Building Permits — May 2016


City of Benton City, 1499 12th St., $15,000 for telecommunication equipment. Contractor: General Dynamics, Inc.


Kennewick Center, 1360 N. Louisiana St., $20,000 for tenant improvements and $8,000 for a sign. Contractors: RM Construction & Interior Design and Quality Signs.

Fountain Hills, 1318 N. Montana, $7,400 for a sign. Contractor: Yesco LLC.

Wyo-Wash Corp., 1408 N. Louisiana, $250,000 for tenant improvements and $20,000 for plumbing. Contractors: owners and Columbia River Plumbing & Mechanical.

John and Renee Michel, 9040 W. Clearwater Ave., $13,000 and $30,000 for signs. Contractor: Quality Signs.

Windfall Capital, 101 N. Union St., $300,000 and $28,000 for commercial remodeling and a heat pump/HVAC system. Contractor: AJS Contracting Inc. and Campbell & Co.

RKSC LLC, 2629 S. Williams Pl., $700,000 for commercial construction. Contractor: Gretl Crawford Homes.

RKSC LLC, 2620 S. Williams Pl., $18,500 and $25,000 for plumbing and a heat pump/HVAC system. Contractors: Kohler Plumbing, Inc. and Total Energy Management.

Two Dawgs LLC, 4528 W. 26th Ave., $60,000 and $6,160 for tenant improvements and a heat pump/HVAC system. Contractors: Gretl Crawford Homes and Total Energy Management.

Sandollar LLC 401K, 9 W. Kennewick Ave., $10,000 for commercial remodeling.

Kunpeng LLC, 3617 Plaza Way, $97,600 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Tri-Rivers Construction Services.

Wesmar Land Co., 7003 W. Canal Dr., $8,000 for plumbing. Contractor: Riggle Plumbing, Inc.

El Dorado Properties, 4421 W. Hood Ave., $16,000 for a commercial reroofing job. Contractor: All City Roofing.

Arthur Thiel, 3121 W. Clearwater Ave., $150,000 for tenant improvements, $8,200 for plumbing and $80,000 for a heat pump/HVAC system. Contractors: R. Peterman Construction, Silverline Electrical/Plumbing and Integrity Three Heating.

Greensview Co-Op, 99 N. Waverly Pl., $15,000 for commercial remodeling. Contractor: 1st Choice Restoration.

Kennewick School District, 2514 W. Fourth Ave., $14,000,000, $2,180,000 and $625,000 for commercial construction, mechanical construction and plumbing. Contractors: Chervenell Construction and Apollo.

Richa Capella Corp., 1923 S. Vancouver St., $1,000,000, $60,000 and $60,000 for multi-family housing, a heat pump/HVAC system and plumbing. Contractors: BMB Development, Bruce Heating & Air and BMB Development.

BNSF Railway, 206 N. Benton St., $9,000 for commercial remodeling. Contractor: Vargo General Contractor.

3 Blanks LLC, 6205 W. Okanogan Ave., $22,000, $5,250, $8,000 and $17,800 for tenant improvements, a heating/HVAC system and plumbing. Contractors: Blankenship Construction, Integrity Three Heating & Air and Riggle Plumbing.

Brinkley Investments, 6343 W. Brinkley Road, $75,000 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Miranda Management LLC.


Mark Fortune, 1601 E. Salt Lake St., $431,000 for new commercial construction. Contractor: CRF Metal Works LLC.

AP Properties LLC, 2517 W. Sylvester St., $8,000 for fencing/retaining wall. Contractor: Absolute Power, Inc.

DFC Fortune Homes, 4911 Bighorn Drive, $5,700 for fencing/retaining wall. Contractor: Huesitos Co. II LLC.

Bulmaro Chavez, 605 Road 27, $11,000 for commercial remodeling and $180,800 a commercial addition. Contractor: JC’s General Construction Co.

BLT LLC, 6825 Burden Blvd., Suite C, $45,100 for tenant improvements. Contractor: A & R. Feser, Inc.

Pasco Commercial Investments, 5109 Road 68, Suite C, $93,800 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Bosch Construction.

Tahitian LLC, 2736 W. Lewis St., $8,000 for demolition. Contractor: Smith McDaniel Inc.

BHP LLC, 6826 Burden Blvd., $11,000 for a sign. Contractor: Baldwin Sign Co.

U.S. Postal Service, 3500 W. Court St., $50,000 to remove a tank. Contractor: Tait Environmental Service.

City of Pasco, $13,800 to construct a shed. Contractor: Tuff Shed, Inc.

Casa LLC, 311 Tierra Vida Lane, $27,300 for a CRM enclosure. Contractor: Bagley Landscape.

Port of Pasco, 1810 E. Ainsworth Ave., $105,000 for a commercial re-roof. Contractor: JR Swigart Co.

Pasco School District, 2515 Road 84 and 6010 Road 51 for commercial portable buildings.

Columbia Villas LLC, 7617, 7621, 7625, 7701 and 7705 Toutle Court for duplexes.

UCMS of 7th Day Adventist Church, 4115 W. Henry St., $92,400 for a commercial reroofing. Contractor: Elsom Roofing, Inc.

Buffalo Stone LLC, 1206 E. Lytle St., $25,300 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Romm Construction.

Lakeshore Investments, 1123 W. Court St., $64,900 for commercial reroofing. Contractor: Leslie & Campbell, Inc.


Banner Bank, 1115 Meade Ave., $50,000 for paving the parking lot. Contractor: Inland Asphalt.

Zirkle Fruit Co., 101 Max Benitz Road, $22,300 for a heat pump/HVAC system. Contractor: Campbell & Company.

Love’s Hospitality, 680 Wine Country Road, $7,000,000 for a hotel.


Three Hinge LLC, 478 Keene Road, $60,000 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Johnson Commercial.

Robert Dewey, 2355 and 2359 Bellaview Ave., $254,813 for two duplexes. Contractor: Quality Structures.

Clifford Thorn, 1552 Georgia Ave., $28,000 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Cliff Thorn Construction.

575 Columbia LLC, 575 Columbia Point Dr., buildings A, B and C, $3,149,300, $2,820,400 and $2,568,800 for multi-family housing. Contractor: Rush Hill Construction LLC.

Innovation Center, 2894 Salk Ave., building B and C, $3,626,200 for multi-family housing. Contractor: Fowler General Construction.

Battelle Memorial Institute, 908 Battelle Blvd., $71,000 for tenant improvements and $70,000 for a heat pump/HVAC system.

Battelle Memorial Institute, 580 Fifth St., $180,000 for tenant improvements.

Battelle Memorial Institute, 900 Battelle Blvd., $1,987,000 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Total Site Services.

Sterling’s Restaurant, 890 George Washington Way, $1,100,000 for new commercial construction.

Port of Benton, 2521 Stevens Dr., $5,000 for tenant improvements. Contractor: Total Energy Management.

City Pacific Leasing, 500 George Washington Way, $19,900 for commercial reroofing. Contractor: Palmer Roofing Co.


City of West Richland, 3805 and 3801 W. Van Giesen St., $37,000 for commercial reroofing. Contractor: A+ Roofing.

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