U-Haul’s yearly move-out report shows surge leaving Washington state

British historian Thomas Macaulay famously said, “The best government is one that desires to make the people happy and knows...

Badger Club debates merits of taxing carbon to spur economic recovery

Washington state is facing a precarious fiscal future. The Columbia Basin Badger Club will discuss a carbon tax plan that...

Newhouse pledges to continue to be voice for ag

Central Washington is one of the most agriculturally rich and diverse regions in the United States. Since coming to Congress,...

Winter windstorm is reminder of natural gas’ value

A windstorm swept through Washington last month, causing damage on both sides of the state. More than a half-million people...

Journal of Business celebrates 20th year

You likely noticed changes to the front page of your Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business this month.  We wanted to...

A message to the 2021 Legislature: First, do no harm

Ten months after the arrival of the coronavirus in Washington, the Legislature convened on Jan. 11 for a new session...

Empty office space hints at changes brought by Covid. Will it be permanent?

Now that vaccines are available, we hope our lives will return to the way they were before the coronavirus pandemic...

Talking about death is hard but you can do it

In a pandemic and pretty much in life, people are dealing with grief at some level every single day. Death,...

Legislature must act quickly to head off looming unemployment insurance crisis

Before the Legislature arrives for the 2021 session, some businesses in Washington will be facing the very real prospect of...

Cargo carriers pick up where airline passengers dropped off

It’s no secret that airlines and airplane manufacturers have been clobbered by the coronavirus pandemic. International flights traditionally flown by...

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