Top Properties — February 2019

Top property values listed start at $500,000 and have been rounded to the nearest hundred figure. Property values are public record and can be found by visiting the county assessor’s office.


11905 Cottonwood Creek Blvd., Kennewick, 2,842-square-foot, residential home on 1.34 acres. Price: $685,000. Buyer: Julian & Sheri Petersen. Seller: Jillane Raines.

73804 E. Grand Bluff Loop, Kennewick, 3,094-square-foot, residential home on 0.89 acres. Price: $690,000. Buyer: Jillane & Thomas Raines. Seller: Josue & Ashley Gonzalez.

Hanks Road and Griffin Road, Grandview, 2,840; 3,360; 672-square-foot, residential homes; 25,920-square-foot, commercial building on 32.65 acres of agricultural land. Price: $842,400. Buyer: Growth Leasing. Seller: Cipriano & Dominga Esparza.

2610 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, 1,920-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $1,720,000. Buyer: MJR Investments. Seller: SHS LLC & Christensen LLC.

2910 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, 9,340-square-foot, commercial building on 2.98 acres. Price: $2,600,000. Buyer: Moore Properties Three. Seller: Marjorie Hays Trustee.

105507 Tripple Vista Drive, Kennewick, 2,383-square-foot, residential home on 1 acre. Price: $594,000. Buyer: John & Gloria Gonzales. Seller: Michael & Marcy McWain.

77302 E. Reata Road, Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land on 0.65 acres. Price: $633,000. Buyer: Tony & Mary Ann Ashton. Seller: Palos Verdes.

Wishkah Drive and Chelan Loop, Richland, 8 lots of undeveloped land. Price: $640,500. Buyer: Hayden Homes. Seller: Richland 132.

84605 E. Wallowa Road, Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land on 0.57 acres. Price: $610,900. Buyer: Mary & William Murdock. Seller: Hammerstrom Construction.

8705 W. 11th Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $532,100. Buyer: Jefri & Jessica Colunga. Seller: Lotts Better Built Homes.

3016 Riverbend Drive, Richland, 3,473-square-foot, residential home. Price: $537,500. Buyer: Ryan & Rebecca Johnson. Seller: Kerry & Luanne Anderson.

83301 W. Snipes Road, Prosser, 2,536-square-foot, residential home on 56 acres of agricultural land. Price: $1,076,000. Buyer: Wyckoff Farms. Seller: Timothy Freepons.

6927 W. 23rd Ave., Kennewick, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $580,000. Buyer: Tim & Lee Ann Fenske. Seller: Prodigy Homes.

286 Meadow Hills Drive, Richland, 3,068-square-foot, residential home. Price: $610,000. Buyer: Carrie Almquist. Seller: Joyce Ross Brodzinski.

91401 E. Chelsea Road, Kennewick, 2,408-square-foot, residential home on 2.5 acres. Price: $540,000. Buyer: Rodney & Catherine Harkins. Seller: Myles McCartney.

2105 Pullen St., Richland, Multi-unit apartment buildings. Price: $1,500,000. Buyer: 5D Development at Richlander Apartments. Seller: Scott Tri-City Properties.

1413 Meadow Hills Drives, Richland, 2,645-square-foot, residential home. Price: $589,000. Buyer: Gill Hardildar. Seller: Solferino Homes.

Undeveloped Location, 7.4 acres of commercial land. Price: $725,000. Buyer: 5D Development at Cottonwood. Seller: Watson Development Limited.

4978 Smitty Drive, Richland, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $502,400. Buyer: David Osorrio & Laura Marquina. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

73103 E. Arena Road, Richland, 3,154-square-foot, residential home on 1.25 acres. Price: $620,000. Buyer: Mark Boast. Seller: James & Noralu Amarel.

3493 Eastlake Drive, West Richland, 3,380-square-foot, residential home on 0.92 acres.  Price: $525,000. Buyer: Matthew & Sara Mesick. Seller: Mark & Elizabeth Edgren.

4002 S. Coulee Vista Drive, Kennewick, 3,036-square-foot, residential home. Price: $639,900. Buyer: Frederick & Judy Daniels. Seller: Mykola Krynytskyy.

30407 S. 944 PRE, Kennewick, 2,421-square-foot, residential home on 4 acres. Price: $750,000. Buyer: Victoria & Steven Halstead. Seller: Frederick & Judy Daniels.

4291 & 4335 Fallon Drive, West Richland, multi-unit apartment buildings. Price: $605,000. Buyer: Ambience Holdings 2001. Seller: Mark Henderson & Deborah Lee.


4 Buttercup Court, Pasco, 2,890-square-foot, residential home. Price: $631,000. Buyer: Craig & Kathryn Schoof. Seller: Wesley & Margaret Greydanus.

6626 Chapel Hill Blvd., Pasco, multi-unit apartment buildings on 12.47 acres. Price: $44,750,000. Buyer: Crossing at Chapel Hill ICG. Seller: The Crossings at Chapel Hill.

351 E. Hawthorne St., Connell, 963-square-foot commercial building on 4.68 acres. Price: $1,175,000. Buyer: Wile Coyote LLC. Seller: Richard & Carol Mumma.

12429 Ricky Road, Pasco, 2,485-square-foot, residential home. Price: $525,000. Buyer: David & Wendy Greeno. Seller: Michael Detrick.

9713 Kokanee Drive, Pasco, 1 lot of undeveloped land. Price: $517,200. Buyer: Tom & Debra Berg. Seller: New Tradition Homes.

11732 Seahawk Court, Pasco, 3,427-square-foot, residential home. Price: $768,000. Buyer: Lawrence Mix. Seller: Titan Homes.

2106 Frontage Road, 12,000-square-foot, commercial building. Price: $642,300. Buyer: The American Bottling Company. Seller: Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

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