Bankruptcies — December 2015

Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings:

Chapter 7 — Straight Bankruptcy: debtor gives up non-exempt property and debt is charged.
Chapter 13 — Plan is devised by the individual to pay a percentage of debt based on ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay debts.
Information provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.


Richard C. Langstaff, 1833 Peachtree Lane, Apt. 1, Richland.

Kenneth and Lauris Schollaert, 7803 W. Deschutes Ave., Apt. C112, Kennewick.

Ronald L. McKinnis, 611 Columbia Park Trail, Trailer No. 59, Richland.

Richard G. and Maria Carlson, 32 S. Quay, No. 4, Kennewick.

Brian L. Carlson, 4500 W. John Day Ave., Kennewick.

Carrie L. Whitworth, 5405 W. Eighth Ave., Kennewick.

Buddy and Jeannine Russell, 1913 Elwood Ave., Prosser.

Teri L. Wilson, 6300 Kilawea Dr., West Richland.

Juan Alvarez, 531 S. 38th Ave., Apt. C 208, West Richland.

David J. Galloway, 542 Perimeter Dr., Erlanger, KY.

Robert R. Grindstaff, 7719 Toro Place, Kennewick.

Rebecca Warrington, P.O. Box 1510, Richland.

Angel M. and Betty J. Gomez, 27905 S. 932 PR SE, Kennewick.

Ahren C. Reinhardt Sr., 3109 SW Myrtle St., Seattle.

Nancelle Hillis, 205 E. 14th, Kennewick.

Richard S. and Sheila D. Wellons, 2107 Shasta Ave., Richland.

Kennewick Transfer & Storage, 1530 Georgia Ave., Richland.

April Stage, 703 N. Tweedt St., No. 202, Kennewick.

Rebecca J. Mack, 2021 Mahan Ave., No. L-7, Richland.

Pablo Rivera, 415 Aspen Ct., Benton City.

Ryan Guyott, 5415 W. 23rd Ave., Kennewick.

Kendall D. Kesterson, 2021 George Washington Way, Richland.

Danita M. Wetle, P.O. Box 1352, Richland.

Laura A. Galloway, P.O. Box 473, Umatilla, Ore.

Fred Mares, 208 N. 68th Ave., West Richland.

Teri Nix, 465 N. Arthur St., D-106, Kennewick.

Sergio P. Serrano, 5502 Roosevelt Dr., Pasco.

Adrian A. and Marisela M. Alaniz, 8209 Wenatchee Ct., Pasco.

Jolene K. and David A. Ventresca, 3517 Road 84, Space 126B, Pasco.

Tyler E. Elliott, 681 Country Haven Loop, Pasco.

Tyson J. Carey, 8703 Packard Dr., Pasco.

Jamey C. Fulton Stone, 723 W. Clark St., Pasco.

Lyle and Eve Buckingham, 711 N. Road 46, Pasco.

Salomon R. and Norma C. Valladares, 700 N. Road 32, Lot 111, Pasco.

Dupree L. and Andrea C. Myricks, P.O. Box 5651, Pasco.

Laureen K. Steele, 5610 Denver Dr., Pasco.

Joshua Boulds, P.O. Box 171, Burbank.

Leonor Alcaraz, 619 S. Waldemar Ave., Pasco.



Pitman F. and Angela A. Stratton, 1133 W. 14th Ave., Kennewick.

Donna A. Bowen, P.O. Box 254, Benton City.

Matthew N. and Jennine L. Culverhouse, 4505 Holly Way, West Richland.

Christopher M. Hill, 951 S. Keller St., No. B, Kennewick.

Anthony J. and Traci L. Cameron, 618 Snow Ave., Richland.

Sergio Sanches, 1716 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco.

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