U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll released in early December,...

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